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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 25
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season finale

{ Bye beacon hills }

Previously on TCO { Life with the teens }
Is their any club around, I think if , just lay down your arms and I might reconsider letting you live, I slashed his throat as I got nearer to him and watched as he died without any ounce of pity.

You look cute, can you take label?
” this is sheriff Stilinski, everyone stay where you are ”

I carried the dead being to the top of the stumped tree.

After sU-Cking all the blood inside of me, the fire emanating from my body went off.

The darach is back. He can’t be trusted.

I’m now a student of beacon high.

The fire circled and formed some inhumane creatures.

Getting the black cat in the dark night.

You don’t view me as a friend but a stranger, I’m going to retrieve my golds back without your help.

Let hang out in my place.

The new guy is in danger.

In a speed of lightening, it took down one of the inhumane creature’s head.

They released their holds on the bed and drown themselves as the bed float away.

Joyce is the Darach, she’s packing up and clearing her trails.

You’re under arrested for the murder of ·····

I’m Patricia the daracio, a Darach hunter, we have only 10 hours to stop Jennifer and we need the help of your friends.

We know where the sacrifice is taking place, we’re also going to use the element of surprise on her.

Place your hands where I can see them.

••••••••••••••••••••­••••••••••••••••••••­•••••••••••• The chosen one { life with the teens •••

Music playing
Energy by drake
Music stop.
We were all cuffed and pushed inside different police car.
” what’s our offense ” Stiles asked earlier when they were cuffing us.
” oh hit me, don’t tell me you didn’t know it ” deputy Victor said glaring at him.
” wouldn’t be asking if I do ” Stiles had replied him sternly
” pranking the sheriff department, nabbing and stealing of a police vehicle, assaulting a police man, two in that case , abetting the escape of a foreign and murder criminal, do you really need me to continue listing them ” he said grinning wickedly.
” looks like you forgot to mention the disappearance of 18 bars of gold ” Stiles said smiling and I think deputy Victor got infuriated by that.
” take them in ” he commanded two police officers who were some distance away from us.

I looked at Allison and she glared at me, I knew she’s angry, she had wanted to cause a scene earlier but I stopped her.

They had guns she had arrow, just a perfect reason for them to shoot us if she decide to attack them.

Deputy Victor led some men into the clinic, and came out without Deaton.

I was surprised because we left him inside and I didn’t know their was another exit in the clinic apart from the main one.


” wow, the action has already begin ” I said as I put my bike to an halt some distance away from the building.

It was vivid that war was already going on inside the building as smashing sound was emanating from it.

The weather complemented the situation, their was lightening but no thunder, the full moon was also present but not at it best.

It was lightly visible and the lightening striking aid it light disappearance.

The moon was shining weakly directly on the building.
” you stay here ” Joyce said as she got out of her pink Ferrari.

I refused to ride with her as I made my journey on the new bike I bought earlier in the day.

Since I could lay hand on the one I was using before, and I need it for something important.
” why ” I asked furiously as I stared point blank at her.
” the herb I gave you will only strengthen your bone for menial activities and to keep the Gelda at bay for now, if you do anything strenuous with it, it will wear off quickly and the Gelda will soon be knocking on your heart step ” she said sarcastically as I sat on my bike like a lost puppy.
The clattering of window and the sudden thud sound of something or someone been whang out of the house and hit the ground few distance away from us, caught our attention.
I was surprised to see what it was .

It was the beast that save me when I was attacked by the Gelda in the wood.

It was in beast form so I couldn’t decipher who it was .

With speed, it got up, looked towards our direction and beast speed into the house again.

Joyce took her bow and ran inside the building leaving me outside.

Earlier when the Scott’s pack was nabbed.

” tell me you’ve got a plan been prepared before hand for this surprise ” stiles said almost in a whisper to Scott who was in the same police car with him.

Others were in other ones.
” didn’t know she was going to use this method ” Scott replied him looking distressed.

He was going through a tough time inwardly likewise others.

Their parents were soon going to be sacrificed and they didn’t have any plan of what to do to save them now when they also need saving.
A bright smile suddenly erupted from Scott’s lip
” think I got a plan ” Scott said in a whisper to Stiles.
” what’s that ” Stiles asked in a low tone.
” I suggest we fight our way out when we arrive at the sheriff department ” I whispered to stiles
” but remember you’re not with your full power to * he wasn’t able to finish his sentence when we suddenly met ourselves beside the road , not anywhere beside the police car .

Tho the handcuffs was still on our wrist but we magically popped out of the police car.
” what the heck ” Scott muttered as he saw the beast heading towards them in full speed and in the blink of an eye , Allison and Isaac were also standing beside them.
The unknown beast transformed into human and moved closer to them, he was naked but didn’t seem to care about it.
” you’ve to get to there as fast as you can, she’s going to start the sacrifice soon ” he said as he transformed back and beast speed away from there.
” that’s awesome ” Stiles said as he focused his gaze on the direction the beast sped through.
” but he should have help convey us to the place ” Stiles said as he averted his gaze from there.
” need a ride guys ” Derek said as he parked his car beside the four confused teenagers standing beside the road.
” Derek “! Scott exclaimed as they all trooped into the car.
” the first time I’m so happy to see you ” Stiles said humorously and nobody cared to laugh.
” did you got my message ” Scott asked Derek .
” from my sis, and Deaton ” he said concentrating on driving leaving the teens to ponder on his reply.
” you mean Deaton came to you ” Scott asked with a surprised expression.
” nope, met with him after Cora told me you seemed to be in dire need of my help, just back today.

Gone to check on you in the clinic and Deaton told me what happened, so u did my best to catch up with the police car, but what the hell was that thing ” he asked skipping his short intro of what happened and they all exchange glances waiting for someone to voluntarily tell him that they also know nothing about it except its name.


All what Ben could hear was growling, roaring and clattering.

Their was a mighty roaring which defeated the others and he knew it belong to Jennifer.
Even without being inside, he could tell that Jennifer was winning.

A guardian beast, an alpha wolf, a beta , an hunter, a daracio, one teenage boy and a banshee and they couldn’t handle a lady.
He felt his lacking for the first time, the Darach was channeling her strength from his power, which means he also has the ability to be strong to that extent ,to be undisputible when he was still with his power but he couldn’t channel all the strength like she’s doing.
Another person whang out from the building again.

Ben had to bent down quickly in order to avoid the person hitting him.

He was strange, at least to Ben because he hasn’t seen him before.

Derek groaned as he stood up weakly from the ground.

His cloth looked tattered, burnt on his body.
Ben assisted him up and took him nearer to Joyce vehicle to rest.
” who are you ” Derek asked ben weakly
” I’m ” Ben wasn’t able to finish his sentence when a jeep which belong to Stiles suddenly parked beside them.

Lydia and Stiles hurriedly came out of it.
” Ben ” lydia screamed as she saw Ben, she ran to him and fell into his embrace while Stiles moved closer to Derek exchanging conversation with him.
” I thought you’re dead ” she said with her palm glued on Ben’s cheek and her face few inches from mine.
” no babe, it ain’t time for me to say goodbye ” Ben said as he kissed her passionately.

The kissing was brought to an abrupt end when a fireball suddenly whang towards our location as it hit a tree nearby.
Scott and Isaac were both flinged out at once.

The guardian beast followed but was accompanied with almost 5 fireballs, the fireball hit him and the force took him far distance away from the place.

Seeing them outside meant one thing, only Joyce and Allison remained inside.

Ben quickly stood up and ran into the building as Lydia and Stiles ran to the aid of the two.
The three guardians were tied up against a pillar which was not there when Ben visited the place or maybe he didn’t notice it was there.

Allison had already passed out ,she was lying on the floor with blood oozing out from an unknown part in her body.

The darach was in octopus form and she had Joyce in one of her arm.

She was squeezing her hard and Joyce wretched in pain.

An arrow suddenly struck Jennifer, and she used one of her arms to wave it off.
She looked the direction where the arrow came from and saw Ben standing with a bow in his hand.

She dropped Joyce who was already weak and charged towards Ben who quickly ran outside and she followed him.

But he wasn’t fast enough as the Darach got him before he could get to his friends.

They all watched as she grabbed him with one of her arm and looked glared at them.
Ben was at her mercy as she wrapped her arm around him, brought him to face one of the pore she use in releasing fireball.

Ben was already weak as the herb was already wearing out of his system.

He still had the bow in his hand as he had the look of a sacrificial lamb.

No one could save him as everyone were already weak, as the darach was about to release the fireball, Lydia suddenly screamed loudly and forcefully that the pores were forced to close.
At that same time, a vehicle stopped on the road closer to the building and three strange faces, to the people pack but not to Ben ,alighted with speed.

Two hot girls, one with a bow and arrow ,and a cute guy.
” now ” Ben screamed as he saw them, and one of the two hot girls threw a jar containing liquid to Ben, who on seeing the oncoming jar stick the bow with the remaining strength in him into jeniffer’s face and jeniffer released her hold on him as she screeched in pain.

The second girl who got a bow an arrow aimed at it , she let the jar to get to Jennifer before she released an arrow which flew and hit the jar making the liquid content pour on Jennifer who transformed into a human at once and became paralyzed., unable to move any part of her body.

Ben was also weak, the herb has finally wear out of his system.

Nina ran to him to help him up, and Becky followed.

Scott and his friends, especially Lydia couldn’t help but stare at them, shocked at what is happening.
” see “! Victor suddenly exclaimed as he saw a fire whirling towards them.
” the neck Ben, the neck “! Joyce suddenly screamed tiredly from the entrance of the building.

Ben remembered what Deaton told him at once, that he will get his powers back the same Jennifer took it from him.

With the help of Nina, he moved closer to Jennifer, but he didn’t knew where he’s going to sU-Ck out the power and the gelda was gaining on them real fast.

Without contemplating about it again, he went for the neck, like she did to him, quickly locate a vein in it and set down his teeth on it as he bite hard to it.

Like a vampire, he started sU-Cking her blood, then the powers started flowing through the blood to his mouth.

His body suddenly got lit on fire and the more he s----d ,the bigger the fire got.

When he was sure their was nothing to sU-Ck again, he left her and stood up.

He could feel his body system changing back to its old self.

Thewhirling fire was no where to be found.
Killing of the Darach was next.

He switched the fire blazing from his body off and beast speed to Joyce’s car.

He took his bag pack and brought out the dagger, and with steps announcing his superiority, he started heading toward Jennifer.

As he was going back to her, a whirling fire suddenly sped passed him and circled Jennifer who was already trying to run away.

They all watched in terror as the Gelda came out of the fire and after series of her screaming, her heart bursted out burning.

The Gelda picked the heart, looked at Ben and winked at him and disappeared the same way they appeared.

I think the winking was some sort of accolade for escaping them, in the period of two weeks.
He deserved it, nobody has ever gone that far with the Gelda before.
The long separated friend were suddenly in each others embrace.

The scene show that they’ve really missed themselves.
•” thanks for getting here quickly “• Ben said as bright smile escaped his lip.
” you know we always get your back buddy ” Victor said as they disengaged the hug.
Ben had called his friend earlier to get their asses to beacon hills before his dead a-s will be send back to them.

He told Nina to prepare and bring the water of pishak mixed with the urine of an alpha wolf.
He promised to send them a GPS recipient which they will use in locating where he is going to be when they come.

The reason he bought his new toy.
” he’s still around ” Ben suddenly said as he transformed rapidly and brought out his golden wing matching with the golden fire of his
” who ” Becky asked but he was already gone to give her an answer.

It was vividly clear that Scott and his partners were shocked beyond words with what they saw.

If they’ve been told that he could do the things they just saw , Stiles would have been the first to burst into laughter.

After some minutes, he was back,with a man in his hand.

The man Scott and his pack met with in the woods.

He shoved his wing in and transformed back to human as he got down.

Nina was very shock, not Nina only but all the Ben’s friend from Marseille.
” looks like you all gat a lot to explain ” Ben said with a curious look
” dad ” stiles suddenly screamed as he saw his dad coming out of the house with Mellisa and Chris Argent.

The drama happening has made them to temporarily forget them.
” will explain everything to you on the way back ” Nina said with a pleading eye to Ben.
After the little family reunion.
Ben said his bye.

All his girls were present so he could only peck Joyce and Lydia as he bid them farewell
He hugged Scott, Stiles and Isaac, and they exchanged some words on how they’re going to miss themselves.
” I think there’s nothing like catching the black cat in the dark night ” Allison said smiling and Ben laughed as he hugged her.
” take care of yourself ” Allison said as they disengaged the hug.
Stiles brought out Ben’s gold from his jeep and gave it to him, Ben rejected it and gave it to them but they’re adamant on rejecting it.
Chris who has now cut off his bushy beards and now looks more like the man Ben saw in the picture holding little Nina, said his goodbye to Ben and apologized to him for not letting him know that he’s alive and now a guardian beast.

He transformed and beast speed from there but no one know if he left beacon hills.

Ben gifted Scott his new bike with the excuse that he can’t take it with him to Marseille, so Scott had no choice but to accept it.

Everyone left in their ride, Ben in the car his friend brought which he later found out that victor nicked it .

” Patrick turned him and wanted him to work for him but he ran away from Marseille, I was waiting for you to get over what happened before I tell you but I didn’t get the chance to ,I’m sorry Ben ” Nina said with an apologetic tone.
” it’s alright, I understand but where’s dandy ” he asked curiously.
They all had the look that send a message that everything ain’t right.
” will talk about him when we get to Marseille but now, we want to hear about your experience in beacon hills ” Victor swiftly said as no one was willing to tell Ben what happened to
” you mean my life with those teens ” Ben asked smiling
” yeah ” they all said in unison.
” my life with the teens is a long story and I will advice you all tighten your seatbelt before you get blown away ”

The End..

The final episode was narrated by Anthony Happiness.

Drop ur view on the story and watch out for season 3 { Taming the tamer }

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