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The Heart Of Assassin - Season 1 - Episode 23
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**continued from the last scene***

“oh Juliet” he said looking soo confused. I know I can do more better than that, giving him a confused look as good as ever.

“Juliet Jackson” he repeated my name. I looked at him asked “who’s Juliet Jackson” i asked again. He moved to me, examined me, felt my pulse before bringing out his cellar and whispered something not audible enough.

Few minutes later, the man that interrogated me and the lady assassin i was asked to kill walked in.

“what’s going on here” the man asked
“I can’t figure out myself, i was supposed to…
“what do you mean” the man asked cutting the Scientist short before he could finish his statement.

The scientist gave a heavy sigh before continuing his words

“i think she lost her memory” he finally said “but I need to run some tests on her to be sure she’s not pretending” he continued
“step aside” the man commanded. He moved closer to me, he looked into my eyes, giving me a sign of “I know you are pretending look” i quickly look away to avoid suspicion.

He gave me a faint smile and stylishly push the button on my left side of the bed and make it loose. i looked at him with much surprise in my eyes, but as a trained assassin i need to compose myself. I looked around if I could use my mediocre fighting skills to get out of that place, but I was far beyond it. My eyes glaze on the liquid toxin on the lab tray, my intense told me its something far from good.

The lady assassin, who has stood there watching the whole drama, got angry and move closer to me. I have to pretend hard she must not know am okay not to know one of my hand is let loose.

” don’t play smart here Juliet” she said with a serious look on her face.

“I wanna go home” was all I could Say to distract her attention of me.

“home” she said mockingly
“You must be crazy Juliet” she said while walking away from me.

“am not Juliet” I barked trying to play along. She stopped and turn to the scientist
“put the hydrine
inside her” she commanded. A little cold went down my spine. The scientist picked the green substance reluctantly and moved towards me.
“I think….”

“do it now” she barked at him without allowing him to finish his statement. The scientist moved more close to me, raise the syringe up and was about to send it down my vein, when I gave him a super blow, which make him drop the substance on the bed. without wasting my time i set loose my second arm since one of my arm is already freed by the guy. I picked the syringe up and send it to the scientist throat, living him struggling on the floor in a paralyze form. The lady assassin saw what just happened and decided to end it, she drew up her mini gown and brought out his pistol. The man rushed towards her and gave her a punch. She staggered back looking surprised, but she needs to fight back, so she brought out a small knife and send it to the man’s shoulder. The man fell immediately in pain. I can’t just watch, i rushed her and she send me back with a blow. While on the floor she gave me several kicks and blood started coming out of my mouth. The man who has succeeded pulling the knife out of his shoulder crawled towards us and send the knife into the ladies leg. she looked back and saw the guy, she made for him and started punching him

“who are you” she asked as she Continue punching him
severally. She seems so strong, despite the wounds she getting, she still fight back.

While she was busy punching the man. i lay on the floor trying to gain my strength, suddenly my eyes caught her gun which was lying beside me, i picked it up immediately and send two shots into the ladies back, she turned around and was moving towards me, i can’t let her get close to me, so i send a shot into her skull. She fell down and died. I didn’t drop the gun instead I point it to the man on the floor who was struggling to breathe.

“who the f.uck are you” I asked with all seriousness

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