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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 15
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{ Nice broken lad }

Continued from last scene

I looked around to see if I was going to get any help this time even if it’s from the anonymous beast but none seems to be coming.

Yeah, I knew my death was coming around real hard this time and I blamed it all on my foolishness.
” if only I had yielded to Deaton’s advice, if only ” I repeated to myself as I wrenched in pain.

My heart was on fire, the pain was beyond comparison, and I screamed louder as the pain kept on increasing.

If I was with my claws, I would have deepened it into my chest , severe my hearts from the things holding it in place and gave it to them.

” it’s finally over ” I thought to myself as I felt a weird stuff in my heart, like something departed, something more of like a soul.

I fell to the ground as I blackened out.
My view was blur as I opened my eye, firstly, I thought I was back to my dad’s enchanted land.

He has already told me that I can’t die completely, when I visited there first.

” the thought of being a failure hit me hard that I felt some liquid escaping my eye as I tried to have a good view of where I was.

What I was sure of was the white background illuminating around.
” guys, he’s around ” I heard someone said and I became shocked.
” does my dad have visitors visiting him in the wonderland or could it be that I landed into another beast’s wonderland ” the thought ran through my mind as I forced my view to get clearer.

” can you hear me, Ben , can you see me ” someone whose voice I knew I’ve heard before but was sure it wasn’t my dad’s own asked as he gat a small torchlight switched on on my face.
” Deaton ” I wanted to scream out loud in joy when I finally decipher whose voice it was but was surprised that I couldn’t move my mouth nor any part of my body.

My view was blurry, I couldn’t talk and even lost the control of my body parts.
” what could be happening to me ” I thought to myself sadly as more tears escaped my eye.
” what’s wrong with him ” I heard someone whose voice I recognized to be Lydia’s own asked
” I don’t know” Deaton replied her with a voice that depicted that he doesn’t posses any idea of what was happening to me.
” but his eye is open, why does he looks like he’s unconscious ” Scott asked in a manner that shows that he cared about my improvement.
” does this people know about my real personality ” I asked myself rhetorically as I heard them asking Deaton some questions concerning my beast ability which Deaton didn’t have some answers to.
” why is he tearing up ” Lydia asked as I felt someone who I presumed to be her cleaning my face with an handkerchief.
” maybe he’s in pain ” Stiles replied humorously and I smirked.
” was I the only one who saw that or he really just smirked ” Scott asked sending waves of joy into me.
” I think he just smirked ” stiles replied in a mocking adult voice and everything went awfully silent.

I sneezed loudly as I started coughing back to life as Everything started getting clearer bit by bit to me.


We all felt guilty for how we treated him, I especially, and the reason I treated him like that wasn’t far fetched.

It was because I felt intimidated by his presence, I had my doubts against him but nothing was proving and I wasn’t ready to relent till I have my proofs.

The main reason why I allowed him into the team is to be able to keep an eye on him.

But after hearing what he said that night before he stormed off, I felt ashamed of myself but didn’t show.

My minds couldn’t get the guilty conscience off my head even as we mapped out different kind of plans to be able to defeat the Darach.
Early in the morning, I told Lydia to help me tell him that he got it wrong and if he’s ready to give us another chance, we are ready to welcome him into the team. And this time with a genuine intention.

I was sure Lydia has passed him the message when I saw the two of them entering the English class late.

I was anxious to hear the result of how it went from Lydia but that ain’t possible until Miss Powell is through with her teaching.

We had to go for chemistry as that was the second subject and last subject for the day.

I was surprised not to see him in the chemistry lab.
” maybe he ain’t offering chemistry” I said to myself as I made sure to sit beside Lydia instead of sitting with Stiles.
” how did it go “? I asked Lydia as Mr Jaime Wealth gave us the chemical properties and solutions to mix and the result we’re going to derive from mixing the chemical properties and solution together.
” he hasn’t given me his reply yet but he’s cool now ” she answered as she mixed the the substances together while I feigned to help.

We stayed longer than we were supposed to in the lab because it was hard getting the desired solution of the mixture.

After we’re through, I had to go into the team changing room with Isaac and stiles in order to change because coach had demanded that we do some training before the match kick start in the night.

Some of the guys who were offering chemistry and were also in the team followed us.

I was still changing when Lydia’s message popped on my phone.
” can’t find Ben,is he with ”
” no ,he is not here ” I replied her.
We trained hard for an hour before coach released us to rest before the game begin.
Lydia called all of us informing us of how the enigmatic feeling she’s feeling.

She had some intuition that someone was going to die soon or will soon be in danger and she thought that person is Ben.
” maybe you’re feeling that way because you like him ” Allison said but Lydia denied it.
We set up a quick search party to locate him before the game start.

We searched the school thoroughly because we thought he’s still in school because we saw his bike at the spot he parked.

It was a futile search as no one was able to locate him.

By the time we were through with the search, it was already some minutes to seven which the game was supposed to begin.

We all gave up on searching for him and I head to the dressing room with Isaac and stiles to hear the usual coach prep speech before we start any game.

After the speech, we all chest meet in order to show the zeal to win in us to the coach.
” whose phone is that ” coach asked as a phone started ringing inside the dressing room killing the aura in the air.

We all passed gaze round within ourselves as no one claim it.
” I think it’s yours ” stiles whispered to me reviving that part in my brain which has forgot my phone ringing tone.
” it’s mine coach ” I said as I helter skelter looked for it.

When I saw it, I quickly ran out to pick the call before will disallow it which I knew he was going to do.
” is the new guy there with you” Deaton asked as I picked the call which was from him.
” new guy?, Ben “? I asked not getting what he meant
” yes, is he there with you ” he asked again.
” no he isn’t ”
•” Scott ” I heard coach screamed.
” I’ve to go now ” I swiftly said as I wanted to drop the call but he quickly stopped.
” listen, Scott, you’ve to find him, he’s in danger, you have to find and remember, you’ve to go for the head of the one who look like the leader ” he said dropping the call at once bereaving me of what he meant with what he said.
” have you seen him ” I quickly send a message to Lydia.
” no, still looking for him ” she replied back leaving me on an edge.

Lydia’s spoken words about her intuition popped into my memory mixed with Deaton’s newly passed message, I knew I’ve to do something.

But the game, I knew coach and the team will be mad at me if they lost because of my early forfeit out of the game so I derived another plan in order to do so without being blamed.
The whistle signifying the start of the game was blown and we were successful in retrieving the ball.

The ball was passed to me, with the ball in my stick I head towards the opposite team goalie swiftly swerving left and right to avert them.
I suddenly stopped when I got to the front of the last man, as if I was indecisively making a decision, I made motion to shoot when I saw two of the opposition side running to me with all the speed and strength they could mustered.

In the blink of an eye, I was bundled off the ball and hit the grass with a loud crash and left out a crack sound which depicted that my femur has dislocated.

Going ahead with the plan, Stiles from the bench quickly ran to me on the pitch and assisted me up as the referee and all the players has already surrounded me where I lies pretending to be in pain.

With stiles acting as support, I got off the pitch, I could see the sad look on coach’s face but their was nothing he could do than sub in a replacement for me.

We all set to the mission at once as I got out of view of everyone.

It was an hard one because we didn’t possess any of his property in order to have his scent.

The only thing which belonged to him was his bike which was still parked at the spot he left it.
” has anyone seen Lydia ” Allison suddenly asked as we stood beside Ben’s bike trying to figure out what to do next.
” she was just here ” Stiles said looking confused.
” looks like she left us something to get ” Allison said picking up Lydia’s high heel that was lying carelessly on the floor.
” can you get her scent with this ” Allison asked handing me the shoe.
” let see ” I said as I collected it from her.
With the aid of the shoe we started tracing Lydia with the hope that she will lead us to Ben.

We hastened our movement in order to catch up quickly with her in order to catch up with her .

We were surprised that her scent led us into the wood but we kept on going.
” look ” Allison suddenly called our notice to something she saw.

It was indeed a strange scene, as we saw Lydia heading to some group of people that looked inhumane but possessed human structure.

We saw Ben in their midst as they surrounded him.

He looked like he was dying.
Lydia suddenly stopped and screamed loudly almost deafning all of us.

Especially me because of my supernatural hearing ability.
And we all quickly covered our ears as we squatted down.

When she was through with her screaming, we all rose up, we were all surprised to see the inhumane creatures still in their position.

One of the creatures turned to look at us before it raised up its head and screeched loudly, and the other creatures joined it.

I noticed a great deal of fear surging through me as they screeched.

The fear was so great that I cowered on the ground whimpering.

I didn’t know how thet did this but I just noticed my system changed and an hidden fear was uprooted from my inner thought.
I turned to look at my companions and they were also in the same position with me, Lydia not excluded..

After some seconds of screeching they stopped and returned their focus back to Ben.

It was like they were hurting him invisibly because as they focused on him he started jerking furiously.

I wanted to help him but found out that I couldn’t do anything.

I couldn’t lift any part of my body.

Only my mind was active.

I knew I ought to be helping him but I couldn’t.

Suddenly, I saw a fire ran past me and in the blink of an eye, the head of one of the inhumane creatures was off.

It was a strange scene as all the other beast fell down and some kind of fire left their body conjuring in the air and with a loud screech disappeared into thin air.

But after they left was a huge man on fire remaining.

As the inhuman creatures disappeared, our body became active and we could control it.
We all watched the man in fire, not a man but a beast on fire with awe.

I haven’t seen such supernatural creature before.

I suddenly remembered how Deaton described the guardian beast to us and the beast in fire fell closely under the description.
The fire on the beast suddenly went off and it transformed into a man,an handsome man.
Allison poised her arrow at once and I released my claws and transformed ready to attack in case he meant trouble.
” calm down all, am not here for a fight and trust me, you don’t wanna fight me ” he said with a confident countenance.
” what are you here for ” I asked him as I transformed back to my human form.
” to save him ” he replied pointing to Ben.
” please take good care of him, he is a nice broken lad ” he added as he started leaving.
” and who are you to him ” stiles asked him as he was leaving.
” I’m his.

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