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The killers guild - Season 1 - Episode 100
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(4 days later)

After two trips to the Big Bang Club, I’ve managed to get Agent X’s location. I intend to bring him to justice today and end his menace once and for all. Today I shall close the chapter on the case I took up almost a decade ago in Mexico, it all ends today. I’m standing alone in my office getting myself ready, I grabbed my guns and checked the magazine to make sure it’s full cause I’m not running out of bullets today. Sometimes I get too carried away and end up using more bullets than necessary, hopefully that won’t happen today.

Jeff walks in and approached me with a can of beer in his hand. “Hey, I brought you this.” He said, offering me the wine.
“I’ll pass on that.” I told him.
“What?” He asks surprisingly. “I’ve never seen you refuse a drink.”

“Tell me something Jeff,” I said placing both guns in my belt holster. “Do you know why I love drinking so much?”

“You said it helps you keep a cool head, keeps you from thinking.” Jeff says.

“Alcohol truly keeps me from thinking and most times when I act without even thinking, people call it genius. Now guess what will happen when I do think before I act.” I told him.

“Do you really have to go alone?” Josh asks as he enters the room. “I mean I don’t see why we can’t just gather a team of thirty or more to go with you.”

“You need to understand Josh,” I said, walking past Jeff. “Agent X challenged me personally and if I go with as much as a single cop, that coward is going to flee before I could even get to see him and I don’t want him to escape me again.”

“I understand, but please be careful.” Josh says.

“I can’t promise you that but one thing I can assure you of is that I will be getting my hands on Agent X today by any means necessary.” I said.
“By breaking the law I suppose?” Came a voice from the door.

“And if it isn’t the softie who’s always misquoting me.” I said as Frank calmly enters the room.

“Let me come with you.” He said.
“Your shoulder still hurts Frank,” I told him. “You’re lucky your wound wasn’t a deep one. In fact you’re not supposed to be out of bed.”

“I’m okay.” Frank says.
“I need to go alone Frank, I can take care of myself.” I told him. He moved his lips as if to argue but then he stopped and nodded.
“Just be careful Lance.” Frank says.
“I don’t usually do this but let me shake your hands Frank.” I said offering Frank a handshake. Frank and I shook hands and smiled.
“Can I get a handshake too?” Josh asks extending his hand.

I smiled and shook hands with him as well; I looked over to Jeff who was still standing with the beer in his hand and a sad look on his face.
“You too Jeff,” I said.

“I’ll shake hands with you when you return alive.” He said.

I shrugged and left the room, Jeff seems to be in a grumpy mood. I walked out of the building and got on my bike, riding off to Agent X hideout various thoughts going through my mind.

“Lighten up a little Jeff; I’m sure Lance is going to be alright.” Josh says to Jeff after Lance left.
“I’m very worried about Lance but I’m more worried about his decision not to drink anything.” Jeff says.

“And how is that a bad thing,” Frank asks.
“I spoke with Michael on the phone the other day,” Jeff began. “He said Lance can be very aggressive when he’s not been drinking, sometimes he goes completely crazy because his mind will be clouded with various sad memories and thoughts.”

“He looked quite calm to me.” Frank says.
“In fact I have never seen him in such a great mood.” Josh says.

“Which is what’s giving me concern, I think he’s trying to hide his true feelings from us.” Jeff says turning to Frank. “Lance is not going to arrest Agent X. He’s going to kill him.”

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