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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 14
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{ pleasure kills }

” Ben ” I heard Joyce called my name as I made my way to the pitch where the lacrosse match was going to take place.
” hi ” I greeted her forcing out a smile.
” where you to ” she asked me looking concerned.
” to watch the match ” I replied trying my best to look normal.
” but that will be taking place at 7 and this is 4:23 ” she said as she checked the wrist watch on her wrist.
” oops, I didn’t know, thought it will be taking place soon ” I said looking a little bit surprised.
” looks like you really enjoyed your talk with Lydia ” she said glaring at my eye.
” enjoy my talk as how “? I asked trying to get what she meant.
” I saw you entered the biology teacher’s office with her and you both took your time inside ” she said with a s£nsat!on of jealousy in the air.
” f--k, were you stalking me ” I asked her trying to get her actual intention for doing so.
And I was also surprised that she did what she did when she knew that I was there.
“Maybe she thought we’ve left and had something important to get from the office, maybe that was why she was going through the biology teacher’s stuff.” I said to myself as it seems as the only reasonable explanation that I could mustered to qualify her act.
” no, I just wanted to make sure you’re safe ” she replied with a stern look.
” and why did you think I wasn’t safe ” I asked her again persistently.

” dunno, just had the feeling that I should do that, I’m sorry ” she said looking sad.
” it’s okay and thanks for watching out for me ” I said humorously in order to lift her mood.
She suddenly started laughing which gat me wondering what was wrong with her.
” looks like you both have a great time in the limited minute you had to talk ” she said still laughing and I didn’t know what to reply her, because she stressed her statement like she knew I was making out with Lydia.
” here ” she said handing handing an handkerchief to me.

I collected it looking at her with a surprised expression because I didn’t know what she wanted me to do with.
” the purple lipstick doesn’t fit you ” she said with a grin and I glared at her wondering what she meant by what she said.
” I don’t unders” I couldn’t complete my sentence when I remembered that Lydia was putting on purple lipstick.

” s--t ” I muttered lowly as I cleaned my lip with the handkerchief and the remnant of the lipstick appeared on the handkerchief.

She smiled as I gave her the handkerchief which meant she gat no deal finding and sooner than later, we started discussing ,mostly about her
” let go to my place ” she said in between our conversation.
” I want to watch the match ” I said giving an excuse in order not to follow her.
” we can still come back for the match, we’re just going to grab something to eat and come back before 7 ” she persisted as I tried to escape it.

After much persistency, I agreed to follow her.
I couldn’t see anyone out of Scott’s gang, even Lydia, so I presumed that they had gone to the pitch.
I left my bike in school as the journey was conveyed in her fancy car.

We chit chatted throughout the journey to her house which was few kilometres away from school.
” welcome to my house ” she said as she pulled up in front of a beautiful house which deserted away from other houses.

Other houses could be seen but her house was another periphery from other houses.

It wasn’t a big structure but it was designed up to perfection from the exterior view.
” do you stay here with your parents ” I asked as I stood aloof the entrance of of the building
” no, I stay alone ” she said as she held my hand and walked to the entrance of the house, opened the door and we entered.
” my parents lives some miles away from here ” she added as she showed me the beauty of her house.
” she must be a daughter of a wealthy man ” I assumed to myself as I view the exotic design of her house. Tho she was still underage but her bar said otherwise as different kind of drinks were seen arranged neatly there.
” should I fix us something or place an order ” she asked as I sat on one of the sofa in the room and she sat beside me.
” I think you should place an order or else we might be late for the game ” I told her hiding the real fact why I asked her to placed an order.

The real reason I asked her to place an order was because I was terribly famished.

I haven’t had anything for two days, I knew it was the remnant of my beast side that still had me going without feeling the hunger like a normal human being would have felt it.

But the beast side wasn’t doing a good job at taking cover for the hunger again.
” okay give me some seconds ” she said as she stood up ,took her phone and made a call, ordering for the food.
” it will be here soon ” she said as she hung up the call and sat down beside me.
” cool ” I replied casually trying to get comfortable.
” what will you like to take or should I get a label ” she said with a wicked grin
” would have really love to have another trial with the label again but I want to watch the match today with a clear head ” I replied her hiding the real truth why I rejected her offer , I knew if I try taking the label ,then, I will be gifted with the real effect of the dope because I have lost the means of absorbing its venom.
” okay, what should I get you ” she asked giggling as she stared at me
” anything cool ” I replied her getting kinda uncomfortable with her gaze.

She’s too sexy for me to resist and I didn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize the relationship I was just building with her .

But she took it overboard herself which I appreciated her for in my mind.
Wanna know how?

Then keep reading.
” something cool , think I know exactly what fit in that category ” she said as she suddenly moved closer to me and kissed me.

One minute, two minute, three, four, five minute, I didn’t know how long the kiss last but something was sure, I enjoyed every bit of it.

When she disassociated the kiss, I felt like we’ve only kissed for only a minute, but I knew it was more than that, but even thirty minute of such experience will only seem like a minute to me.

I pulled her back closer to me and resumed the smooching.

After some minutes, I lowered her on the sofa and I stayed atop her.

As I wanted to take it to another level, the doorbell suddenly sounded killing the mood.
She had unsatisfactory look as she took some cash inside her wallet and head to meet the delivery man .

She came back with a pizza in her hand.
I blame myself inwardly for the crash of event.
” if only I did not ask her to place an order ” I said in my mind as she dropped the pizza on a small cushion and got a wine from her collections in her bar and two cup.
It was kinda of awkward between the two of us at first but, after some minutes, everything regulated and we started talking naughty as we devour the pizza ,accompanying it with the wine.

She was a light eater as she claimed which gave me the chance to eat most of the pizza.

After we were through with the bottle of wine and the pizza, I was already feeling kinda tipsy and I was sure she was.

The effect of the wine mixed with the naughty chat we were having when we were eating had turned me on greatly and I could feel my d--k trying to burst out of my trouser, but I couldn’t vouch what she was feeling but my bet was on her pant being already filled with her fluid.

She suddenly placed her hand on my already hard d--k and I startling look at her.
” looks like someone really need some air here ” she said smiling naughtily as she unzipped my trouser and brought out my d--k.
” wow ” she gasped as she saw the full length of my d--k.
” being fantasizing on it ever since that day ” she said as she lowered her mouth down to it.

I m0aned in ecstasy as she worked her mouth and tongue on my s---t.

Her mouth couldn’t take in all my full length as she some time gagged on it when it reaches her throat.

The pleasure was so much that it didn’t took me up to 10 minute before I c-m into her mouth, and she did a great job in swallowing all my semen.

My d--k became limped at once making me sad.

The memory of the surprised look on Becky’s face when we had our first trial at sex flooded my mind .

I knew Joyce would have been more shocked to witness such a scene but I possessed not the means to give her such a great show.
When I was through with my cumshots, she stood up and started taking off her cloth in a seductive manner revealing her sumptuous firm boobs which had me turned on but my d--k wasn’t turned on as it still retained its flaccid position.

After she was through with taking off her cloth, she moved closer to me and helped taking off mine in the most romantic way ever.

After she was through we that, we started smooching, after some minutes of ferocious smooching, my mouth wandered to her boobs, she m0aned loudly as I performed my tricks on her.

sU-Cking her boobs and biting the n----e lightly sending pleasurable pain into her body system as she jerked and m0anes loudly.

I kept on switching the two b----t, sU-Cking one and playing with the other’s n----e.

After I’ve made some points on the boob, I traced my tongue down to her already wet p---y.

I located her c------s and erected my tongue as I tongue lashed it and she her m0an!ng increased as she used her leg to hold my head tightly to her p---y.

I haven’t spent up to 5 minutes in her when she orgasmed ,shaking violently holding me tightly to her during the course.

I returned back to her boobs and resumed sU-Cking it as I inserted two fingers into her warm p---y, fingering her as I s----d her boobs at once.

I knew I was a master at my tricks when she orgasmed after some minutes again.

This time I knew her p---y will be ready to take in my full length as I placed her in doggy position and gently inserted my d--k into her wet p---y.

She wrenched in pain at my first few thrusts but later got accustomed to the size as she started m0an!ng in pleasure.

I had only two rounds with her before I slept off and during this two rounds, I lost all the memories of all my travails and all I had scheduled down as I enjoyed every seconds that passed by.

I woke up when I suddenly started feeling myself heating up.

I knew it was Gelda, it means they’re around, I checked the time and saw 7:43 pm, which means I’ve missed the game, and lost the chance to stay close to where their are lot of people.

I plan I decided to test to see if the Gelda can attack me with a lot of people around.

That was why I was being persistent on watching the game but I forgot everything about it because of Joyce.

” Joyce ” I screamed as the heat kept getting intense.

But didn’t get any reply back.
She wasn’t anywhere around.

Not knowing what to do I decided to run, but was surprised to met the door locked when I got to it.

Frightened to be killed without trying, with extreme force, u kicked the door open and started running.

But the more I ran , the more I felt the heat increasing inside of me.

After running for some minutes, I lost the strength to carry on and abruptly stopped running.

Like they were already, a fire burning circularly ,circled me trapping me in in between.

From the fire emerged Gelda and its little army.

After they were through with their transformation, like our first meeting, Gelda screeched loudly and its army also screeched, and the burning pain I was feeling subsidized, I wanted to use that opportunity to escape but it was like an invisible force glued my legs to the ground.

I couldn’t move it, and after they were through with their screeching, the burning pain returned in many folds as I felt myself burning inwardly.

In no time, it got to my heart.
The pain was so much that I screamed loudly and prayed inwardly that it ends soon.

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