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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Stella’s story continues

Gutso led us to a small room at the east wing of the building where Kelvin was helplessly blindfolded and tied to a chair. He gave us no chance to at least say hi to Kelvin before leading us back to the entrance door.

“you have seen your man huh, now let’s discuss my money”
he said seriously, searching us with his eyes.

“why are you doing this?” i asked. He scoffed and shook his head.

“i’m tired of being an errand boy to old ladies like you who think the world revolves around them. I need good money” he sneered.

“so everyone likes taking advantage of me. Okay” i hissed, while the agent pinched my left hand, signalling me to keep quiet.

“you are getting only a million from us, because we want this to end peacefully”
he addressed Gutso coldly..

“are you serious?” he asked the agent who nodded in affirmative.

“if that’s the case, you guys should just go home. I’ll try getting my money somewhere else and if that fails, hmmmm, i’ll simply cut the hostage into pieces and send his body parts all over the city with your name and phone number written over it. You will have a hard time exonerating yourself from the mess i will create. Don’t let it come to that” he threatened me.

“fine we got your point. Three million”
the agent offered.

“five million or forget it” Gutso insisted, drawing a fierce look from the agent who slowly nodded.

“fine you will get your money this evening” he said to him.

“i feel like detaining one of you. No hard feelings, just as insurance” Gutso said, staring at us with suspicion.

“of course you aren’t dumb to think only one of us is raising such a huge amount for you. I’ll withdraw half the money from my bank while my sister does the same from her bank, unless you want us to get the money one after the other, which you know will make this deal spill over to the next day” the agent asked intelligently.

“fine you win. Go get me my money” Gutso answered, letting us go and equally signing his downfall with such a decision.

Supposing he succeeded in detaining one of us, our plan would have been messed up.

As we left the compound and hurried to our car, the agent sent a sharp signal to his colleagues who instantly landed within seconds. A Toyota bus carrying five armed agents pulled up close to my car in a commando fashion.

“move in, move in, suspect is armed and alone, watch out for snipers. Hostage identified in the east wing”
the agent screamed at his colleagues who were very ready for a show down. But just as they made to move into the compound, a gunshot came from nowhere destroying my car windscreen and sending everyone down. We all took cover, while three more shots from the same direction came flying over.

It was obvious Gutso was equally ready for a showdown…

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