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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 18
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{ busted again }
I couldn’t get my mind straight as Lydia drove home, I was silent as I ruminate on how stupid I was.

After what happened in Marseille, I thought I already have the capability to handle life, but the truth was that I haven’t grown.

I was still that little boy manipulated by his mother to get what she desired.

Women has always being my weakness and I don’t think I will have the courage to free myself from them.

The journey back to the apartment was done in a pin drop silent not until Lydia decided to change the mood.
” you don’t have to blame yourself for this, she’s just one smart a-s ,should have how she played us the last time we’d to deal with her ” she said trying to make me feel better
” I’m not blaming myself for it, I’m okay for real ” I lied forcing out a smile which a blind man could have easily deciphered that it was a forced one.
” but she gat them under that apartment all this while, they might even be there when I visited her last week ” I said to myself rating my stupidity high.

••••• Flashback to some minutes ago••••

” are you sure this is the right place ” Lydia asked as she viewed the room which looked like it has been deserted for years.

I was also confused if I was in the right place.

All what I saw when I visited were no longer there, the couches, bar, TV, and the likes, all seeem to have vanished without a trace.

Even the painting on the wall looked worn out.

Everything was different from how I met it the last time I came there.

The house was horribly empty and shallow.
But I was sure we’re in the right place.
” yeah ” I answered Lydia question taking my time to do so.
” looks like she’s already fled here, we’re late ” Lydia said as she started heading towards the exit door.
” wait , let look around first ” I said stopping Lydia.

” we might find something that might help us to trail her easily ” I added swiftly and she stopped.

We checked all the room but didn’t find anything which might be of aid to our mission.

We’ve already given up and was about leaving when Lydia asked me if I’m hearing it.
” what’s that ” I asked surprised.
” the sound of water dripping ” she said looking weird.
” I can’t hear anything ” I replied her after trying my best to try and catch any sound of dripping water.
” but I can hear it clearly and am sure it’s inside here ” she said as she started towards the side where I presumed the bar was.

I followed her grudgingly to know what she was going to do.

She stopped abruptly when she got to a spot and knelt down there.

She placed her ear on the ground as if trying to eavesdrop on an ongoing conversation.

I just stood where I was looking at her.

I was already running out of Patience because her acts seemed useless to me.
” it’s inside here ” she said looking like a psycho.
” the water is dripping inside here ” she added again and I lost it finally.
” get up now ” I said pulling her up from the ground.

That was when my eye caught a glimpse of something.

There were some marks on the floor.

A mark which must have been inflicted on the floor by constant dragging of something on it.
I remembered vividly that the bar was right there, the bar must have been mobile, maybe it covered the way leading to an underground room inside the apartment.

I assumed as I searched vigorously for a proof to back up my assumption.

I found it when I looked harder.

It was easy to miss but with my keen determination to get something out of it, I was able to detect it.

Their was a part on the floor that looked like it was just painted, to merge with the remaining part.

It was done professionally that it will take a more professional eye to get it.

Maybe the entrance to the underground room was just covered and in order to cover it track, ur was painted to make it unsuspicious.

I assumed as knocked on the spot.

Auspiciously, I got my desired result.

The sound I gotten from it was from a wood.

I smiled as I knocked on the other side and saw that of was concrete.
” wow, you’re awesome ” I praised Lydia and she smiled.
I needed something hard to break through the wood in order to get to the underground room.

Lydia followed as I went outside to look for one.

Didn’t search around long before getting something fit to do the job.

With an echoing banging sound, I shattered the wood unveiling a staircase which led down.

Truth be told, I was very afraid of going down the stairs as I was oblivious of what could be waiting for me down there.

I’d to behave bravely because of Lydia who was there and ready to stoop down the stairs.

She looked like she wasn’t afraid which gat me wondering if she had heard another voice telling her that it was a clear zone.

Each of my steps down the staircase was accompanied with an increase in my heartbeat.

When we got to the end of the staircase, we were met with an iron door.

Half of my mind wished the door is locked and the other vice versa.

With fear, I feebly pushed the door and it opened.

I entered the room and Lydia followed.
Can’t say I was surprised with the view of the room.

It looked like a torturing place, three chains was hanging downward from the ceiling.

It showed that three people were there and they were chained upward.

I saw my bag pack which was with me the day I visited her and didn’t remember to take when I was running for my dear life.

” we’re late ” Lydia said as she gazed round the room looking at everything inside the room.

I took my bag pack, opened to see of my stuffs inside were still intact, I was more concerned about my old phone because I knew I’ll be needing it soon.

Everything inside were untouched including my cash.

••••• Back to present time ••••••

” where are we ” I asked Lydia as she pulled over in front of a building, a building which I kind of recognized to be the one that we first have our first encounter with the Darach.

Tho we visited late at night, but I could still remember vividly how the building look like.
” I don’t know ” she replied looking confused.
” this is the building the Darach lived, where we were attacked by her when we came in search of the nemeton, Isaac, Allison and I ” I said looking at the building.
” didn’t know why am here but she’s not here again ” she said not letting go of the confused look dominating her face.
” how can you be sure of that ” I asked perplexed at her certainty of what she said.
” because, Scott and the rest of the gang, tried to lunch another attack on her when you’re still in slumber , but they met no one inside the building, everywhere was clean, according to them, no burnt death or family hanging around ” she said as I focused my attention on the building.
” she’s parking up and clearing her track like she did with her other apartment ” I said still focusing my attention on the building
” I think you’re right, the full moon is in the next four days, she’s getting ready for the night ” Lydia said as she suddenly ignited the car.
” what’re you doing, are we not going inside ” I asked her as she put the car in motion.
” we’re not going in there, their is nothing there” she said not stopping the car.
” should I take back to your water house ” Lydia asked humorously as she drove the car .
” no, let’s go to school together, wanna hang around a bit before having to head back to that house ” I replied her procuring a nasty look from her.

I knew what she replied wanted to hear but knowing deprived her of it.

She wanted us to go back to the apartment beside the stream and continue from where we stopped before leaving the room.

But I wasn’t in the mood to do anything, not after finding out that I’ve been used by a woman again, someone I kind of liked and developed feelings for her.
The drive to the school was carried out in silence as I cuddled up against the car window beside me, thinking deeply on my present travail.

She pulled over when she got to the car park.
” go in love, will see you around later ” I told Lydia as she parked her car.
I suddenly heard the sound of siren, and before I could decipher what was going on, a police car parked beside us, and an officer who I recognized to be deputy Victor came down from it with another officer.
Before I could get an hint of what was happening, I was pulled out of Lydia’s car and handcuffed.
” you’re arrested for the murdering of Thompson Campbell and Whitmore Brunt who were found dead at club Fontana 9 days ago ” deputy Charles Victor said as he pushed me into the rear seat of his police car which was shielded from the front seat by some sort of bar.

I watched as students trooped out to watch as I was being driven away.

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