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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Has it tried to deep its claws into my chest, I heard someone crack a gun and shot it towards us, the person shot thrice ,each bullets following suite behind themselves, but the beast was very fast as it quickly disappeared from there and the three wooden bullets hit my chest as I fell down and blackout
I woke up to a gentle tap on my back,
My head was heavy, and I was in a lot of pain, my eye was blurry but I could still see.

I looked at the person that tapped me and was surprised to see Nina, I wanted to run away from her when I saw her but I was weak to do so.

” can you see me, do you recognize me, where are you ” she asked me not allowing me to answer any before she asked the others.

” let him rest a bit, or you will wear him out with your questions ” I heard another voice from behind .

I turned to look at the person and was surprised again to see Chris,

Everywhere was lit so I presumed that we were in their building but I was wrong.

I realized that I was wrong when the ghost rider beast with blazing fire emanating from its skull hit whatever we were inside.

I became scared when I saw it and tried to run even tho I was very weak but Chris quickly grabbed me.

” you are going to get yourself killed if you try to get out ” Chris retorted angrily.

That was when I view the vicinity we were very well and discovered that we were still inside the forest and the forest was on fire, that was why everywhere was lit.

And we were inside something that looked like laser, it covered us like a big umbrella, I saw a small device on the ground and the laser was emanating from it. The beast was giving it all to get inside it.

I checked my chest where I was shot and discovered that the bullets were not there, and I saw signs that I was treated, some leaves were on the injured part but I was smelling blood, I knew it wasn’t mine and I could tell it wasn’t Nina’s own.

I turned back to look at Chris, I was right, I was really perceiving blood and it was coming from Chris, he was badly injured on his rib, the cut on his rib was no doubt made by the ghost rider beast ,because it also has burnt mark.

I wanted to cut myself so that I could use my blood to heal him but he held my hands.
CHRIS : no, don’t do it
ME : why? you are going to die at this rate
CHRIS : I don’t mind, we have codes we follow as hunter, and that include not getting beast blood mixed with our blood ( he replied with pain )
ME : why follow the stupid code when you’re dying
CHRIS : I’m not going to die, you just have to get stronger and escaped us from here before the Beatrix shield finally lose it strength .
ME : Beatrix shield! is that what it is called ( I said pointing at the small device which was on the ground emanating the laser )
CHRIS : yes, that’s the name of the hunter who invented it so it was named after her. but I think the beast knows about it, it takes a high force to get it weakened and from what the beast has being doing since, it is trying to weaken it, I don’t think we’re going to to survive more than three blow from the beast before the shield finally lose it strength.

(has he finished his statement, the beast landed another blow on the shield, the laser blinked twice but didn’t off )
We’re running out of time ( Chris screamed loudly as he wrenched in pain)
ME : but how do you expect me to save you when am very weak and the beast is super fast and I don’t think I can outrun it
CHRIS : give him ( he ordered Nina,who just sat there listening to our conversation without interfering )
she handed me a bag and when I opened it, I saw some hearts and some vitals organs of animal inside it, I could tell that it was an animal’s own because of their size.
CHRIS : you should be able to recover after taking those things, and for the beast speed, this shield is very strong and for the beast to exert the total force it needs to bring down this shield, it has to run from a far distance .

So we will wait for its next attack, I think the shield should be able to hold it.
Before he finished his explanation, I’ve already finished eating what he gave me.

I was craving for more but there’s nothing I can do, I felt my body gaining it strength.
ME : but my friends are still inside the forest, I have to save them first
CHRIS : your human friend is safe, but I can’t tell much for your little beast friend, but you can’t save him, you don’t stand a chance against that thing. Go after your beast friend and have your heart gone.
ME : but he’s going to die and it’s because of me
CHRIS : greater deeds needs greater sacrifice
ME : I’m going to save him

I felt that I was already strong enough to transform, as I made to take a step, the beast appeared out of nowhere and hit the shield, I quickly stayed where I was as the shield blinked thrice, ” now ” Chris screamed as the beast disappeared,

my body acted against my mind as I felt myself transformed rapidly and grip both Nina and Chris.
I was running with a speed I don’t think I can ever have in my lifetime, but I wasn’t far gone when I felt something faster coming after us ,I knew it was the beast and with the rate at which I was running, I will call it, a human running with a car, no matter the distance the man is using to outrun the car, the car will surely overtake him, I knew the beast will soon overtake me and when that happens, I’m good as being dead, my instinct for survival pushed me over the wall and my speed increased, as I was about to get to the spot where Nina pressed the remote last time to enter their underground main building ,I saw a fire ball heading towards us, I decreased my speed in order not to overpass the spot, so I stop abruptly as I got to the spot and Nina quickly press the remote, but it was too late as the fireball hit me at my back and everything turned black
I woke up and found myself in a white room, the room was spacious but empty.

” anybody here ” I screamed only to hear my words echoing back at me.

Not even a furniture was inside their for me to seat
” how could they treat a sick person this way”? I asked myself rhetorically as I paced around the room searching for the door.

Walking was a bit hard for because I was very weak, so I just shrugged around looking for the door,

The background of the room was white, everything including the floor was also white and everywhere rhymed together which makes locating the door hard but I later got it when I notice an irregular white object protruding out of a part, I checked it and saw that it was a door knob, I view the part very well and discovered that their was a door their just that the white background did a good job in hiding it.

I tried to open it but it wasn’t opening.

I used all my power but the door was not bulging to my request.

I tried to transform but couldn’t.

I was already weak but battling with the door made me weaker.

After I felt all my strength forsake me, I retired to the floor and sat down waiting for someone to open the door from outside.

As I was still sitting down waiting for someone to open the door, I felt a tap on my back,

I was shocked as I quickly turned to know who it was, and behold,it was my father, he was wearing white robe and he looked much more handsome than his pictures and sketches that I’ve seen before.
” am I in another trance ” I asked myself in my mind as I stood there looking at him blankly.
” no ,you aren’t son ” my dad replied as if he was reading my mind.

I was perplexed at his response, I moved closer to him to feel him and alas, he was real,
I hugged him deeply and didn’t know when I started tearing up.
ME : I missed you dad
DAD : I’m here son,I also miss you ( he replied trying to hide the tears that was also trying to force its way down his eye )
ME : but you’re late dad, I’ve already committed lot of errors which has already gotten many people killed
DAD : I know son but it’s not your fault but mine
ME : it’s also mine ( I replied him detaching myself from his embrace and looked into his eye )
DAD : don’t blame yourself, I caused all this and you are only taking care of my mistakes .I created this future for you, but I know the death of the people will not be in vain because you will avenge them
ME : but how am I going to do that when am not strong enough
DAD : ( he placed his hand on my chest and a bright light illuminated from his hand to my chest, I felt my body system changing as he placed his hand on it, after some seconds he removed it ) believe in yourself son, you are stronger than you can imagine
ME : but how is it possible that you are here, or is it that am dead
DAD : you’re about to be, you’ve sustained more injury than what your young heart could take, and that why you have to get out of here in order to wake up
ME : how? [ I asked him with confusion visible on my face )
DAD : you have to get out through that door that door ( he replied pointing to the white door I was trying to open before )
ME : I’ve tried to open it but couldn’t
DAD : it all depend on your will to survive, you’ve already exceeded the maximum time you’re supposed to use here. Go quickly and open it son
I moved closer to the door and tried to open it again but I couldn’t open it , I channeled all my strength into my hand but it was still impossible to open it.

Then as I wanted to give up opening it, I felt my dad’s hand on my shoulder
DAD : remember son, it depends on your will to survive not your strength, don’t give up son, time is running out. You’ve gat lot to save and if you die now, there will be no one to save them.
REMEMBER, YOU ARE THE GUARDIAN OF GEVAUDAN (he screamed the last words into my ear with passion )
Hearing his words raised my will to survive, I held the handle, sigh, then bring it down, and CLICK, it opened.

I looked back at my dad and he was smiling at me,I smiled back at him as I head out through the door.
I opened my eye and saw myself on a bed, the atmosphere was filled with the smell of herb, I looked at my side and saw Nina in Chris embrace, she was crying while Chris was patting her head tho he was sober too but he was not crying.

With the support of my hand I sat up and called their attention, I was very surprised when Nina jumped on me embracing me tightly, Chris too came over and hug me shortly.

” where is dandy and Victor “? I asked them after I was finally able to free myself from the embrace of Nina and the two of them became moody again.

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