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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 24
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{ the end is near }

Continues from Scott’s p.o.v

” there’s nothing we could’ve done to prevent it, he was going to die even if we didn’t rescue him from prison and we gave all we can to ensure he’s safe but they were stronger than us ” I repeated to myself as I tried to lure sleep to my saddened eye.

I didn’t tear up but my heart did.

Tho we didn’t start on a smooth edge but I came to like him.

I think I came to like him more when he was unconscious, when I had to stay with inside the chilled water till the Gelda leave.

He was cute and handsome and I think with a caring heart.

He didn’t deserve to die.

Even if getting him his power back seemed to be an impossible mission, I was still Willing to try it.

Lydia was accompanied home by Allison and Isaac, Stiles and I refused to leave the apartment.

Deaton occupied a room trying to decipher where the ritual was going to take place.
Everywhere was awfully silent.

I knew Stiles was also saddened by the loss.
Tho he harboured some hatred for him but he ain’t wishing him death, maybe not soon.

I knew he was also grieving inwardly tho he tried hard to hide it but he s----d at it.

Deaton also tried to behave normal, like the death affected him less but we all knew that it affected him more, he was grieving silently.

I knew he had a soft spot for Ben and I knew him spending his time in a room alone trying hard to decipher where the ritual was going to take place was for Ben.

We all knew what we’re going to face, a deadly woman behind the mask of a teen girl.
We know the face but not the location.

Courtesy of Ben we’re able to decipher the face and he’s gone now.

Now , the remaining deed lies with Deaton to decipher the location.
I yawned, stretching as I stood up in the morning.

I didn’t know when I slept off but I knew it was very late.

Sleeping didn’t cast away the bad memory of the other night from my head as everything returned as soon as I for up from the bed.
Stiles wasn’t in bed and I was kind perplexed to where he could be.
” did he leave without informing me ” I said to myself as I head our of the roomt.
I went to the mini sitting room of the apartment.

I saw Deaton and Stiles sitting in a meditating posture facing their selves, and their eye were shut.

They had a blank paper which have some scribblings on it.
” what’s going on ” I said loudly disconnecting their attention from whatever it is they were doing.
” we’re trying to get Joyce location ” Stiles opening one of his eye to look at me, then shut it back.
” according to the element of surprise , she’s been discovered and we now know what she looks like, cut through her plan of axing Ben, where do you think she will be ” Deaton asked like a priest demanding a confession from a sinner.
” she might be at the nemeton where she will offer them for sacrifice ” Stiles replied him and I stood there looking in awe.
” no stiles, that isn’t a surprise , she loves to thread on the street of surprise, remember, we won’t be surprise because we already know how to locate it ” Deaton said not opening his eye and stiles scribbled something on the paper.
” according to the element of surprise , she’s been discovered and we now know what she looks like, cut through her plan of axing Ben, where do you think she will be ” Deaton repeated again and stiles took his time before he decided to give a reply this time.
” I think I know where I know the sacrifice is going to be carried out ” I suddenly said as an idea popped into my head.

Deaton opened his eye this time likewise Stiles.
I picked the paper in between and turned it to the untouched side.
” we knew she’s good in her game and yet, Ben, Isaac and Allison located her, if they were able to locate her ,that means she wanted them to,and according to Isaac and Allison’s report, they said it was like she was already waiting for them ” I paused for a while and scribble some things down on the paper before continuing.
” I think she wanted them to locate the house, she knew we’re going to come back to check the building and if we don’t find her there, we will give up on it and continue our futile search for the location where the sacrifice was going to take place but she did a mistake by letting us know there ” I said and paused again and scribbled something down again.
” what’s that ” Stiles asked impatiently.
” when we returned to the building, I noticed something on the hood of the building, there was a round shape transparent cover on it, I think the family living there made it in order to allow the full moon into their apartment, so that they can savor it beauty ” I added and Stiles suddenly opened his mouth wide staring at me.
” I think you’re right, you’ve successfully decipher where the ritual is going to take place, now it remain the plan to abort her plan ” Deaton said without contemplating on my theory.
” I think Scott should do the thinking again , he’s getting perfect at this ” Stiles said standing up and sat down on one of the chair inside the.
” we’re using this plan ” I said scribbling some things on the paper and stretched it to Deaton but Stiles swiftly collected it from my hand.
” what’s this ” he suddenly asked .
” a paper ” I replied him.
” no , I thought it was Aristotle textbook ” stiles said humorously.
” why is it empty, thought you’re were scribbling some things down during your explanation ” stiles said handling the paper to Deaton.
” yeah, that’s the plan, we’re going to do nothing ” I said collecting the paper back from Deaton.
” yes, we will sit here and have fun, even sunbath, then later after we’ve had enough fun, we’ll go and retrieve the body of our parents after that devilish lady sacrifice them ” Stiles said as frustration overshadowed his voice.
” that’s not what I mean, we’re going to use her plan against her, the element of surprise ,pretend to fall for her plan then surprise her by knocking on the door at the right time ” I said squeezing the paper in my hand and threw it the entrance of the room.
” what of plan b ,in case your plan fail ” Stiles swiftly asked.
” I’ll leave you to that ” I said as I stood up and head to the bathroom.
On the
Inside Deaton’s clinic
We prepared and went over the plan for many times, we were not going to settle for failure or loss of anyone.

We knew it was going to be a hard one because we lack the number but we’re ready to try all we could to get everyone out in a piece.

Lydia was absent, heard she wasn’t feeling alright, went down with the flu.

So we had less number.

I wasn’t able to get in contact with Deucalion and Derek was still out of town.
We still had some minutes left before the full moon and tension grew to its peak inside the room..

I was doubting myself if we could go through with the mission successfully with the kind of powers I heard Jennifer or Joyce, I think the darach is okay, the darach now possess.

When the time to kick start our mission dot, we packed all what we need as we made our way to the exit.

On getting out, we saw many police cars outside , Deputy victor had a transmitter speaker in his hand.

All the officers his behind their police cars as they pointed their guns at us.
” your hands where I can see them ” deputy Victor blasted out of the speaker to us as we stood transfixed at the spot we were.
” element of surprise ” I muttered under my breath as my hands find their way to the back of my head and other’s too.

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