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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 2
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{ home of supernatural }
I wiped his blood off my hand on his cloth, took my bag ,opened the door and entered the club.

I entered looking innocent, everyone was busy dancing to notice a teenager like me in the club.

I blended in at once and started moving to the rhymes of the beat the DJ was dropping.

I was already lost in the dance when a girl danced closer to me.
GIRL : you look cute { she shouted because of the noise inside the club }
ME : not the first to say that { I shouted back }
GIRL : and am sure I’m not the first to do this { she said putting her hand into my trouser and grabbed my d--k and I left out a soft m0an }
ME : what are you doing { I managed to ask }
GIRL : hanging out with you
ME : not that, your hand
GIRL : oh sorry { she exclaimed } I noticed the bulge, just want to be sure if my eye wasn’t tricking me, but a huge d--k you got down their for a guy of your age { she said removing her hand from my trouser }
ME : { surprised } how did you know my age
GIRL : { smirked } I could easily tell that you’re either below 16 or a little bit above it
ME : how { I asked surprised }
GIRL : do you think you’re the only under age kid sneaking into clubs to have fun, I’m also 16 and I can easily tell when I see someone who’s my age mate.

ME : cool, what’s your name
GIRL : not telling you , I’m here just to have fun not to make friends.
ME : what are you doing with me then.
GIRL : you can call it one night stand.
She said and kissed me deeply and I drew her more closer to me and returned her token of gratitude by kissing her back.

After some minutes of intense kissing, we stopped kissing and she tried to caught her breath.

After she was stable, she looked at me and we bursted into laughter.
GIRL : that was breathtaking, I feel like having you in me now
ME : not so soon girl, I’m leaving yet.
GIRL : but I think your d--k has a different opinion about that { she said massaging it through my trouser, it was already hard and she used her hand to trace it to the head and suddenly gasped } this is extraordinary huge , I don’t think it will fit in my k---y.
ME : you have to try it first to be sure { I was also not sure if it was going to fit because my c--k has grown bigger over the days, it noe measures 12 inches when hard and 7 inches in flacid form }
GIRL : okay, we will see to that when we leave here, can you take label?

{ she asked me stretching something that looked like candy to me }
ME : yes { I replied without thinking twice and collected it from her, unwrapped it and threw the whole stuff into my mouth and chewed it}
GIRL : wow { she exclaimed } you must really be strong because that stuff you just finished at a go, even all the grownups here only take a lick at it then wrap it back and after some minutes lick again, a whole candy is meant to last for at least 48 hours before you finish it, but here you are finishing label in just a minute.
ME : I’m stronger than you think { I smile because of her words, I’ve taken quantity of drugs that could paralyse a full drug addict for a month and nothing happened to me, just 10 minutes effects and I was okay }
GIRL : are you sure, because I can see you twitching.
ME : { s--t , she was d--n right, I could feel some funny things happening to me internally, I haven’t felt that way before, everywhere started spinning in my eye and I could hear the strange girl mumbling some words but it felt like she was far from me and all I could hear was the echoes of her words.
I wasn’t able to hear the beat being played in the club again.

” are you alright ” I finally managed to hear her say.

” I’m okay ” I said pretending to be alright.

Then she leaned on me and kissed me and I felt myself got better at once.

The music suddenly went off and we broke the kiss.

” this is sheriff Stilinski, everyone stay where you are ”

I heard a grumpy man in uniform said beside the DJ as different people in uniform which i presumed to be police officers started trooping in.

The strange girl suddenly squatted down and dragged me down with her.

” follow me ” she whispered to me as she started moving squatting down.

I followed suit and was following behind her, the kind of light and the enormous people present inside their made it impossible for the police to see us.

We entered a small room having a small door, she opened the door and voala ,the outside wind graced my face.

” let go quickly before they catch us ” the strange girl beckoned to me as she ran out through the door, but I stopped looking at her running, I was contemplating if I should trust her or not ( as you all know that I’ve trust issue )

” check that room ” I heard one of the officer said as I heard his footsteps getting closer.

I quickly run out through the door
” over here ” I heard at my back
I quickly beast speed away from there not knowing where I was going.

I stopped beside a forest when I was sure I was out of sight.

I didn’t know the way back to the motel the driver took me to before we went to the club.
I stood beside the road praying that a car pass by.

After waiting for some minutes and couldn’t see any car passing by, I decided to start trekking to anywhere maybe I would have luck and get to the town.

I haven’t taken up to ten steps when I felt something unnatural drawing me into the forest.

I tried to resist it but it was getting stronger.
Then I suddenly started feeling the symptoms I felt when I took the label the girl gave me, but this time more crucial than before.
I suddenly felt numb and fell down, I felt myself transforming without control, my fangs and claws out, my body on fire ,I roared loudly as I stood up.

My mind was active, I knew what was happening but an unknown force was controlling me.

I saw a car sped pass me and the driver of the car was looking at me with shock visible in his eye, he panicked as he swerved into the forest and hit a tree.

I wanted to go and save him but whatever the force that was controlling me didn’t allow me.

I started heading into the forest not knowing where I was going, after walking deeply into the forest, I came across a stumped big tree and beside the tree was a dead being with a rotten face.

The unknown force moved me closer to the dead being.

I carried the dead being to the top of the stumped tree and sat on it.

After sitting on it like a monk with the dead being in my hand, the fire in my body suddenly started blazing high and the dead being with rotten face opened her eye, and stood up, she moved to my back, tilt my head a little and clamped her teeth on my neck.

I felt my blood draining and the fire on my body was going down.

After sU-Cking all the blood inside of me, the fire emanating from my body died.

And I passed out at once.

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