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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 3
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{ Busted }

After sU-Cking all the blood inside of me, the fire emanating from my body died.
And I passed out at once.
I woke up in the morning to find myself naked on the big stumped tree.

I felt very tired and awfully empty.

I felt like a part of me was missing but I don’t know it.

” my bag “! I suddenly exclaimed when I noticed it wasn’t with me.

What made me exclaimed was because of my 18 bars of gold in it.

I stood and got down from the stumped tree.
There was no dead body around again,
” what was that ” I asked myself rhetorically as all the events that happened the other night came rushing into my memory.
The awful feelings that I’d lost something more greater than my golds hit me again, it was like I was divided into two and my other half taken away.

I look round the forest and everywhere looked the same, I didn’t know where to go, didn’t know the right path.

I didn’t want to start any journey without having a headlight , in order not to go deep into the heart of the forest thinking am going out.

Then an idea struck me,
” if I turn to a beast ,I can comb this forest faster and locate my way out ” I said to myself as I tried to transform.
” what’s happening ” I asked myself rhetorically as I tried to transform but couldn’t.

I tried again using all my strength but only my claws and fangs yielded my calling.

I fell down on the floor with fear as the reality of what happened dawn on me.

Whatever it is that happened to me the other day must have being the reason my power is gone.

I felt myself shedding tears as I now know why I felt awfully empty.

The other part of me which is my beast form is gone, I could say that only 15 percent of it was left because my fangs and claws were still coming out but not as long as the real one.

That was when I knew that there’s different between having something and deciding not to use it and losing that thing completely.
” I will surely get my powers back no matter what it takes ” I said in a voice mixed with anger and tears.
Suddenly, I started hearing the police siren from a far distance, I quickly got up and started following the sound wave.

After some minutes of me walking, I could see the road from afar and some officers, an ambulance was there and I could see man on a stretcher being wheeled into the ambulance.
I hid near a tree watching what was happening.

It was the man that had an accident that was been wheeled into the ambulance.

I saw the car he was in,it was a total wreck.

I saw the sheriff that came to the club near a police car with two boys that seems to be of my age.

He was talking to them, I tried to listen to what they were saying but it wasn’t possible, I , gently on my toes changed my location to a tree closer to them.

But something surprised me ,when I threading on my toe to the tree making sure I didn’t make a sound, one of the two boys beside the sheriff suddenly looked towards my direction as if he heard something and I quickly squatted.

When he seems not to see anything, he averted his gaze from there.

But what shocked was that he shouldn’t have heard anything in the first place, because of the distance.
” Stiles , I’m the sheriff not you, so get your a-s back to house and prepare for school ” the sheriff screamed
” but we think this accident is related to supernatural, the driver said he saw a man on fire standing without anything happening to him “, the boy the sheriff called Stiles said shocking me.
” if it’s supernatural or unnatural, it’s my duty to investigate that and it’s your duty to get back to school, and how did you even know that an accident occurred here and got here before we do ” the sheriff asked looking at the two boys with a wierdo kind of look.
” how we got to know is not important, what’s important is that ghost rider is in beacon hills ” stiles said and the detective smirked.
” and what’s a ghost rider, is that another type of supernatural being that you haven’t told me about ” the sheriff asked looking perplexed
” dad ” Stiles screamed
” which planet are you living, you haven’t watch ghost rider movie, a man that a man has a bike and can change to skeleton emitting fire with a chain in his hand ,eliminating the bad guys ” Stiles said displaying some of the ghost rider’s action in a humorous manner and I couldn’t help but smile.
The sheriff shook his head in a disbelieving manner
” what do you expect me to do, I should tell my officers to start looking for a man emitting fire from his body, the two of you get out of here” the sheriff barked at them.
The two boys obeyed and started heading to a jeep that’s out of model, then suddenly as if they’ve already planned it before, the two boys boys halted abruptly and turned back heading towards the sheriff.
” no you don’t have to tell your officers to look for the ghost rider, what they need to look for is his bike,then you’ve gotten him ” Stiles said looking serious
” Scott take him away from here ” the sheriff beckoned unto the second boy who kept mute throughout the drama Stiles was performing.
” Got something down here sheriff” one of the officers suddenly screamed and all attentions diverted to him including mine.
The officer had a bag in his hand which I recognized to be mine.

The sheriff and the guy quickly rushed to the officer and I also rushed out of the forest naked because of the gold inside my it.
I didn’t trust them with it.

The sheriff collected it from the officers and when he was about to open it, I quickly hijacked it from him and tried to run away but I was nof fast enough and I knew they will soon caught up with me and the bag was also not as heavy as it was before. so I stopped and they also stopped .

I faced them and I saw as Stile’s gaze fell on my d--k and he gasped.Two officers moved closer to me and grabbed me and they collected the bag from my hand.
” it’s mine, don’t open it ” I screamed as the sheriff was about to open the bag.
” what do you have to claim it’s yours ” the sheriff asked and stopped the opening of the bag.
” open that small zip at that and, my identification card is inside and my name is Marseillaise Benjamin, you’ll see it vividly on it ” I said using my hand to cover my d--k because of Stiles, that was the only place is gaze was.

I knew he was shock with the size.
The sheriff handed the bag to me after confirming it was mine .
” what are you doing here naked ” the sheriff asked while I was busy searching through my bag to give him an answer.
” nooooo ” I suddenly screamed when I found out my gold has disappeared from my bag.
” what’s the ” the sheriff wanted to ask me what was wrong but was interrupted by one of his officer who whispered something into his ear..

I saw the detective brought out his phone and checked it.
” he’s the murder suspect ” the sheriff said and the other officer brought out a handcuff and cuffed me as I was taken nakedly into one of the police vehicle.

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