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The Heart Of Assassin - Season 1 - Episode 27
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**continued from last scene**

I ran like a mad woman who is been purchased by a mad dog, I couldn’t risk of being caught by the Chahell group neither do I want to go back to China or Kuwait. I had to keep the chip and know everything about the Chahell group. The more I ran the more I hear gunshots behind me, people along the street have started running for there dare lives. I ran near a bush and couldn’t run anymore, I was so tired, my legs could no longer carry me, I had to rest on a wall in a corner.

Suddenly a hand covered my mouth, I was so shocked and I had to struggle to let go
“sheeee, keep quiet d--n it” I heard the familiar voice said. I relaxed and look back, it was steel dragon

“what the hell happened out there” I asked still panting

“that’s not the point now, we need to get out of here fast”

“but how, they are too much out there” I replied.

We are still on this, when two men ran towards us, sending bullets at us

“move move move” steel dragon shouted while I followed him, we are running to no where in particular

“give me your pistol” I commanded steel dragon who didn’t hesitate or ask questions before handling the pistol to me

“you need to keep running” I said, I make a quick slide behind a waste bin and send bullet to the knee of one of the guys, he rolled and groan in pain, the other guy quickly send bullet inside my arm

“d--n it” I gnashed my teeth together and hid properly behind the waste bin, I tear off my shirt and tie the arms from further bleeding. I picked up the pistol and made to shoot the guy who was a few metres away from me, but i was out of bullet.

“you b---h, i ought to have killed you long ago” the man said. I couldn’t believe my ears the voice was too familiar I looked properly at the guy he doesn’t look like someone I know.

He dragged me aggressively from where I was hiding and gave me a heavy blow which made me feel dizzy

“you think am dead uhn” he said while sending several blows into my jaw
“you are going to pay for what I went through” he continued while sending more punches into my face leaving me bleeding seriously.

I was so confused about what the guy was saying, it’s obvious I couldn’t recognize him, but one thing I know for sure is that the guy knows me too well.

He dropped me with a full force on the ground and moved closer to me and kick me several all I could do was groan in pain.

He pulled me up again and send another punch to my face

“you don’t remember me hungry? he asked while I just looked at him faintly, I couldn’t see properly but I think I have seen him before
“you want to say you don’t remember the officer you Peirce your knife inside gun?” he said while sending another punch to my face.
Oh my Goodness “if it’s officer John, then am dead for sure. I said to myself, i couldn’t believe he survived the knife, it’s been long and I don’t even remember it anymore.
“so you work with the Chahell group now?” i asked faintly almost passing out. He gave out a wicked laugh and dropped me off the ground.
“should I work with your rotten father” he replied. “This b-----d still insults my father” I said within me.

young lady “where is the chip” he asked
I gave out a faint smile and replied him
“it’s with your rotten mother” i replied
He took his pistol and send a shot to my knees.

I shouted aloud and fell down
“you think am joking with you right? he said
“f.uck you” I muttered knowing well I have met my doom

“oh i see” he sent another shot into my stomach. and that was it i couldn’t move nor say anything again. He moved closer to me and saw the buscuit on the floor, he laughed out and picked it up. He cocked his gun and point it at my head all I did was to close my eyes and say my last prayer.

End of season 1

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