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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 21
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{ DARACIO the Darach hunter }

•••••• Flashback to many years ago ••••••

In an unknown location under a big tree presumed to be the nemeton when it hasn’t turn to a stomped root.

In the gathering of some elderly people, they debated over an issue which seemed significant to them.

The meeting was presided over by the most elderly person in the race of the druid.

They were debating over the issue of the three sons of Ballack who has turned to Darach.

Ballack was the most elderly person among the current race of druids and the one who presided over every decision and meeting held by the druid.

He’s in place to give the final verdict for pressing issues.

The elders were pressing for the banishment of ballack and his family from their midst or he should apprehend his son and bring them to justice.

Turning Darach is one of the greatest crime among the druid.

The druid were known for their meek behavior and for their effective counsel and guidance they give to people that come for it from them.

They stood as a balance between the supernatural world and the ordinary world.
When a druid turns to Darach, he or she will act against all the la!d down principles of the druid thereby smearing the good image they’ve succeeded in building among the locals.

Their violent behavior and constant sacrificing of human being was something the druids couldn’t settle for.

The punishment for this crime is death is torturing to death.

The elders has been constantly reminding ballack of this rules but ballack couldn’t bring himself to murder his son after giving many verdicts for the murdering of other people’s children who has turn to darach.

They always make sure to quickly get Darach at their beginning point because the more they sacrifice human being, the more they get indulge in the act and the stronger they become which might made them in-apprehensible for the druid.

That’s why they always make sure to curb them young.

But ballack couldn’t curb his son and they’ve gone far with their sacrifices and became a terror to the locals.

No one could go near them again.

They were not far from being indestructible and all this happened because of Ballack’s negligence.

The druid now lives in fear, the locals behind their closed doors which is not effective when THE THREE SONS { the name they called themselves } .

The elders has called another meeting to inform ballack of what he was suppose to do or face banishment, a punishment they wanted to give him because of his position but his daughter and wife won’t share out of that benefit as they will be killed on the root of the nemeton in order to seek for the mercy of the nemeton.

Patricia was barely 20 duringtime but people will still argue if she call herself 15.

She has a small stature which deceive people easily to think she’s below 18 ,only those that were close and knew when she was given birth to knew that she’s close to 20, she was some month pass 19.

She was the fourth and the last child of ballack .

The only girl, very beautiful, ain’t an exaggeration if she’s regarded as the most beautiful girl among the druid.

Despite her small body she was bold and courageous, ready to fight and also loving.

She cared for people around her especially her old parents.

She’s given birth to by Ballack and his wife in their old age.

Ballack was almost 62 and his wife 58.
It was a miracle to them.

Patricia loves her brothers when they were still in the way of the druids but now despise them when they’ve turn themselves into man slaughters.

Ballack tho still an active man for his age always find it difficult to sleep at night but after the last meeting with the elders, it became an impossible mission to lure sleep to his wrinkled eye.

He barely speak, always absent minded and always accompanied with silence.

No one would dare try to apprehend THE THREE SONS.

they’ve turned their selves to daylight horror and nightfall terror.

They’ve grown massively in power due to their day to day sacrificing of human beings.
None of the young boys of the druid or their adults will volunteer to go and wage war against THE THREE SONS ,thereby making it difficult for ballack.

Two days to the deadline given to ballack, he called his loving daughter and wife to his bedroom.
” I’m sorry for dragging you into this ” he said looking more pale than he was a day ago.
” you know how much I love the boys, I couldn’t bring myself to bring them down, I’m sorry ” Ballack said using all his strength to hold the tears which were lurking behind his eyeball.

Tho his voice failed him by losing its strength.

Ballack is known for his bravery and rigidity, never tending to be a coward.

It was rumored that when he joined the council of elders when he was barely 40 .

None has ever join the council of elders at that age.
” since, Japheth, James and Brunt has decided to go against the custom and it’s likely you’re both killed tomorrow, I’ve come to a conclusion ” he said trying to uphold his voice again, trying to bring out the valor in him.
” what’s that father ” Patricia asked as glaring into her father’s eye as if the answer was gonna fall off from it.
” you take your mother and run away ” Ballack said swiftly in a low voice as if someone was going to hear him and report it to the other elders.
” what ” Patricia exclaimed.
” what about you ” she asked her father in a disbelieving tone.
” they’re probably going to kill me, but am ready for that, already spent more than I imagined one earth”” he said trying to hide the sadness in Hus heart.
” am staying with you my lord, we started together and it won’t be bad to end it together ” Cecilia who has been silent over the whole conversation said hearing her husband willingness to die.

” I’m going to slow jewel down if I follow her, age has taken its tolls on me, and when they come after us, they might quickly get her because of me ” she said in a melancholy tone as some tingles of tears started dropping from her wrinkled but gorgeous eye.
” we’re not doing this, no one is dying ” Patricia suddenly screamed.
She stood up and moved to where her dad put his precious briefcase.

The briefcase contained different kinds of book, containing the ritual of the druid.

She scrutinized through it and find the one she was looking for.

She picked it without returning the rest to their proper place.

She flipped the pages opened to the page she needed.
” let’s do this dad ” she said showing ballack the ritual documented on the page.
That was the third time she was bringing it up since her brothers has gone spurious.
” I already told you it’s a dangerous ritual, the first and tge last three that was carried out was a failure ” Ballack said opposing his daughter for the third time.

DARACIO ritual is a dangerous ritual carried out among the early druids.

It can only be carried out in a family where three Darach are found among siblings.

If the siblings are more than three, then anyone out of the remaining siblings can perform the sacrifice.

The rate of the ritual being a success is 10% and the remaining percent is for failure, as their hasn’t been a record of success.

But it was rumored among the druids that when the sacrifice become a success, the person will become immortal, not aging and become stronger, but won’t be able to reproduce again.

The person will become a darach hunter, hunting lost druids for the rest of his or her life.

The sacrifice is carried out by bleeding the person to death on the heart of the nemeton and applying some things which only some elders like ballack know.

If the nemeton resurrect the person back to life ,that means the person has defeated death and death won’t have power over the person again.

It was a dangerous sacrifice which no one was willing to try after hearing of the rumor of the three failure.

But Patricia has been to convince ballack to do it for her ever since her brother became dangerous but ballack wasn’t ready to lose his last child.
After the preparation of the things needed for the sacrifice, Patricia was cut under the full moon from every joint with the sacred knife in his hand.

Only the preceding elder have access to the knife.

No one knew that ballack and his girl was carrying out such a dangerous deed.

After cutting her, Ballack placed her near the heart of the nemeton and she bled to death there.

After waiting for many hours,her daughter wasn’t returned to her.

When it was morning, the folks mourned with him over the loss of his daughter.

They buried the girl on the third day ,they were hopeful she’s gonna wake up but on the third day, they buried her.

After the burial of Patricia, Cecilia and Ballack committed suicide.

Thanks to the shallow ground Patricia was buried in, she was able to burst out of the soil on the next full moon that occurred after she died.

She was sad hearing the death of her parent.
Many people worshipped her because she was their way out from the grip of THE THREE SON.

With the help of the builders among the druids, her parent’s house was reconstructed and an under ground room was made inside, where she placed three chain hanging from the hoof of the building.

She promised the druids in front of the three chains to capture her brothers and chained them with the chain in order to torture them to death.

She did as she promised as she captured the three brothers and tortured them to death.

After, that she left beacon hills to hunt for all the Darach in the world.

She only comes down to beacon hill once in a decade to renovate her parent’s house, which still existed till date in beacon hills even after all the remaining houses were no more.

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