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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 11
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{ Ditched }

” what the f--k “! I exclaimed when I got to where I parked my motorcycle and where they also parked their cars and couldn’t see their cars there.

Only my motorcycle was there.

And this signified that they ditched me, they left without me.

I was angry and sad by this, I’ve spent more than an hour searching everywhere for them but didn’t locate them.

I would have returned to that building to search for them but didn’t because it was A NO GO AREA.

It was by mistake that I even got to where we parked our stuff and saw that those that I’ve been searching for had already ditched me.

Only a single meaning is attach to this act according to how I reasoned it, it means that they didn’t acknowledge me to be anything among them, they didn’t see me as friend which I see them as.

Because a friend won’t treat another friend like that.

I can never ditch my friend to save my sorry a-s not judging the danger I was going to be prone to.

With a sad heart, I hopped my motorcycle, started it and placed it in motion as I head to Stile’s house.
Stile’s house seemed to be farer to me, I wished I had my power, I knew it wouldn’t take me more than 2 minutes to get there.

I rode at the highest acceleration the bike could offer me.

And after what seemed to be an endless journey, I was finally there.

I was met with an unexpected occasion as I got there.

I saw all the crew, they were just coming out of Stile’s house ,Isaac , scott and Stiles who had a bat in his hand were heading towards Stile’s jeep while Allison and Lydia to the car that conveyed Isaac and Isaac to the forest when we left for the forest earlier.

They did this in a hurry which suggested that they were in rush to get to somewhere quickly.

They all stopped when they saw my bike approaching.

Lydia who was already in the car got off and joined the others as they were stood transfixed at the spot they were glaring at me and my motorcycle.

When I got closer to them, I off the bike and got off it, Lydia was the first person to ran to me and fell into my embrace.
LYDIA : we thought something bad has happened to you, we were just about to embark on the mission yo save you { trying to hold herself from kissing him in front of every one }
ALLISON : { moved closer to them } we thought you’re captured back by the Darach. What happened?
ME : { trying to keep my anger in check } if you’ve tried to look over your shoulder when you’re keened on saving yourself, you would have seen me battling my way out { a touch of anger visible in my tone }

I know you all don’t see me as a friend but that doesn’t warrant you ditching me to save your lives, I will never do that even to a stranger.

I know I don’t mean anything you all, and I don’t have your trust, but ever since have being here, all I’ve been doing is to help you, my golds is just an excuse to do so.

Get your old folks back yourself, and I will retrieve my golds back myself.

{ without waiting for any one of them to say anything, I hopped my bike back, ignited it and sped away from there }.

After we entered the building which Ben helped in locating, we were welcomed by a gross sight.

Ben who I thought to be a kind of playful person but with great talent and skills was busy asking some irrelevant questions looking at the murdered like they possessed some kind of relation with him.

The building was very big judging from the external view but reverse was the case from in the interior.

Their was two staircase which led to the upper floor of the house.

One by the right and the other by the left.
I signalled to Isaac to check the right one out and I the left while we left Ben to mourn the dead because it seems he really wanted to.

With my grip firmly on my bow and arrow,I made my way to the room in the next floor.
I had some tingling of hope that my dad , Scott’s mum and Stile’s dad will be held there.

I got to the room to get my hope bashed as I met an empty room.

It was like the room was specially cleared for an event.

I suddenly heard a deafening growl which shook the whole building, followed by Isaac growling which sounded like like a cat’s mewing compared to the first growling I heard.

With speed ,I quickly ran down from the floor I was because the upper were not connected.

I was surprised to see Ben behaving strangely like he saw a ghost when I got down but I didn’t mind him.

With haste and caution, and ready to release my arrow into anything that deserve it, I swiftly climbed the staircase leading to the floor Isaac was.

As I got closer to the top ,the more heat I was feeling.

Like a missile, Isaac suddenly flew out of a room with something that seemed like a fireball escorting him out.

With a loud bang, he crashed against a wall, he looked very weak and worn out.
I hurried into the room he flew out from and met one of the greatest surprise of my life.

A huge beast which was on fire, it was very huge and looked fiercely.

But I could easily tell that it was Jennifer.

Before I could even release my arrow into it body, she hit me and I fell out through the window.

All I remembered was that I was flying the air screaming.

I woke up to fine myself on the ground unhurt.
Just feeling some pain from the knockout Jennifer gave me before I voosed out through the window.

I was surprised that I was still alive and without any broken bone.

I knew some kind of trick or magic occurred because no one can survive such fall without being paralyse for the rest of his or her lifor
” or could it be that I’m in the other side ” I said to myself still amazed that I escaped the fall.

I suddenly heard Isaac and Ben screaming confirming that I was still alive.

I swiftly stood up ready to go and try and save them.

But something was missing, my bow and arrow.

I looked around the site where I fell down and found it there but something was off, my arrow has being changed, the arrow I found near my bow has a kind of explosive at it tips.

Not ready to contemplate on what happened to it ,I picked it and dashed into the building.

I was met with another shock when I entered.

She wasn’t in the shape of a fierce beast again but now in the shape of an irritating creature.

A creature I’ve never imagined someone can shape shift into.

She shale shifted into an octopus, and with two out of numerous hand, she had Ben and Isaac in her grip, they looked worn out.

Her body was doing something perplexing, like it wanted to release something which I gat no idea what it was.

Not wanting to confirm what it was because I knew that whatever it was, it wasn’t going to end well for anybody except her.

I quickly fired two shot of arrow into her eye, and they exploded at contact with her at once emitting a blinding spark.

Maybe it was because he was already trained as a hunter before, I saw Ben close his eye at once but the innocent Isaac didn’t do that, and I knew he will be blinded temporary by the spark.

She released her grip on the two as she screeched in pain and I quickly ran to the help of the two, my assumption was right as I saw that Isaac couldn’t see again so I helped him, and expected Ben to follow us because he looked okay.

Without watching over my shoulder, I assisted Isaac as we both ran into the forest
When I thought we’re away from danger zone, I stopped running Isaac and I tried to caught our breath.

That was when I noticed that Ben was not with us.

I had to wait for some minutes to allow Isaac to heal before we ventured to look for him.
After combing everywhere, we couldn’t locate him, that was when a thought graced my mind, and the thought was that maybe he didn’t escape when we did, maybe Jennifer succeeded in holding him down when we made our way out.

And the only way to confirm it is to go back to the building which I viewed as a suicide mission without the rest of the pack.
” she might have shape shifted into another dreadful creature and this time she will be expecting us which will make bashing in there by ourselves an unwise decision ” I assured myself as I told Isaac to call Scott so that they can come as reinforcement but Isaac’s phone has already being misplaced in the course of being trashed by the beast.

Likewise mine too, I couldn’t find it again.
So we decided to go personally to go and inform Scott and the remainings of the latest development.

When we got to my dad’s car,we saw Ben’s bike where he parked which accrue my assumption that he has being captured by the Darach.

We headed to Stile’s house, that was where we agreed to meet after everyone is through with their mission.

After giving little of what happened in our mission to them, and what had became the fate of Ben, we all set to rescue him.

But when we were about to set on the mission, we saw a bike coming towards us, a bike which looked like Ben’s own.

We all stood our ground waiting to confirm if it was really Ben who was on the bike.

And alas, he was the one.

When he got down the bike, I had to control myself from running to embrace him because I was very happy that he made it out alive.
But he shoned all of his with his words when he got down from his bike,

It looked like he got the wrong idea about us leaving, I hate coming up with excuse so I just stood where I was as voiced out all he got and hopped his bike and angrily rode out of sight.
” what do we do now ” I asked as Ben rode out of sight and all of them seemed to be lost on which word to say.
” we do what we normally do, come out with a plan ” Scott replied as we all heard back into Stile’s house to sketch out a plan for the mission as we already know what we were facing.

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