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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 6
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{ Am I dying? }

I rested my back as I reminisce into what can happen if I couldn’t get my power back.
Then I suddenly look through the window and saw something that shocked me.
” stop the car ” I screamed to Stiles.
Stiles halted the car at once, before he could turn back and ask me what the hell happened ,I was already out.
I couldn’t believe who I was seeing at the other side of the road.

It was my dad and he was smiling at me.
He was looking at me with the ” I’m proud of you son ” eye.

I stood at the side I was looking at him.
I just couldn’t believe it was real.

Then he suddenly opened his hand wide in a motion of requesting for a hug.

Me being oblivious of all that was happening around started moving towards him.

Tears was already visible on my cute cheek.

But as I got to the middle of the road, he suddenly disappeared, I stood transfixed to the spot I was looking around ,all of a sudden, people started erupting out of the ground, they were many and surrounded me, they all looked like zombie, some had blood stain on them, some without heart, some without head.

All of a sudden they started laughing at me, they were laughing wildly.

Then I felt my head spinning and all of them were spinning in my eye.
” these are all who died in the course of expecting you to save them , they all died ” I heard a voice which has striking resemblance to my dad’s own screamed at me.

I tried to locate the bearer of the voice among the zombie multitude

” they all died ” the voice screamed again.
I quickly turned my eye to where I heard the voice coming from.

Then I saw the bearer of the voice, it was my dad, he was among the zombies.

He was also without heart.
” they died” he said making his way towards me among the zombie multitude, he was pulling them by their shoulder and they were falling down, he was stepping on them to get to me.
” they died because of you, you send them to their early grave ” his voiced echoed to me from everywhere.
” no , no, no” I whimpered and fell on the road covering my face.
Someone suddenly carried me with force and I and the person landed at the pedestrian side of the road.

I raised my head up to see who it was and discovered that it was Scott.

But something was wrong with his eye, it was glowing red, he quickly tried to cover it when he saw me looking at him.

I stood up and saw a truck almost out of sight, but it was sure that it passed the road I was some minutes ago, and their was no zombies anywhere nor my dad.
” what’s wrong with you “? Scott asked angrily as he got up, but this time, his eye wasn’t glowing anymore.

I saw a small cut on his hand and it healed while I was looking at it.

He noticed that I was staring at his hand, and used his eye to trace my gaze to his hand.
” it’s yours ” he said cleaning the blood the injury left on his hand.

With the pronouncement of the statement ” it’s yours ” by Scott, I suddenly felt pain on my head.

I traced the pain with my finger to my head, I touched the part I was feeling the pain.

It was a cut on my head and it didn’t heal.
” s--t “! I exclaimed as the reality of what has happened dawn on me.

I’ve lost my ability to heal and now am having scary nightmares in broad daylight.
” I’m sorry I just got carried away and thank you for saving me ” I said and crossed the road back to stiles who maintained his position inside the jeep.
” what did you took in the club yesterday night that’s still intoxicating you till now ” Stiles asked as I entered the jeep but I didn’t answer him.

Scott joined us and we continued our journey.
Stiles pulled over in front of a house which I presumed to be where he’s staying.

We all alighted and Stiles took me to inside while Scott waited outside.
” here’s my room ” Stiles said as we entered into one of the room in the house.

The room was a little bit unkempt.
” gat to go to school now, I will see you when I return ” he added as he made to leave the room.

I was contemplating if I should thank him or not, but decided not to because of some reasons which I didn’t know.
” in case my dad comes back ,tell him I’m the one who allowed you in ” he said halting at the entrance of his room with a sad countenance.
” I don’t trust this guy,something is not right about him ” Scott said to stiles as he got outside.
” Scott, he’s hot and rich, that I know, and might make people like us jealous, I know you don’t want another Jackson ” stiles replied Scott, now with his normal expression, not the sad one.
” I’m not jealous of him, but his character is suspicious ” Scott said raising his voice a little.
” I’m the one who judge character here, you know that their is no better judge of character than me and I’m telling you the guy is just completd freaked out rich dude. We’re late ” Stiles said entering the the jeep.
” did you notice that he doesn’t seem to be freaked out or scared when he saw the darach, like he is familiar with things like , with supernatural creatures ” Scott said when he also entered the jeep while the Stiles started the car and left for school.

They disconnected me from my eavesdropping on them as the jeep got beyond my connection boundary.
I lay on his bed thinking.

My mind was in disarray, I couldn’t fathom what was even going on there as I just stared blankly to the roof.

I thought about what will happen to me if return back to Marseille without my power, then I’ll become totally useless.

When Nina and Dandy are busy forming superheroes, saving the people of Marseille in case any threat arises again, then I’ll be with Victor playing play station.
” I heard that Nina and Dandy has successfully eliminate those terrifying beast that took the peaceful sleep of the people of Marseille ” Victor said swiftly pressing his game controller as I also did mine.

We were playing pes 2019 on my Play station 5 which I just purchase.
” good for them and we the people of Marseille, it means am not going to sleep in the underground basement again ” I said happily as I concentrated on the game we were playing.
” noooooooo ” I screamed as this imagination conjured in my head.

Then all of a sudden, liquid started from the roof of stiles room to the floor, I looked up and saw that the liquid was blood, as I looked up ,it started dripping on my face, some even entered mouth.

I startling got off the bed, but the ground had already turned to a pool of blood.

It was like a swimming pool.

I quickly head to the door, I tried to open it but it wasn’t opening, the blood on the floor was rising, it was filling the room.

I started banging the door furiously screaming for help as the blood was swallowing me bit by bit.

It was already at my shoulder level, but I kept on banging the door.

Then it swallowed me as it filled the room to brim.

I started swimming inside it holding my breath inside the blood, then all of a sudden, zombies like the ones I saw earlier started erupting from the floor of stiles room, seeing them, I quickly swam to the door of the room again, and as I tried to pull the door knob, the zombies got hold of my leg and were pulling me into the ground , I jerked furiously to free myself from their hold.

All this while I was holding my breath on order not to get drowned in the blood.
They were much for me to handle and they were overpowering me and were succeeding in dragging me into the ground, out of fear, I decided to scream, bad idea.

The blood made way into my system through my mouth and nose at once, I was drowning and suffocating in the blood without any hope for survival.

I was about to pass out when the door flung opened and the blood and zombies disappeared at once.

I breathed heavily as I lie on the floor.
My vision was blurry and couldn’t see clearly.

I felt someone dragging me on the floor to god knows where.

The person stopped when we got wherever he was taking me to.

I saw with my blurry vision as the person was bringing emanating smoke closer to me.

He placed the thing in my nostril and as I inhaled it, I gasped back to life and my normal self.
” welcome back ” I heard the person said and I startling turned to look at the person, and was surprised to see the veterinary doctor we visited earlier.

I was scared as I made to stand up and run away but I was too weak to do so.
” you don’t need to run, I’m a friend and your secret is safe with me ” he said and I found some sort of solace in his words.
” you know who I am ” I asked in a low sound, almost a whisper.
” I had my doubt when I first saw you, but I couldn’t confirm it because if the darach really s----d your power to resurrect, you should have being dead and you also crossed the mountain ash, so a lot of mystery for you to unravel for me ” he said as he squatted beside me looking at me with a eye that depict assurance and protection.
” I’m not someone who dies easily and for me crossing the mountain ash, I can’t say anything about it because I don’t know what it is ” I said glaring back into his eye with a mixed feeling gaze
” mountain ash is an old relics which can limit the mobility of a supernatural creature ” he explained to me.
” but I’m not a full supernatural being, I’m an hybrid, so I am also a human as much as I’m a supernatural creature ”
” an hybrid “? he asked surprised.
” yeah ” I replied him and suddenly started coughing, the cough was terrific as I felt severe pain in my chest as I was coughing.
I used my hand to cover my mouth and when I finished coughing and removed my hand from my mouth, it was already smeared with my blood.

The vet looked at it with a surprised expression
” am I dying “? I asked with a sad countenance.

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