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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Stella’s story continues

“Henry what the hell are you waiting for?, take out that shooter nah”
the agent screamed at one of his men who quickly took position, aimed his automatic and fired.

The shot was perfect, instantly silencing the sharp shooter who almost took out seven of us with his long range killing shots.

The five agents made use of the opportunity and quickly moved into the house with great caution, while the first agent{Lydia’s cousin}, stayed back to provide cover for his colleagues.

“hope you are fine?”
he asked me.

i nodded, visibly shaken and scared. It was my first time of being under life threatening fire. It really was a very shocking experience.

“get into the car and stay down. Don’t move an inch. I have to go back up my men. You are very safe inside the car”
he said to me as fierce gun battle raged inside the building. I nodded, dived into the car and pulled out my 9mm gun.

He stared at me with surprise, shook his head and raced towards the direction the first shot was fired from minutes earlier.

Sweat drenched my body as i nervously waited for the agents to come out with Kelvin.

Some minutes later, a heavy duty truck headed out of the compound with great speed, two agents running after it and firing. Their shots somehow got the driver who swerved and ran the truck into my car. The impact of the collision left my head broken and bleeding. I bravely jumped out of my car and tried crawling to safety, but unfortunately it was a very silly deed.

Gutso jumped out of the driver’s side of the truck and stared at me murderously.

“you double crossed me you b---h”
he barked and raised a pistol at me.

My heart froze.

I almost urinated on my pant as i quickly said my last prayers while tears soaked my eyes.
I saw death smiling at me, calling me to come forward and embrace my destiny. I instantly knew my place in hell was being dusted for my arrival.

Suddenly another gunshot came flying to save me, hitting Gutso on the neck.

The impact threw him forward. He fell and fired, sending me down with a killing shot.

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