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The Heart Of Assassin - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I dropped down immediately i heard steal dragon saying I had a step mother which my father never told me about not even for a reason. I wept bitterly not because am knowing for the first time that I had a step mother but because it has never occurred to me that my father can keep such a vital information from me
“it’s okay spark, I understand how you feel now but you need to understand your father for keeping it away from you” steel dragon said. I raised my eye brow and looked at him in an awful way

“do you know her” i asked him ignoring his preaching and trying to calm me down
“hey hey Julliet easy baby” he said moving towards me

“do you know her?” I asked him the second time now in a harsh tone

“of course I know her”
“where’s she?” I quickly ask before he could say anything further

He gave out a heavy sigh knowing full well am so angry

“she’s in Lagos, i searched for her and found out she owns a big store here in Lagos ” he replied

“fine we are going for her”

“no Julliet it’s too dangerous you can get killed especially now that you escape from the Chahell group” he was trying to make me see why I could not see my step mom but I ignored him started freshning up for the trip. Steel dragon could not say anything further for he knew my mind is made up to see whoever called herself my step mother and also retrieve the chip.


I woke up with a heavy headache after the long journey we had, I looked at steel dragon who peeped at me as I yawn, his eyes were heavy with sleep, he should be sleepy I know for it wasn’t easy to drive that long distance. I looked at the sign post and saw welcome to Ajah. it’s true i have been to Ajah but that was more than ten years ago, the area has really changed I could barely recognized anywhere.

“this place has Really changed” I commented while steel dragon only shrugged.

we entered a street and steel dragon suddenly pulled over and put off the ignition infront of a big shopping mall.

“why are we stopping” i asked not so surprised but to be sure we are in the right place
“that’s your step mother’s shop” he said
“oh really?

“do you wanna go in there” he asked
“no I wait for her till she comes out” i replied
“what are we going to stay here all day and wait? it’s too dangerous girl” he said
“hey man we’re staying here for her okay, trust me nothing is going to happen all I need you to do for me is to keep an eye on her okay” i said knowing fully it’s dangerous for the two of us staying alone out there but I have to do what I have to do..

Few hours later…
A dark skin woman of average height came out of the mall and headed straight to the black SUV car parked at the parking lot
“that’s she” steel dragon notified me
I looked at her very well, she seems familiar to me. I tried to recall where i met her but couldn’t
“steel follow the car” i said like a boss
Steel dragon didn’t utter a word but ignite the car and followed the SUV in an inauspicious way. After about 15 minutes the car got to a big gate and park outside, alarming the gateman to open up, suddenly I saw another black car coming from the opposite direction of the street and park aggressive behind my step mom car. Two men came out and open a firing shots on her
“d--n, steel dragon” was all I could say before piking up my pistol kept under the sit of the car. I rushed out immediately and fired the guys unexpectedly, steel dragon also rain shots at them and immediately they are all down. I rushed to my step moms car and open the door only to find out that she was the same woman who took me to her store and left me with asking me to close my eyes.

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