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The Guardians - Season 1 - Episode 102
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Shade put the phone back
into one of her pocket and
got into the cart with the girl.

She looked back up the tunnel
they descended from and she
thought of the guys she left

“Crazy junkies” she thought to
herself, she held the girl tight
and she pushed the button
she saw the team leader push
while they were coming that
way. The cart made a
screeching sound but it did
not move. She looked towards
the wheels confused as she
did not understand why
something like that would
happen. She pushed the
button again and the same
thing happen. The girl said;
“Maybe you pushed the
wrong button”

She looked back surprised as
the girl crawled towards her
and the control panel. She
shookoff her surprise and

“What are you doing? Sit back

“Relax, I am an engineering
student and this cart has a
simple mechanism. The button
you have been pushing is
most likely the one you used
when coming. It won’t work if
you wantto move in the
opposite direction”

She pushed the button below
the one Shade had been
pushing and the cart started
moving slowly. The girl smiled
at Shade and Shade pulled her
back into the cart as the
cartstarted slowly and then,
the speed increased gradually
until it got to top speed.

The cart went for almost the same
time as when they were going
into the house and just before
the end of the tunnel. They
both got out and Ifeoma
spoke into her radio and a
light appeared at the top of

the man hole and a face
peeped through;

“How about the others
ma’am? “

“The decided to stay back for
a little sightseeing”
She turned to the girl and

“Can you climb up? We still
have a long way to go once
we are out of this tunnel”

She nodded and started
climbing up while Shade went
after her. she got to the top
and the agents who had been
waiting stretched their hands
and pulled them out of the
hole. She reached for her
communicator and tried to
contact the Director.

Michael watched Shade closed
the mirror behind her and he
saw his image in the mirror
and IBK joined him in front of
it in amazement.

“Okay, what’s the mission and
how do we go about it?” IBK

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