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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 43
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→→→Flashback To The Early 80s←←←

Inside a dim litted room ,five men were surrounding a big table which contained a small map and four figurines moulded in form of soldiers.

At the front of the table whose personality made him looked like the boss of the other four. They were discussing about their plans in which they will take over Gevaudan.

The names of the five men
In the table’s front was Captain Patrick, beside him on his left side was Peterson Cooper, next to Peterson Cooper was Maro Stephan.

On the right hand side was Saltzman Mansir and next to him was Paul Dany.

They were all standing discussing and moving the figurines at interval on the map, the room looks like a secret room which they always use to decide on the strategies they need to win a war they are going to embark on.

Captain Patrick being the strategist and their leader mostly do the talking while the rest do the listen and contribute when they’re needed to.

Tho they’re close friends but that doesn’t warrant for play whenever they are planning for war.

They are always serious whenever they are in the strategic room giving 100% Of their attention.

PATRICK : we’re going to restore our honour soon ( he placed his index finger on his lip signifying that he doesn’t want any question from them ) I know you’ll want to ask how but there’s no need asking because am going to tell you.

We’re going to restore it through the monster we lost it
( they all stared at him confused )
What’s with that look ( he asked them teasingly and continue talking )
Ever since the day we lost the the battle against Gevaudan, lost our honour, our dignity, our title and almost lose our dignity of being called a soldier ( he barked loudly ,then took a deep breath and continued ) I’ve been planning everyday, having sleepless night just to restore that which we lost unfairly.

And the good news is that there is a way to get it
IN UNISON : how ( they all asked with t expression of disbelief )
PATRICK : hope you all still remember how we lost the battle
COOPER : still remembering it vividly like it happened yesterday ( and others replied ” same here “)
PATRICK : ever since we lost the battle, I made friend with the monster that attacked us, I became his ally and pretend to care for him, he trusted me thinking that I was being good friend to him not knowing that I was only with him in order to detect his weak point.
After many days of trying to get his weak points and couldn’t, I almost gave up on my mission not until he helped brought a brim of hope to me yesterday when we met.
MANSIR : what is his weak point
PATRICK : I don’t think he has any but I think he’s going to die soon
COOPER : how?
PATRICK : he told me himself
DANY : but how his death going to restore our lost honour?
STEPHAN : think Dany, think ( he shouted at Dany ) when the monster is dead, it will be easy to defeat Gevaudan
DANY : you don’t shout me ( he reciprocate Stephan’s shout with his ) I know that it will be easy to defeat Gevaudan when the beast is gone but I don see it elevating the shame on us, rather it will add more to it.
MANSIR : why do you say that ( he asked surprised at what Dany was trying to say and others expression except Patrick shows that they weren’t getting what Dany is trying to drive at )
DANY : ever since we’ve lost the war against Gevaudan, we’ve been abandoned, captain Ranking and his comrades are the one that the king has been sending to war, if captain Ranking wage war against Gevaudan and win, then the criticism we’ll be receiving from the king and the people of Marseille will be more than the one we’ve been experiencing before, and how are we even to know that the beast is dead because am sure the people of Gevaudan will make sure it isn’t leak.
They all shook their head to acknowledge that he’s right, they all fixed their gaze on Patrick waiting for him to give his quota concerning the issue, they were sure that he would have already have a plan in store before he would called them to discuss about it.
PATRICK : I like your reasoning Dany, I’ve also thought about it and I have a perfect plan to restore our honour with this incident. ( he picked one of the figurine on the table ) this is Ranking ( he put the figurine up for all of them to see ) and for us to achieve our aim, he has to be taken from the table (he said dropping the figurine on the floor , they all understand what it means “taking someone from the table and dropping him on the floor ” it means that he’s an obstacle and must be eliminated ) after taking him from the table, then it’s left to us to play our part well
COOPER : our part as how?
PATRICK : to answer Dany’s question before that how are we going to know if the beast is dead ,the beast trust me and he wants me to help protect his family, he asked me to send some of my men so that they can stay undercover in Gevaudan till JOVACIK will kill him ( he picked another three figurines on the table, he placed the three on the map in the place where Gevaudan was situated, the three figurines represent three out of his four friends ) Cooper, Dany and stephan will be the one to undertake that mission while Mansir will stay with me here in Paris to perform ours. The three of you (he said pointing to Dany, Stephan and Cooper ) will be the one to inform us when the beast is dead and if possible help him save his son, but it’s not compulsory you do so.
DANY : but I heard that the people of Gevaudan all know their selves making it impossible for a stranger to live among them without them being able to fish out the person
PATRICK : yeah, you’re right but the monster will find a way for you to live there till it’s time for us to enforce our plans.And the last thing, make sure you know everything that occur in the period of time that you’re going to stay, not leaving a single clue out, you’re going to report to me when you come back.
The three of them answered yes and they all disperse
After Patrick brought his three friends to the beast of Gevaudan, the beast kidnapped all the personal guards of Jovacik, Jovacik unknowing to him that it was the handiwork of the beast, called the beast to help locate them, Jovacik had to recruit another guards, he asked the beast to help in the selection and the beast used that medium to introduce the three spy to him
lying to him that he rescued them in the forest and since then they have been living with him, he vouched for them that they’re good people with skills .
They showed their skills to the Jovacik and he was impressed and recruit them with other soldiers till he was satisfied with the amount of guards he needed.
Two months later, Jovacik invited the beast and his sister, the beast wife to dine with them in his palace with the aim of killing the beast.
His objective was successful but he was busy achieving his aim with the beast, the beast child crawled to where Cooper was standing, having pity on the child, Cooper took him and escaped out of the palace leaving Dany and Stephan so that they can take note of everything that happened in the palace.
Dany and Stephan witnessed all the scenarios that occurred inside the palace and they also saw when the blood floated into Jovacik’s mouth before he passed out.
They didn’t wait to witness the remaining incident as they also escaped when Jovacik passed out.
When they got back to Paris, they informed captain Patrick of everything that occurred in Gevaudan, before they came back, captain Patrick had already murdered captain Ranking with Mansir aid, and has being doing his all to gain his majesty favour.
On hearing the news, captain Patrick went before the king and asked for permission to wage another war against Gevaudan, the king objected but he persuaded the king staking the life of all his family and that of his comrades if he loss the battle and if he win it, he will have a wish to make to the king .
It was a fair deal for the king as he accepted the offer and provided Patrick with all he needed for the battle.
They moved undercover to Gevaudan and captain Patrick made sure they fought the war in broad daylight, it was a easy win for them as the security of Gevaudan was already weak because of the beast, they had already depend so much on the beast for their safety that they don’t see any need in having troops of army to guard them again.
Captain Patrick who was told by his comrades that he sent for the spy mission that the beast blood floated into Jovacik’s mouth and he passed out, knew that, that is the way that Jovacik turned to beast.
His comrades didn’t know that Jovacik was a beast but Patrick knew because the beast had already informed him
Before locking Jovacik into the tomb, he took some of his blood and preserved it .
After he won the battle losing only little of his soldiers,the king of France was impressed and asked Patrick what his wish was, patrick requested to own Gevaudan and be a delegate under Paris .
The king didn’t find it hard to accept his request.
After his wish was fulfilled, he and his friends relocated to to Gevaudan and renamed it after himself.
They all lived in peace and harmony till Patrick decided to test his theory with Jovacik’s blood.
He went deep into the forest and drank it, he passed out and woke up in the night when he was already a beast.
He was happy that he now has power, but was sad that he couldn’t control his transformation at night and that he could only transform at night.
He made it his daily routine to go into the forest at night to transform at night and was also learning how to control his transformation at night and was making progress at it.
He sought a witch to know if there’s a way he can be transforming in the day, the witch he soughted inform him that it’s just possible as impossible. She told him that if he’s to have that sort of power,he must eat a real hybriolf’s heart and it must be an hybriolf that already has his or her beastiary power, the witch further explained to him that, when an hybriolf is still in his or her period of growing, his heart can cure a beast because it’s still that of a beast, but when an hybriolf grew to the age when it can access his beast power, his heart can make a beast stronger and more powerful, it even has the ability of turning a nightiolf to a full beast.
Patrick was happy that the beast son who is a real hybriolf is with him but was sad that he will have to wait for 250 years before he could pluck out his heart.
He knew people will notice that he wasn’t changing and growing old, so he decided to fake his death and watch the child grow from afar till he will attain the age when he has his beast power.
Then It happened a day when he went inside the forest to transform and learn how to control his transformation , his four friends who has already being suspecting him, followed him secretly to know what he has been up to.
They hid themselves and they watched him as he transformed, after transforming, they got scared and tried to run away, he caught the four of them and kill them, brought out their heart and ate it, unable to keep himself from craving more, he tore them apart and ate everything eatable imside their body system.
After seeing what he had done, he kidnapped someone from the village and clothed him with his cloth and set him and friends on fire.
After faking his death, he ran away from Marseille and started living with fake identity waiting for the perfect time to come back to Marseille and claim the hybriolf’s heart.

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