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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 9
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{ life and death ordeal }
We moved closer to the entrance as Allison readied her bow and arrow in her hand as we got closer to it.

Like a gentleman, I knocked on the door several time but when we didn’t get any response, we barged in.

” s--t ” I exclaimed as we were greeted by an unwelcoming scene.

The place looked like somewhere which was just used for a burnt offering.

I could see three burnt heads hanging down from the roof of the house.

On the floor was the bodies of the three people whose heads were hung on the roof.
Their hearts were missing.

Judging from the size and shape.

I could tell that the three people were family.
Father ,mother and a child.

My assumption was confirmed when I saw one of the picture hung on the wall, it consisted of a dark guy ,pretty white lady and a lovely girl.

They looked happy in the picture.

My heart ached looking at the picture.
” who could have done this ” I asked but was surprised not to receive any response.
I turned abruptly and was surprised not to see my companions with me again.

I looked around but couldn’t see them.
“maybe they’ve gone to check the rest of the building to see what they can find out ” I said to myself feeling kind of left out.
“save us ” I suddenly heard a feminine voice said ,shocking me.

I turned to decipher who said it.
I almost collapsed when I saw one of the burnt body without and heart on its feet.
It was that of the little girl.

The head had somehow find its way back to the head and glued to it.

” save us ” she repeated again and her parent body also rose to their feet and their heads has also reunited with their bodies.
” save us ” they said in unison as the two join the girl in her demand.
” save us ” they repeat again and started moving closer to me.

I was gripped by fear and started moving backward away from them.
” Allison , Isaac ” I screamed as I felt my back came in contact with a wall barricading my movement.

They were getting closer to me walking in a zombie manner, their hands stretched forward.

The fear in me amassed to the extent that I felt my leg clogged and couldn’t make any movement.

I felt like I was in another periphery which I’ve to struggle for my own survival but I was unable to do so.

I was lurching weakly as the survival instinct in me amassed to an abounded amount.
They finally got to me but suddenly stopped.
They were directly in front of me and looked Like people waiting for further instructions before knowing what to do next.

I suddenly felt at ease not until my gaze went to the floor.
” is that gasoline “? I asked my self rhetorically as I saw some fluid beneath my feet which looked like gasoline.

Before my mind could offer me an answer, the three of them transformed into balls of fire and hit the fluid which was beneath me and a great fire amassed from it burning me.
I screamed for help as I was getting roasted alive.

I suddenly felt a huge punch landed on my face and the fire disappeared.
I saw Isaac over me and I was sure the punch came from him.

I looked at him and saw that his cloth were already tattered.

No, it was like it was burnt.
” run ” he screamed when he saw that I was now back to my normal self.

I looked around and saw everywhere on fire.
I suddenly saw a fireball heading towards, I quickly pushed Isaac away and also swiftly jumped away from where I was as the fireball hit the wall I was leaning on.

I looked towards the direction where the fireball came from to see who authorised it but couldn’t see anything because of the flame and smoke that has engulfed the room.

As I was trying to get a clear view, something suddenly strangled my neck, it gripped me hard that I couldn’t do anything but struggle for survival and try my best to keep on breathing.

Like a vacuum cleaner, whatever it is that strangled me cleared the room of the smoke,
My eye widened with shock when I saw what it was.

Right there, I knew the original definition of horror.

I first thought I was hallucinating again but I knew I wasn’t when isaac stood up weakly with his claws protruding from his hands, his fangs clearly visible as he growled with outward anger.

Before he could make any werewolfie movement , the creature already had it other arm strangling him too.

We both looked helpless in front of the creature.

With force the creature hit the two of us hard against ourselves.

In the creature’s body were some pores, which suddenly became large after it has succeeded in making us very weak by hitting us against ourselves many times.

I left out a weak grunt when I saw fire balls filling all the pores in the creature’s body.
The opening were more than 20 and all were being directed at the two of us at once.
“I ran all the way from Marseille to die here ” that was the only thought that swayed to my mind as I stood in front of my own death.

Even when I still possess my beast power, I knew it will be impossible for me to escape death , being hit by at least 10 fireball ain’t something my beastiary side can survive because I remembered when such happened, it took the intervention of my dad to escape death.

At the last second when I was already certain that there was no way of averting the death because the fireballs were already set to come out and have a nice time with us.
I suddenly saw two arrows fly by my side and hit the creature in it eye, and to my utmost shock, the arrow exploded emitting a blinding spark from it.

I quickly shut my eye in order to avoid temporarily losing my eye sight because of the spark.
“run now ” Allison screamed
as the arrow hit the creature and its hold released as it staggered back growling and screeched loudly.

I breathed fast as I hit the ground weakly.
I couldn’t run because of how weak the creature rendered me.

But when I saw Isaac and Allison running out, an unknown energy surged through me and I found myself running after them.

When I was about to get out , I turned abruptly to look at the creature but I was surprised to see that it has already transformed to human, female to be precise, but I couldn’t see the face of the Lady as I continued my temple run.

When I got outside, everywhere was already dark and I couldn’t see Allison and Isaac again.

I stopped running when I got to somewhere I thought was safe enough and out of reach of the horrific monster which was inside the house.

I found that I was on the road and I sat down tired at the spot I stopped as mind revolved about the death and life ordeal I just went through.
I was sure that it was the lady that stole my power because I could felt some connections with my power when she was thrashing me, but how could she possess such shape shifting power, the creature she shape shifted into with my power was something beyond my sense of reasoning.

And with a lot of power surging through her.
Thinking about it was causing some kind of freaky movement in my spine.

An horror I will love not to have an encounter with again.

But I was sure that there will surely be a rematch because of my power and the abducted parents of the new people I found myself entangled with.
“But could they still be alive after what that evil b---h just show us that she’s capable of doing , I don’t think she need to get any more stronger than that by sacrificing anybody ” I said to myself as I la!d in the lone road trying to get back my drained energy.
“but who could that beast be, the one that saved from those fire creatures that attacked me, could it be my dad, and why did those creatures wanted to kill me, could they be working for for that powerful lady ”

Different sorts of rhetoric questions were bubbling in my head as I rested.
“I think that lady possessed up to 8 hands or more, whew, this fight will be tougher than the one I fought ” I assured myself as I stood up when I was sure that I had enough strength to walk.
“Allison, Isaac ” I called out trying my luck if they were around, but after waiting for some seconds and didn’t heard any feedback, I ventured to search for them.

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