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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 8
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{ Another s--t }

” Do they also have the ability to hear from a far distance “?

I asked myself rhetorically as one of the guys on the pitch bumped into Scott and Scott landed on the grass.
” yeah he’s my friend ” I said as I averted my gaze from his place.
” and what do you mean by asking if I’m a human, do you see fur on my skin or paw on my leg instead of feet ” I said feigning to be angry.
” I’m sorry, I’m just joking, didn’t know you’ll take it personal ” she apologized to me and I smiled inwardly.
” it’s okay, I’ve already told you last night, all this are just a piece of cake for me, I’ve ventured in things more deadlier than label and I’m always on my feet “. I said knowingly increasing my voice so that Scott can hear if he really have the ability to do that.
” what are you doing here ” she asked looking around like I was in a place I’m not suppose to be.
” I’m not telling you until you tell me your, it’s now more than a one night stand friendship ” I said smiling and she also smiled
” okay, I’m Briana Joyce “,she said stretching her hands to me in a motion of demanding for an handshake.
” I’m Ben ” I replied her shaking hand with her.
” now that we’re passed the introduction stage, can you now tell me what you’re doing here ” she said looking deep into my eye with her marble eye and my heart melted.
” I attend this school ” I replied her with a countenance that suggested that I’ve been attending the school for a long time.

” wow, then you must be the Dean’s ” she said to me smiling, I couldn’t decipher the reason she was smiling because I didn’t think I cracked a joke.
” Dean’s son “? I asked looking perplexed.
” I started my high school here and now am in sophomore class which means that I’ve spent up to a year here, and you claimed to be attending here, and in this school, I am sure know all the cute guys attending ranging from the juniors to the seniors, that I don’t fail to notice and if I didn’t notice you that means you’re not a student here ” she said in a tone of certainty.
” you got me there ” I said smiling
” I’m a new student ,just enrolled today ” I added watching if her expression will change but it didn’t.
” yeah, I knew it. welcome to beacon high ” she said smiling.
” yeah thanks, are you also a student ” ? the question has already escaped my lips before my brain received the signal of how stupid the question was.
” no , I came here to deliver pizza ” she answered humorously and we both laughed.
” so where are you going, cause it seems to me you’re leaving “? I asked her in order to keep the conversation going
” yeah, I’m through with my classes today and I came here to watch the lacrosse training but it’s not interesting today as the best player in the team is playing like an amateur, looks like he got a lot on his mind ”
” Joyce, are you leave ” I interrupted her when she seems to be venturing into what I didn’t ask her.
” yes, I’m living ” she said smiling
” I tend to speak much when am bore ” she said striking my heart.
” am I boring you “? I asked her with a dejected feeling.
” no ,I’m not talking about you, I’ve just been bored since morning and this game worsening it, it’s even you that made my day a bit lit ” she said inviting smile to my lip.
” wow, I feel honoured hearing you say that ” I said grinning like a fool
” you’re funny, am going home, let go together, just to hangout ” she said bringing joy into my heart.

It’s been long since I had that kind of joy.

Chatting with her was really awesome, it made me forgot my travails and all the pain I’ve been harbouring for some time.

The world became silent around us and all I could was her voice, nothing else.

And she was very beautiful, she’s more beautiful than Nina and Becky in my eye, maybe it was because it’s been long since I saw them.

Her question wiped off my memory and I forgot the reason I was even on the pitch.
” it’s time ” I heard a feminine said behind me as I wanted to reply the girl ” yeah, let go ” .

I turned back to look at the mood killer and I saw isaac and Allison .

That was when all my lost memory returned to me.

I exchanged glance between the two of them not sure of what to do, either lose the chance to have sex with the preety girl in front of me for which I don’t know if I’m going to get the chance to do it again or lose the chance to get closer to recovering my power back but I will still get the chance to do it again.
” I’m sorry love, I’ve somewhere to go with my friends, we’ll hangout another day, I promise ” I said with a sober tone forcing out a smile .
” okay, see you around later ” she said pecking me before she left me with a seductive smile on her lip.
” someone you know “? Isaac asked as we head out of the school
” yeah , she’s my first friend here ” I answered him smiling.
Isaac and Allison took a car which I think Allison owns it because she was the one driving it while I followed them on my motorcycle.

I don’t know if Allison is the cold type or it was became of her father that was kidnapped because she rarely talk and she for the little that I’ve known her, she hasn’t for once smile.

Maybe , that’s how all hunters are,because Nina was like that not until I find my way into her heart.

Different thoughts kept bubbling into my mind as I rode on my motorcycle behind them.

And I couldn’t take my mind off the opportunity I lost in mingling with Joyce.
Their car suddenly halted near a forest and I also halted .

They got down from the car and I also alighted mine.
” are we there ” I asked as I got closer to where they were.
” I thought you’ve been there before ” isaac asked looking at me with a kinda of gaze that asked the question ” have you been fooling us “,
” yeah, I’ve been there but I don’t remember how it look again and this ain’t the place I passed through when I came here last night.
” okay, we had to take another route so that Allison can remember the way to the nemeton ” he replied me putting me in the trance of solving what he meant with his reply.
” I thought Scott said that only people with supernatural ability can locate the nemeton ” I asked catching up with them as they’ve already ventured into the forest.
” yeah, but Allison has gone through an ordeal which made it possible for her to locate the nemeton ” he replied me relieving me of a new thought brewing in my mind.
I asked many questions as we roamed the forest and got most of my answer’s from Isaac.

Allison barely speak.

She behaves like she has the limits of words she can utter in a single day.

Going through the forest seems like a cyclic journey.

It was like we were taking the same route every time.

We were following in Allison trail ,and she also looked like she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Little darkness was creeping upon us.
It finally got to a time that I couldn’t take it again.
” I think we’re only wasting our time here, we’ve been here for more than two hours and all we’ve succeeded in doing is walking through the same place more than 5 times ” I said stopping but the two of them didn’t answer me but kept up with their futile journey.

I got pissed off by their act decided to leave them and go home.

I turned back and started heading the way I think will lead me out of the forest..

I haven’t walked up to 10 meters that I started getting hot inwardly.

It started with little hotness like I was running temperature, but little by little I the hotness began to increase.

It was like a fire was lit inside of me and the fire was spreading.

I was in discomfort.

I tried to run but I suddenly saw a fire burning round me. It burned in a cyclic manner leaving me trap in the middle.

The fire started blazing higher but as it was burning high, it was taking a form.

I stood transfixed at the spot I was watching in terror as my death was eyeing me.

After some seconds the fire started bringing out some human figure.

It goes on like this and the fire transformed into human beings.

They took the spot the fire was.

They took to human form from their toe to their waist, but from their waist to the head, they were covered in thick scale, and fire was emanating from in between the scale
They were more than ten of them.

And they all surrounded me.

On their head was a shape of an arrow head and fire was emanating from it.

I was so terrified looking at them that I forgot about the discomfort I was experiencing internally.

I noticed there was one among them that the shape on his head was larger than the rest of them.

When they finished their transformation from the fire, the one with the bigger arrow head shape screeched loudly and the rest of them also screech.

I discovered that when they were screeching ,the fire emanating from the shape on their head switched off and the burning pain I was feeling inside of me died down.

But it wasn’t for long , because when the one with the big shape stopped screeching, the rest also stopped and the shape on their head started emitting fire.

But this time, the fire was blazing high than before.

And the burning pain I was feeling returned to me in hundred folds.

I screamed loudly as I fell to the ground.

I felt my heart and all the organs inside me burning.

And I felt my breathing ceasing as I gasped to breath.

” at last , death finally locate me “, I said to myself as I felt my heart shut down.

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