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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 44
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Then I saw someone walking towards them holding a long chain whose figure of the person in the chain I recognised to be Dandy.

When the person came into view, I was shocked to my marrow

” Mr wisdom ” I spoke inaudibly and from my back I heard someone pronounced PATRICK with surprise
I turned back to look at the person who said it and was surprised to see a young guy at my back , I haven’t seen him before . But he was naked and his body was having black stain .
That was when I deduced that he was Jovacik,
But why did he mentioned Patrick,

That was when I remembered the portrait I saw inside Peters house, the one that consist of PETERSON Cooper and captain Patrick,
” yeah ” I exclaimed loudly when my memory gisted me that the lookalike was Mr wisdom.
” stupid Jovacik ” I heard Mr Wisdom elucidated smiling wildy.

I saw as Jovacik walk passed me and i quickly followed by his side.
JOVACIK : how is this possible (he asked confused )
MR WISDOM : you’re a fool ( he shot at Jovacik laughing wildly ) and you’ll always be a fool, a fool who couldn’t recognised who decipher the enemy from friend ( he added laughing wildly again )
JOVACIK : what do you mean by enemy from friend (he asked with a confused look on his face )
MR WISDOM : hahahaha ( he laughed wildly again ) I knew that you’re the dumbest on earth but you think yourself to be the wisest ) do you think the private guards that the beast of Gevaudan introduced to you were really some people he saved or how do you think the little kid escaped, that he turned to an adult and ran outside, ouch, your stupidity hurt me so much ( he said laughing mockingly, I could see that Jovacik eye had already turned red ) how do you think I knew the beast was dead and that I should attack you in broad daylight, betrayal has been lurking in your shadow for a long time but your foolishness and ignorance made you not to be aware of it (he said laughing wildly again.

I just stood there looking at them in awe, saying that I was surprised was an understatement, how could I be a fool and fell for Mr wisdom’s trick, but how could that be, I remembered that I checked his wound and he didn’t heal, I knew through their little chitchat that he has being a beast for long to the extent of becoming a evil beast ,he has consumed more than thousand heart of human being,

but could Becky also be in it with him, no (I declared in my mind ) with her current situation, it shows that she’s not part of it.

I wasn’t hearing what they were discussing as I was already lost in my thinking , “how can I save my mom, Becky and Dandy” I retorted in my mind

Dandy in the chain looked helpless, it was like he s been through a lot,

He couldn’t stand straight, he was bending, and looking me.with the eye that clearly stated that I should save him.

Then suddenly I heard a loud bang which drew me away from my thoughts,

I checked by my side and Jovacik was not with me again,

I spinned around and I saw him a few kilometres from us with fire burning on his chest, as he groaned in pain on the floor where he was, I think he’s thread on a rough part in their chitchat and he’s facing the consequence of it
I knew at first sight that it was a fireball , ” but did Mr wisdom just made fireball from his hand without turning ” I asked myself in a low tune.
” yeah ” I heard Mr wisdom replied me sharply, I was surprised that he could hear, the were even hardly out of mymouth and he was able to hear it,
I sighed as I steer at him.

” looks like you don’t know what you’re dealing with here kid ” he said walking close to me dragging Dandy along with him ,
” I am the evil beast ” he retorted with an evil grin, as he walked closer to me.
Seeing him coming closer sent a shiver through my spine but I held my ground not moving from where I was, but my body failed me as I saw myself shivering with every
Steps he took.
When he got closer to me, he held my chin up and looked deep into my eye
“Just like the eye of that fool who also couldn’t decipher a friend from foe ” he said with an irritating pride,
” he isn’t a fool ” I suddenly shut back shifting away from him.
” he is and so are you ” he replied moving closer to me and I shifted back again. “you got tricked easily by me just like he also got tricked, you thought you’re wise and I think you caught on a bit, I give you credit for that ” he said clapping his hand ” and do you know what it takes to change your mind, just a little beast trick and food ”
” food and trick as how “? I asked him stopping my act of cowardice and stood to face him

He made a claw to come out of his index finger and cut himself on his wrist, ” look at it ” he said stretching his hand towards me and right in front of me,his wrist healed
” you call that a trick “? I retorted mockingly
“Wait for it ” he replied not taking his hand away from my front and a shocking event happened,

His wrist that was healed earlier opened up again, I just stood their looking at him like a dummy with my mouth opened
” I was really tricked, so he made me fall for this trick when he saved me from Jovacik and got injured ” I couldn’t utter anything as I was very angry with my foolish self, but he also mentioned food and I could remember vividly that I haven’t for ones eaten in his house, amd I only been to his house, that was when I was injured,

I looked at him and he was still having the wicked grin on his face, “and food ” I said in a pale tone,

He laughed wickedly again which kinda set my inside on fire, I felt like stabbing him with the dagger in my hand, “dagger ” I just remembered that their was even a dagger that in my hand, the dagger was still in my hand and I doubt that Mr wisdom have seen it, their was no flame on it because I was in my human form, naked in front of him, I knew he could knew about the knife so I dropped it gently on the floor.
” so you think the dream you dreamt about the people you trust betraying you is just out of the ordinary ” he smirked as he looked at me like a lost puppy,

I couldn’t decipher what he meant by dream or betrayal by people I trust and I don’t wish to know, I’ve made my calculation, I knew if I could quickly get Dandy out of the chain on his neck and loose the one used to bound him on his wrist,he will be able to escape and if possible, take Becky and my mom with him while I keep the evil beast out of their way,
Mr wisdom was saying some things but I couldn’t hear a ounce of it,

I quickly transformed and I saw as Mr wisdom smirked, I knew he was smirking at my foolishness but he was wrong,

He just stood there with his head tilted up looking at me, he didn’t transform and I was happy with that.

I quickly picked the dagger on the floor and with speed, and in a single swing, I aimed at the chain on Dandy hand, I was precise with my calculation and the chain fell from his wrist,
The dagger didn’t gave me trouble cutting through it,

Mr wisdom seeing this used just a single hand to drag me away from Dandy but I made sure I freed the one on his neck before I fell to the ground,

I was surprised to how powerful Mr wisdom was even when he was in human form.
I fell to the ground likewise Dandy, he couldn’t move despite the chain was not on him, he looked weak, I was just wondering in my
Mind what Mr wisdom could have done to him to make him weak.

When I fell down the dagger also fell from my hand ,” wow, dragon hell dagger, interesting ” he said picking up the dagger,
” that fool must have forged it for you before he died “he elucidated wickedly,

Hearing him calling my dad a fool and not being able to do anything about it made me felt useless,
I looked at Dandy and saw that he was already healing, his strength was already coming back, i knew all I had to do was buy him a little time more,
” do you kill all this people and Mrs saltzman ” I asked standing from the ground and transforming back to human .
” yes ” he answered boastfully not taking his gaze away from the dagger, he was viewing it as a lost treasure, I knew he was thinking about something in his mind and I wished then that part of my ability is being telepathic .
“Why” I asked him peeping to see the improvement of Dandy.

” just like their ancestors, they were also a fool, Saltzman then in the 80s was the most foolish one out of my friends in which those ” he said stretching his hand towards our Dean, mayor and Mrs Peterson
” were their descendants, your precious Patricia, was also a fool just like Mansir, she saw one of the picture of I featured in with Mansir and she has the gut to threatened me, she was so stupid that she called me to meet her in school that night which I did, she wanted to confirm if I was really the person in it, I confirmed it for her and she had the gut to threatened me, ” he repeated it again with a bloodshot eye
” I only did her good by eating that gut, and I’m sure those ones too ” he said pointing his hands towards the deads on the floor
” may also do that, so it will be better to clear them out of my way, since am going to down permanently here
in my place when I take what I needed from you tonight ”
He added with a wicked grin.

I looked at Dandy and saw that he was already on his feet, he made to attack Mr wisdom but I shook my head to show my disapproval, I made some move silently with my hands to tell him to save Becky and my mom first.

” I think you’ve gotten your friend enough time right ” he said to my surprised as he made fireball from his hands and threw it at Dandy who was almost to where my mom and Becky was,

I shouted so that he could dodge it but it was too late as he only turned and the fireball hit him on his chest, the force threw him out of sight, I think to another street because I was sure it took him beyond the school.

“Now let go back to business ” Mr wisdom said transforming to the ghost rider beast,and I also transformed,

I ran towards him with speed but he met my speed with an uppercut punch which sent me flying into the air, I landed on the floor and I felt some of my bone dislocate.

I groaned in pain as I hit the floor, he moved towards me and hijacked me up, ” I told you that you don’t stand a chance against me ” he said deeping his claws into my chest,

The pain was so much and I screamed as his claws burnt it way to my heart,

I thought all hope was lost not until I Jovacik with speed punched the G.R.B from behind, it was as if nothing hit him, he only turned back to look at Jovacik, he removed his claws from my chest and used the hand to strangle Jovacik, he dropped me on the floor and I fell to to the ground with a loud thud.

Different size of killer punch started landing on Jovacik’s face, it got to a stage that Jovacik passed out in his grip and transformed to human,
I just stayed on the ground looking at them, I knew it useless trying to escape and I was very weak.

After Jovacik transformed to a human, he dropped him to the floor, he grip from the ground again and placed the dagger in my hand, I was already in human form, but he stared hard into my eye and I felt myself transforming to a beast without being able to control it, after my transformation was complete, the dagger started blazing fiercely.

He anchored my hand with the dagger towards Jovacik chest, he was very strong and my strength wasn’t capable of controlling my hand as I felt the dagger penetrating into Jovacik’s chest,

Jovacik woke up at once but couldn’t do anything as the dagger made it way into his chest,

He screamed loudly in pain and started shaking furiously on the ground when the dagger pierced his heart.

He convulsed as he breath his last breath and his body turned pale.

After that he gripped me again and inserted his claws into my heart,

His claws hasn’t gone deep into my chest when I heard a gun been cocked fast and shot,
the beast was very fast as he disappeared at once, the bullet flew passed me because I fell to the ground when the beast dropped me and disappeared, I looked at my front and I saw Chris with a rifle in his hand,

I turned to look at my mom and saw Nina and Victor releasing them.

I sighed with relief as I tilted my end down, but I suddenly heard a scream in my front, I quickly braced my head up and saw blood coming out of Chris mouth,

At his back was the G.R.B, and his claws was protruding out of chris chest, he put his hands on Chris head and Chris body started blazing at once,
I screamed loudly as this happened and I saw Nina ran pass by my side screaming and shooting profusely at the beast,

The beast dodged it all and , when Nina ran out of bullet the beast appeared in front of her and shove her with the back of his palm and
I saw as my love flew into the air, and landed on the floor with a heavy thud,

Seeing her fell down triggered some strength into me and I got up at once, with all the remaining strength and speed that was left radiating in me, I ran towards the beast and punched him but it doesn’t seem to pose any effect on him as he only shifted back a bit.

He gripped me when I made another attempt to punch him again, he hijacked me up and without wasting time, he deep his claws into my chest again, his third trial, I knew their was no way around it this time, when his claws revolved around my heart,

I suddenly heard a feminine scream and was surprised to see my mom running towards us with a club, the beast smirked as he saw her, when she got closer to us, the beast shove the club from her hand, and he deep his claw into her chest, I saw as she fell down to the floor and died.

I screamed loudly and jerked furiously but that was a wrong move as his claws was already around my heart,

With force he drew my heart out and everything blackout as I died
The end..

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