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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 19
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{ Excellent plan }

” let go over your statements again, you killed them as a form of self defense ” deputy Victor asked me as I sat opposite to him in the interrogation room.

His behavior seemed odd.

He wasn’t the gentle and nice looking guy I met in the office some days ago.

Could he have changed because of the absence of the sheriff, I asked myself as I sat down praying deeply in my mind that I find a way to get out of the police station before nightfall.
” yes ” I replied him trying to act normal.
” but I think you denied it last time you’re asked ” he said glaring at me.

I couldn’t find my speech box to answer him, so I just kept mute.
” and according to the evidence here, you weren’t defending yourself against them,but rather, you’re keened on killing them ” he said with a cold look shocking me.
” evidence ” I muttered weakly, as the thought of my cover being blown hit my mind like an atomic missile.
” can I see it ” I asked as I felt my leg trembling.

He brought out a phone and handed it to me as a wicked grin escaped his lip which gat me wondering what’s going on.

I collected the phone and saw the footage of me entering the club, how I finished the first bouncer that made first advance towards me, but something was strange about the video.

It only showed the bouncer pointing gun towards me but didn’t show the shooting that occurred and a knife was suddenly in my hand which I used to slash the other guy’s throat.

I didn’t know if I should be happy about it or not.

My supernatural secret was covered but I was implicated more by it.

I was now a murder with the evidence in the phone and I was sure I will have no one to get me out of the police station before nightfall.

I had a strong assumption that the deputy knew something about it.
” now, are you ready to tell me the truth ” deputy Victor said taking back his phone.
” I’ve nothing to say ” I replied him determining in my mind not to let out a single word to him again.
” looks like you want to dwell on your right to stay silent, but you still gat 24 hours to stay here with us before we decide how your ride back to France is going to be ” he said as he stood up and pulled me up too.

He took me to one of the cell in the station, and handcuffed me to the wall of the cell.

When he was out of my cell and finished shutting the bar against me.

He suddenly stopped and glared at me for some minutes before he started laughing wickedly.

He suddenly use his finger to make a rectangular shape in the air before he exited.

I knew what he meant by it at once, that’s the shape of my golds, he has it with him, maybe as a form of payment from the Darach in capturing me and keeping me inside the cell till nightfall before the Gelda will finish the job.

I couldn’t get my head off the footage.

It’s convincing enough to sway the pack from helping me.

They’ve the piece together, I was still a beast the night I was in the club and after killing the bouncers, I felt into the trap of the Darach in the form of Joyce and she s----d away my power.

And left me naked, I was arrested the next morning and accused of the murder but was able to debate my way out of it because of my age and lack of supernatural ability then.

I lowered my head in resignation as this thought crept into my heads.

I blamed myself for telling Lydia everything that transpired between me and Joyce.

It will furthermore help in convicting me to them.

I was sure Lydia would have told them all I told her about my experience with Joyce.

I tried to my best to listen to every sound made inside the station, I was tracking for Lydia, stiles, Scott, Allison or Isaac’s voice.

In as much I wish to avoid them, I really need their help.

I wouldn’t last a day without it inside the cell.
I accolade Joyce for her plan, she really la!d it well.

Getting the deputy to get me and getting the pack off me, was the perfect way to eliminate me.

Even if I was lucky to escape the night, their is no assurance of escaping another.

If I was able to escape death that night, it was sure that I’ll be deported back to France the next day when my 24 hours elapsed.

Back to France where I’m a long way away from my power , with no tingling of hope to get it back, and not getting my powers back means I won’t be able to escape the indestructible Gelda.

Death was sure even before I get convicted in France.

I blamed myself for all this.

Joyce plan wouldn’t have worked if I had been able to control my god damned d--k and uncontrollable emotions for hot opposite sex in motion.
” if I’m able to escape this , I will make sure I keep off from gals ” I said to myself as sadness overshadowed my heart.


” what happened ” Scott asked Lydia who stood transfixed at the spot she was as she watched the police vehicle which Ben was in, trailed down the road out of the school.

She wasn’t sure of what to believe, she didn’t want to believe it but seeing how willingly without any form of opposition, Ben followed them, she had to savour the unwelcoming truth.
” Ben’s the killer ” she said almost in a whisper as she still focused her gaze the road the police vehicle took, even tho the vehicle was not in sight again.
” I can’t understand you ” Scott asked looking perplexed, same as the other guys, but only Scott did the talking.
” they’ve evidence that he killed the bouncer ” she said finally looking at them as her eye portrayed some hidden sadness and shock.
” who got him ” Scott asked Lydia who still seemed to be in shock.
” deputy Victor ” Lydia replied as she finally brushed herself off the shock and tried to look normal.
Within some minutes, they were already on the road to the sheriff’s station.

The boys in Stile’s jeep while the girls were inside Lydia’s ride.
” so he was the murder and he pretended not to be since all this while ” Stiles said in disgust as they finished watching the footage which deputy Victor showed them
” is he still denying it after this ” Scott asked looking concerned
” no, but he ain’t saying anything ” Deputy Victor replied as he collected the phone which held the footage from them.

He left them to take his spot, but wasn’t concentrating on what he was pretending to be doing.

As he eavesdrop on their conversation.
” what do you think will happen to him now ” Lydia asked trying to feign to be less concerned.
” whatever happens to him now isn’t our problem, but am sure he will be deported back to his country since he’s a foreigner here, and get his conviction there ” Stiles replied coldly.
” if he’s deported, he can’t get his power back and means he’s going to die ” Lydia said almost forgetting that she’d to look like she care less about Ben’s predicament.
” he’s going to die even if he wasn’t arrested or deported, do you think he has chance of getting his power back ” ? Allison said without a trace of care in her voice.
” you’re right but I don’t think we should abandon him like that ” Lydia said now shedding off her cover.
” but he murdered those security, he did it without an ounce of pity, like what he’s been doing and enjoy to do ” Stiles swiftly opposed Lydia’s plea to derive sympathy for Ben from the pack.
Scott and Isaac kept mute as it was turning to a battle of one against two.

The reason why stiles was supporting the motion of letting go of Ben was partially because of the footage and he also hated the fact that Lydia is still trying to help him after seeing his true side.

Scott and his pals were known for their act against injustice, they tried to fight against criminals not side with them.

Allison has only one reason for the termination of Ben, her mother committed suicide, her sister ( Kate ) a chronic arsonist and murder brainwashed by their grandpop to go against the code the hunter.

Throat slashed by Peter, a member of the family of Hales, the family she burnt down, killing everyone including the werewolves and the human.

Only few survived the arsonist act which included Peter, who was rendered into an unconscious state and pain by the act for many years.

Peter made sure she reciprocated Kate’s act by slashing her throat.

What of Gerrad, her grandfather, he’s confined to a room where he’s bleeding black liquid from his mouth, nose and ear.

He was rendered into this position when Scott’s pack infiltrate his plan to turn into a werewolf in order to cure his cancer.

He was more or less a walking dead.

Chris was the only family she got and every ticking of clock paved him closer to death.

She wasn’t ready to take a chance with Chris’s life by helping a teenage boy accomplish a mission which is already a failure at the mention of it.

They all knew that Ben going close to someone as powerful as the Darach is almost impossible, coupled with the fact that the wolves will only be at half of their best the night they’re planning to retrieve their parents.
” what do you think we do “? Scott asked Isaac who seemed not to be bothered by the current situation.
” I think we should hear what he gat to say in his defense first ” Isaac said taking his time to think about it first.

Scott agreed to his suggestion, while Lydia and Allison grudgingly accepted too.
” you dear to fool us and now you’re asking us to burst you out of prison ” Scott screamed angrily as he stormed out and the others followed him.

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