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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 17
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{Joyce is the Darach }

Continues from Lydia’s P.O.V

Allison ran out at once but didn’t made it anywhere as she fell down and started quivering on the ground.

Stiles holding a bat in his hand also ran outside using his hand to cover his ear, but that didn’t stopped him from meeting the same fate as Allison.

I knew I had to do something but the real question was “what to do”.

Scott and Isaac were already drifting off down inside the water and Ben also was on his way to God knows where.
” scream Lydia, scream ” Deaton suddenly barked at me reminding me that he was also in the room with me.

I’d already forgotten that he was there.
In a high pitched tone, I released whatever the air hanging in my lungs.

It lasted for ,I don’t really know how long it lasted but I stopped screaming when I saw that the creature looked defeated.

I assumed it was my screaming against their screeching..

My screaming conveyed some energy which the source remained unknown to me as it counter attacked there screeching making it wobbling to hearing.

After they couldn’t keep up with their wobbly sound, they became silent and retreat in their fire form.

Scott’s head emerged from the water at once as he coughed out water from his mouth.

He looked around and saw Ben on a free ride on the water.

He quickly started swimming as he tried to catch up with him.

The bed had already outpace Scott and Scott in his present form was already weak.

He should be on the bank of the stream coughing out the remaining water stuffed up in his lungs but there he was, chasing after Ben.

It took Isaac almost two minutes after Scott was out before he finally emerged from the water, coughing out loud.

He didn’t bother to help Scott in his pursuit as he swam his way out of the water.

Wearily, we all assisted we all assisted Scott to get Ben, still on the bed ashore.

A grievous silence took over as we all stare at ourselves.
” it worked ” I screamed happily and others could only smile as they’ve all been worn out following the passed ordeal.

After everyone has gotten back some of their lost strength, we took Ben inside, made some plans over one or two cups of wine and slept off.

Deaton was yet to determine where the ritual was going to take place.

It became a daily routine for us to take Ben inside the water at nightfall, then wait for the Gelda to appear, patiently, we always wait for them to start screeching before I counter attack it and send their f**king a-s back to where they came from.

They seemed kinda dull to me, no change of tactics after getting defeated more than twice.


After Woking up from my slumber, a dark one which was a replica of oblivion.

Not even a dream distracted me in this state, it was just like a normal night rest of 5 hours to me and nothing else.

They took turn to to apprise me the important things I’ve missed, but I noticed them carrying this kind of sadness which was illuminating in their words and emotions conveyed by their acts.

I felt great urge why the sadness was lurking around but I decided to let it pass.

I was still weak,so base on my doctor’s { Deaton } advice, I was to still be confined to the bed, I was apprised of how I’ve been managing to survive every night that have been in deep slumber including that night.
When they’ve all left the room, Lydia volunteered to stay with me in case I needed anything or feel discomfort anywhere, tho I knew the reason she was staying behind, but right in my state, I doubted if I could even offer a smooth smooch.
” I think you’re more cute when you’re unconscious ” Lydia said humorously as her butt set up a peace term with the lone chair inside the room,which was beside my bed.
” do you think I should go on another trip of it ” I replied her jokingly as we both bursted into laughter.
” try it, and I’ll make sure I cut your trip short by slitting your throat in sleep ” she said with a countenance that showed that she was joking and I smiled.
” I better not embark on the journey because I would really like to keep this ” I said putting my hand round my throat and she laughed.
” why didn’t you tell me about you, the real you ” she swiftly said killing the mood brewing inside the room.
I kept mute for a while looking at her, as I revised the question in my mind as it echoed in it, and I couldn’t locate a reasonable answer to give her.
” I’m sorry, I don’t know who to trust then ” I said trying to establish an eye contact between us two but ain’t successful with it as she averted her gaze from mine.
” but you knew about us, about our secret, so why should you feel unsafe showing us yours, why distrusting us ”
” am sorry ” I said stressing it as I interrupted her from continuing her words.
” Am I forgiven ” I quickly added as she wanted to say something which I wasn’t curious to know what it was.
” forgiving cute guys like you is something I always do before being asked ” she said smiling.

I was temporarily drifted into her words.
They struck a bell in my head, I felt like their was something or someone who has told me that word before and remembering the person seemed important.
” what’s wrong ” Lydia asked noticing my sudden changed of mood.
” do you happen to see Joyce in school “? I asked Lydia as I remembered the person.
She told me the last time we met, before we had sex and I later found myself battling the Gelda and was nowhere to be found locking me inside her room.

All the memories were coming back to me.
” who’s Joyce ” Lydia asked surprised
” my friend in school, the same class with us, I was talking to her at the class entrance before you snatched me from her ” I tried my best to explain her to Lydia without leaving her a hint that we smashed.
” haven’t seen her for some time, I think I saw her last that day you landed in this state ” she said trying to be sure of the result her memory was sending her.
” but why do you ask of her ” she asked me looking at me suspiciously
” I think she’s something, something terrible ,maybe the Darach, not sure now but will have to confirm it ” I said trying to avoid eye contact with Lydia.
” how do you plan to do that and why did you think she’s the Darach ” she asked me again with her formal countenance.
I explained my ordeals with Joyce to her, ranging from when we met at the club to our last meeting, of course, excluding some crucial details.

I told Lydia that I followed her home because she invited me for lunch and after lunch, I decided to rest there till the match will begin.
I knew she didn’t believe me but she tried to hide it tho she s----d at it.
” I think we should inform others about this ” she said standing.
” not so soon ” I said pulling her back by her hand.
” let confirm it first ” I added swiftly.
” but you’re still weak and don’t think you’re going to regain your strength soon ” she said with an expression of concern.
” you’ll be surprised ” I said as I pulled her closer to me on the bed with all my strength.
” with this replenished strength in me, I think we can go to her apartment early tomorrow before nightfall ” I said with a wicked grin as I swiftly attacked her lips with mine before she could protest.

What happened later that is a story for another day *winks*.

••••Next Day••••

Everyone left for school and Deaton to his clinic, per our plan, Lydia came back.

I’ve already informed her to ditch class and come back to me without anyone finding out.

With a little foreplay inside the apartment, we got ready to go to Joyce’s apartment.

She drove and I acted as the map guiding her.

She parked her car in front of the building and I noticed that Joyce’s car ain’t visible where she parked it when I visited her.

But I suddenly got bad feeling about it, I didn’t tell Lydia about it because I didn’t want to scare her out of the mission.

Gently, we walked towards the entrance of the building, the memories of what happened there the last time came rushing over and I could see a vivid image of me breaking through the door and running helter skelter into the woods.

I was surprised to see door in place again, which further more made my g---n tightened in fear.

Slowly I knocked on the door in the absence of doorbell, wishing no one would answer.

My silent wish was granted as we heard no sign of any living thing inside the house.

After waiting for some time without getting any reply, I wrapped my fingers on the door knob and twisted it, and alas, it opened.

We both entered into the house.
” what the f--k “! I exclaimed at the sight of what we met inside the building.

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