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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 2 - Episode 10
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{ getting the black cat in the dark night }
I felt my heart and all the organs inside me burning.

And I felt my breathing ceasing as I gasped to breath.

” at last , death finally locate me “, I said to myself as I felt my heart shutting down.

With the last strength inside of me, I raised my head up with a sad countenance as I looked into the eye of who I presumed to be their leader.

He had on the look of accomplishment, which kind of confused my soul,because I didn’t know why he should possess that kind of look because I didn’t remember ever crossing his way before.

After have fed him enough lf my pitiful face and he didn’t seem to have even a pint of mercy to render.

I was ready to give up the last bit of life which I’ve been using all my strength to withheld from escaping from Me,then when i suddenly saw a fire from afar , sorry, it wasn’t just a fire, but a person on fire like a beast on fire, hell yeah, it was a beast like me, it was towards us in speed , tho not as fast as i was.

Before i could blink my eyelid, the head of the one I presume to be their leader was already on the floor and shockingly , the heads of the remaining ones came off by themselves.

After they’ve all died , some kind of fire started exiting their body and all conjured above them, after the conjuring of all the fire, with a loud screech, the fire swiftly floated up and disappeared and the bodies of the creatures melted into the ground leaving no trace of them

The pain I was feeling inside subsidized at once , I quickly stood up to know who it was that saved me but couldn’t locate the person.

It was like he or she wasn’t there wasn’t there at all.
” who could that ” I asked myself rhetorically as I sat down in resignation mood on the ground and was breathing heavily following the life and death ordeal i just went through.

As i sat on the ground , i didn’t know what prompted me to tilt my head to my left side , but i just did and i saw it , it was right there and we’ve been doing a merry go round for more than two hours.

The nemeton which we seek for was right there.

The big stumped tree which also played some role in the losing of my power was there.
I didn’t know if i should be happy or sad following my discovery. I stood up With all the strength I was able to channel into my body while sitting down, as i stood up and wanted to start heading to the nemeton was when i started hearing sounds, sounds of someone or something running towards from behind.
With fear i turned to look at what it was to know how fast I must run in order to save myself.

I heaved a sigh of relief when i saw Allison and Isaac, they were the one trying to scare me.

Allison had a bow in her hand with its arrow fixed on it, she had it already been pulled ,just waiting for whatever the danger was and release it.

They swiftly ran to where i was
ISAAC : what happened, we heard some strange sound and someone screaming ( looking around )
ME : ( trying to stabilize myself but failed at it ) it’s nothing serious ( my voice gave me out because it was ragged )
ALLISON : I think it’s something serious because whatever it is that happened, it sure dealt with you.
ME : wow, so you can speak { i muttered in my mind } look what I found { pointing at the nemeton in order to divert their attention }
We all walked closer to it.

As we got closer to it we stopped looking at it as if some sort of things will just magically appear and give us the answer to whatever it is we were seeking for.

All i just did was stood there clueless and i was sure as hell that my companions too are clueless to what we should be looking for.

Following my instinct , i climbed the nemeton and walked to the middle.

I suddenly felt overwhelmed by some sort of connection.

I felt my power , and i felt it greatly.

It was like all the power was embedded somewhere in the tree .

I knew that Allison and and Isaac will be watching me keenly so I behaved myself and shut the urge that was growing inside me.

The urge to try and find a way to get inside the tree, who knows maybe my power is inside it.
” see this ” Isaac said drawing my attentions to him and relieving me of the ridiculous thought going through my mind.

I turned to look him and saw him squatting down looking at something on the ground.

I got off the nemeton and moved closer to him and Allison.

I was surprised to see What he called my attention to.

It was footsteps of someone , but not just an ordinary footstep, the footstep left a burnt mark on the grass on the ground.

I know it’s only a beast like me that can leave such a mark.

My mind became filled up at once as different kinds of thought pervaded it.
” look like we are getting somewhere ” Allison said as she started moving without telling us the main course for her movement.

Isaac also stood up and started following her, not knowing what to do, i also followed them, but i noticed their gaze was fixed on the ground as they thread the path gently.

I looked at the ground and saw what they were tracing , it was the footsteps Isaac saw earlier that they were tracing and I’ve been dumb enough not to see it or think to that level.

We were tracing it and I was sure we were heading out of the forest.

When the footsteps led us out of the forest , Allison was the first to stop because she was the one leading us on the track while Isaac second and i was the last.

I knew why Allison stopped when i got to where they were.

Whoever it was that owns the footstep crossed the road which i think to be a brilliant idea, because we couldn’t find any traces of the footsteps on the neatly tiled road.

Allison grunt in frustration and Isaac switched his werewolve eye on and was using it to survey the road to See if he can get anything useful or see anything but I think he was unsuccessful with it as he also looked frustrated.

I stood transfixed to where i was standing looking at the two of them, because I didn’t know what I could offer to help the situation.
ISAAC : i think we should go back, we’ve lost the track { he said moving closer to Allison who looked very depressed }
ME : That’s very good of you bro, you read my mind to make that statement { i said to myself }
ALLISON : { with a teary voice } let try again, maybe we missed something, let retrace our step { unstable as she talked }

ISAAC : { hugged her deeply in order to calm her down } calm down Allison, be calm, everything is alright.
ALLISON : { sobbing } no, it’s not okay, she might have killed them to take revenge on us and gotten another set of guardians to sacrifice, we might just be tracking a dead end trail { sobbing more loudly } I can’t lose him too, he’s the only person I got
ISAAC : { consoling her as she wept } it’s okay, nothing is going to happen to him, we’ve been through this once and we will sure get over this too.
I stood transfixed at the spot I was watching their melodrama which seems to have some effect on me.

Hearing and seeing allison tearing up because of the fear of losing someone who she regard as the only person she got popped up a memory of someone who was also in that state some days ago into my head.

He was also scared of losing his mum and will do anything to make sure she’s safe ,not until he knew that everything is just an illusion which didn’t last.

That person was me, I felt great pity on Allison, and felt the need to do something to relieve her of her fear.

Even tho I knew I possessed not the means but still, I found myself wanting to do something beyond my means.

It was certain that my power is gone but with it departure I still had some crumbs to feed on.

And this crumbs doesn’t just appear by themselves, it only appears when I try to procure it.

And that led to the revelation that I still had some of my powers in me, just that I have to scrutinize myself deeply in order to reach out for it.

With tinglings of faith and hope, I tried to switch my beast eye on but failed at my first trial,second ,third, fourth and it continued like that till I gave up on doing it.
” let go ,it getting dark ” Isaac said as he and Allison walked pass me ,with his hand on Allison’s shoulder in a petting manner.

This made me wondered what kind of relationship could be existing between them.

Because they didn’t looked like they were dating.

I followed suite behind them with my head down.

I was a bit angry and sad because I had high expectation that I was going to succeed at it.

As I was going, everywhere suddenly looked clearer than it was supposed to be .

It was like some kind of invisible light was switched on illuminating the area.

on noticing this, a thought popped into my head but I wasn’t going to acknowledge it until I was certain that it was what I was thinking.

I looked back to the road .
” yes “! I screamed as I saw the trail that we’ve pronounced lost before illuminating on the neatly tiled road.

A faint flame was illuminating from the footsteps which confirmed my assumptions before.

It surely does belong to a beast.
But what I need to decipher is to which beast.
Is it the one that saved me or the one who extorted me of my divine abilities.

Or could it be the same person.

My mind was boiling with different sort of rhetorical questions.
” are you okay ” Isaac’s voice brought me back to reality.

I knew they must have been startled by my sudden screaming and me abruptly stopping ,with my gaze fixed on the neatly tiled road.
Looking at it like a long lost lover.
” yeah, I mean no ” I stuttered as I lost choice of words to make in order to inform them of the new development without deriving their suspicion.
” what I mean to say is that I just remembered a training which I received when I was still training as a beast hunter ” I uttered swiftly scrutinizing through my words if my cover wasn’t in the red zone yet with it.
” it’s called getting the black cat in the dark night ” I added applauding myself inwardly for my precious gift in lying.
” what about it ” Allison asked with dropping her pitiful countenance.

Her facial expression said it all, I think the name I labelled the training to them passed a message to her and gave her a brick of hope to hold unto.
” in this training, we’re always asked to get something which in physical realm is not there but when you look beyond that physical realm, it’s there smiling at you to get it.

Only 5% of hunters always pass the training successfully and I was lucky then to find myself among the 95% hunters that failed it ” I said humorously that Allison almost laugh but she controlled it but reverse was the case for Isaac, as his lips parted themselves revealing his teeth as he smiled.
” so what does that have to do with the present situation ” Allison asked giving Isaac a laser shot look which put an embargo to Isaac smiling.
” tho I didn’t get it then, but I sure did try as hell and took to mind all the tactics to pass the training, but now, I think I’ve successfully joined the 5% successful hunters ” I said with pride in order to make them buy my story without seeing any odds in it.
” look ” I said heading to the road and they followed me.

I bent down on the road giving some sort of explanations which I found hard to understand it myself.

After giving them the brain racking explanation, I started tracing the footsteps and they followed me.

The footsteps led to a house which looked deserted.

It stood magnificently beside the road that we were trailing.

We moved closer to the entrance as Allison readied her bow and arrow in her hand as we got closer to it.

Like a gentleman, I knocked on the door several time but when we didn’t get any response, we barged in.

” s--t ” I exclaimed as we were greeted by an unwelcoming scene.

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