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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 12
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{ Jabuza’s Gelda }

My mind was off the field as we trained,
I found it hard to concentrate on the game, u had too much to do and limited time to do it, and I was wasting some of the limited time on the pitch training.

I was taken down at any contact with any player, I was mostly carried away thinking about a plan to get our parents back safely.

Tho Stile was the one who always come up with idea but with the life of the one I cherished most on earth at stake,I had to also do some thinking.

Clouded with my thought, my eye suddenly caught glimpse of someone, no, it wasn’t a glimpse, I saw him clearly,the new guy { Ben } and he was talking to a girl.

I knew he has the aura to get any girl he wished blinking around him but I was surprised to see him quickly setting to it.

I tried my best to eavesdrop on their conversation but they were too far for me to be successful with it.
” Scott ” coach screamed my name when Shaw bumped into me and with a loud thud, I hit the ground. I think that was the twentieth times he has screamed my name since I got on the pitch.
” get your sorry a-s off the pitch and get overwhatever it is you gat in your head , even my great man ghost will bring you down today ” coach added humorously as he send me off the pitch which I appreciated in my mind.

Stiles wasn’t even training on the game, he was on the bench, so it was easy for us to take our leave at once.

I called Lydia on phone to meet us in the school park which she did and we took our leave to the Hale’s building.

The drive to the Hale’s house seemed to get farer than it was.

We were welcomed by Cora when we got there.

I asked her of Derek and she informed us that he’s out of town to get something done.

The disappointment look was vividly shown on Stile’s face.
” when is he coming back ” Stiles asked with a worried countenance.
” I don’t know but I don’t think it will be anytime soon ” she replied him bashing the last bit of hope hanging in us.
I wanted to explain our travail to her maybe she might find a way to get Derek back quickly but decided against it because I think Derek needs to be out of the mission.

He really need the time to be alone after what he just went through.

We bade her goodbye as we left the Hale’s building.

We had no option than to go through with my first opinion.

That is, ask for Deucalion’s help.

But the only problem with fashioning that out us that Deucalion’s location was unknown to us.

We had to retired to Stiles house to wait for the other group to come back with their feedback in order to know what to do next.
We were on the way to Stile’s house when Stile’s phone suddenly rang.

It was from the sheriff’s office asking about the whereabout of his dad.

He had to come up with some lie in order to cover everything up..


Not knowing where to go or what to do, I rode to the vet’s place.

I knew I needed someone to talk to or I might lose it.

Tho I lost the precious factor called TRUST but I was assured by some unseen force that I can trust the vet.
” we’re close ” Deaton said as I entered his clinic.
” I’m here for personal consultation ” I said as I moved closer to him.

He welcomed me open handedly and took me to a room where I narrated all I went through throughout the day including the night.

I noticed that I got hundred percent of his attention when I got the creatures that were formed from fire, so after I was through with my narration, I indulged him into Q&D.
” please do you know anything about the creatures ” I asked him looking disturbed by it.
” I don’t think I know anything about them but from how you described them, I think I might have come across a myth that says one or two things about them ” he said looking into my eye with a look that sent the message ” death ”
” what does the myth says ” I asked him impatiently when he refused to say it.
” according to the myth, when the first guardian beast was crested, it was through a deadly spell which was conjured with the use of fire.

The sorcerer that performed this spell did it on Jabuza the great.

Jabuza was a great warrior feared by many but he had a great phobia for fire.

The sorcerer not knowing this cast the spell on him and because of this his phobia for fire left him since he’s now one with fire and metamorphosed into Gelda, a spirit which is famously known for the strife it inflict on creatures who had their powers taken from them.

Their are different types of Gelda, depending on their mode of creation.

The one that attack you is known as Jabuza’s Gelda aka fire Gelda because it was created from the phobia of Jabuza, they make sure they kill their victim from where their power reside, and in your case, it is in your heart, that was why they wanted to end it there and from what I heard, they’re indestructible ” he explained to me with much enthusiasm and I listened with keen attention.
” but I saw them killed by the unknown beast I told you about ” I told him to correct his last statement and he smirked.
” they can’t be kill, you said their was one among them that looked like their leader, that is Jabuza’s shadow, conjured from the phobia of Jabuza, and anytime it’s killed ,it procreate more of itself and get stronger, all the creatures you saw it controlling were just sub shadows of itself which it procreated when it was killed by beast who has being in your position in the past and from what I’ve read, none of them have ever survive it ” he said sending a great deal of fear into me.

I regretted the day I made the decision to visit beacon hills, .

The reason I was visiting beacon hills was to rest and get away from the violence life which seems to be blooming in my life in Marseille, but beacon hills seemed to be worse than Marseille.

Now I’ve to face inevitable death from different angles coupled with the fact that I don’t have my power nor my friends to battle it out with me.
” so there is no way for me to escape the death looming over my head ” I asked with a sad countenance
” I think their is a way to avert the death ” he said pausing for some seconds
” how “? I asked excitedly
” by regaining your power back and making sure you’re with your friends every nightfall till you do that ” he said lifting the sadness off my heart a bit
” why should I make sure I’m with my friends every nightfall and I don’t even have any friend here ” I asked perplexed about what he said.
” Gelda can only attack at nightfall, it’s an agent of darkness and cannot attack in the day, so you’ve to make sure you’re around people who will be able to save you when next it attack, just that it will keep on getting stronger and plenteous as you escape each night because you’ve to kill Jabuza’s shadow every nightfall which will increase its army and wax them stronger ” he said making it seem almost to be an impossible task and resending the fear I had successfully eliminated from my heart.
” is that possible ” I asked with my old countenance.
” yeah, it’s very possible with the help of your friends ” he said placing more stress on the word ” friend “.
” but I gat no friends here in beacon hills ” I replied him.
” you do ” he said looking at me like a grams trying to get a message across to her granddaughter in a coded manner.
” no, they’re not ” I said when I finally got what he was trying to pass across.
” they can’t be my friend ,they hate me and doesn’t want me around them, I think the Gelda is even more friendly than them” I said humorously trying to ease off the anger that was conjuring inside of me as I talked about them.
” I know you got the wrong idea about them, but I’m not going to talk you into getting back with them, but you will realize soon that you really need yourself ” he said getting up from where he sat during our conversation.
” gat somewhere to be, you can stay here for the main time if you wish ” he added leaving me
” but we’re not with our conversation yet, I don’t know who the random beast who saved me is and what if the Gelda attack me again ” I screamed quietly trying to show that I was scared.
” if the myth is right, the Gelda can attack only once a day and concerning the beast, I will leave you to that, decipher who it might be yourself ” he said leaving me.
I thought hard throughout the night about everything happening to me, who the beast might be but I didn’t find a soothing answer to all the rhetoric questions I had in my head, it was during my thinking that I mistakenly slept off where I sat and woke up to the sound of someone opening the door of the vet’s clinic.

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