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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 35
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Stella’s story continues*

I tried picking up myself but just couldn’t. My left arm hurt badly, gushing out blood like a burst oil pipeline. Two agents quickly rushed to my side, held and examined me.

“relax, it’s just a flesh wound. The bullet went through your arm. You are really a lucky woman”
one of them said with a smile, but i couldn’t say anything nor even get a grip of myself.

I was very dizzy and down, equally finding it hard to breathe properly.

The rest of the agents soon came out with Kelvin and two men who were handcuffed like criminals. I tried thanking the agents, but was unable to say anything, instead closed my eyes as the pain got more terrible.

My arm was quickly bandaged by Lydia’s cousin who begged me to relax before i was helped to the second vehicle.

“you have nothing to worry. I have things under control. I’ll have a little chat with Kelvin. The police will be here any moment”
he assured me before i was taken out of the scene to a private hospital down in Abuja.

I really can’t tell what transpired between the agents, kelvin and the other criminals who were arrested, but later in the day when the first agent showed up at the hospital with Lydia, Chika, Kelvin and Lilian. I learnt that Gutso didn’t survive the shootout, which meant he died with our secret. A very welcomed development.

Surprisingly, Lilian {Kelvin’s colleague} was very touched to see me bandaged and helpless. She sat by my side and cried softly, shocking me with her action and leaving me to wonder what she was told.

“when i called to tell you that Kelvin was Kidnapped, i never imagined you were going to risk your life trying to save him. You went too far. All the same thank you”
she sobbed, while i speechlessly stared at her. I couldn’t say anything because i didn’t know what she was told.

“please can you guys give Stella and I a moment to talk?” kelvin begged minutes later, his eyes searching me curiously.

I nodded in agreement, everyone obeyed and quickly left us alone.

I stared at him curiously, my heart pounding furiously. I couldn’t imagine what he planned saying to me. He came forward and breathed deeply.

“I had a long talk with the federal agent. He’s a good guy”
he said and sat beside me.

“i’m sorry for hurting you. I take responsibility for everything that has happened. Let it be our secret. We have to move on and forget the past. You helped become successful, that i can never deny, but don’t take it away from me. Judgement is for God, let’s leave everything to him please. Nothing will stop me from moving on. I’m going to marry Lilian and i pray you let me be from now on. I’ll say nothing about the kidnap nor say anything bad about you. Concerning the money i owe you, i’m still going to pay back every dime. Please” he begged and kissed my forehead, tears fell from my eyes.

“You never loved me Kelvin. But it’s well, go in peace. You are free”
i said faintly. He breathed deeply and smiled.

“thank you for freeing me” he murmured joyfully, while i swallowed hard with regret.

I ended up spending good money for a revenge i couldn’t finish, helpless on a hospital bed for being so stupid. I felt bitter about it all.

Unsatisfied but relieved.

/Whatever will be, will be/.
/Que Sera, Sera/.

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