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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Suddenly, the diary fell down, and it started flipping the pages open by itself without wind or breeze present, it stopped opening after it got to an empty page and an invisible hand started writing inside it in the strange language right in front of me , what was written in it was an order and it goes thus

I was surprised about what happened, was my dad’s spirit inside the room or who could have warned me about my friend being in danger, maybe it was just a paper trick.

my mind was not settled as different types of opinion kept popping up but I wasn’t ready to take chances as I picked two gold bars and inserted it into my pocket and closed the place.

I picked up the diary and dropped it on the table near the dagger, I didn’t know the danger my friends were, I don’t if it’s an attack from Jovacik or another beast, so in order not to lost the dagger and diary, I just left it there with the mind set of coming back to get it with my golds.

After dropping it, I move closer to the shelf and add pressure to the edge of it like I did before mistakenly.

it opened and I ran out and head for the golden door, it opened automatically by itself and I started running on the the stair case, now in ascending motion.

I was running very fast and in no time I was already seeing the closed ground above me,
On getting nearer to it, it opened automatically and I jumped out only to see an horrific scene outside.Victor was on the floor covered in blood and Dandy wasn’t a human again, he has turned to a beast and he raised his claw up to give Victor a final blow which am sure Victor won’t survive.

Thanks to Chris training, in a flash I was already holding his hand in order to prevent him from murdering Victor, but he shook me off his hand rigidly and I was sent flying in the air till I hit my back on the wall opposite to us.

He made to kill Victor again and I quickly transformed and roared loudly, and I made it last till he changed back to human and he passed out .
I quickly changed back to human and rushed to Victor who looks like he’s going to die anytime soon, he was brutally injured, I think it was even luck that he was still breathing.

I brought out my knife and cut myself on my wrist and made to make him drink my blood but I stopped when I remembered what I read in my dad’s diary, he said he made Jovacik drink his blood in order to turn him, it means that it was my act of giving Dandy my blood before that turned him to a beast.

How could I be so foolish, I asked myself angrily as I blame myself for creating something I have been having sleepless night in order to eradicate.
I dropped my blood on Victor’s most injured part, I waited for sometime to see the result and it was a positive one as he started healing, he healed in all the place he procured the injury as he coughed back to life.

His eye was filled with terror, I knew he must have seen hade, he tried to speak but words were not coming out of his mouth,

As he saw Dandy beside him when he looked at his side, he suddenly stood up and ran outside and followed him at once.

I was able to catch up with him at the entrance of the tomb, he was very terrified and I felt pity for him, I knew he was trying hard to accept everything just because of me, but when it got to the stage of him almost losing his life, I think it’s right for him to flip.

I held him close to myself as I assured him that everything is fine,

He settled down after I assured him, this time he has already gotten back his voice, I asked him what happened
VICTOR : I was just joking about the money I won and his face started changing with claws coming out of his hand, and when I tried to run away, he caught me easily and that all I remembered.
ME : ( I knew what happened, I knew it wasn’t Dandy’s fault, he doesn’t know anything about what I turned him into yet and he doesn’t know how to control it ) okay, but it ain’t his fault, don’t hate him
VICTOR : why are you so cool with this, I expect you to be angry, he tricked us when he’s also a beast
ME : he didn’t trick us and everything was my mistake, I mistakenly turned him when I gave him my blood when he was dying
VICTOR : what tha f--k! ( he exclaimed loudly ) ,I think you’re responsible for him
ME : I know but am confuse, he has to learn how to control but I don’t know how to teach him
VICTOR : how did you learn yours ?
ME : I learnt it from someone but I don’t trust the person again
VICTOR : who and why?
ME : you don’t know him and the reason I don’t trust him is that I started having bad feelings about him some days ago and my dad also warned me that he’s going to betray me with his daughter
VICTOR : is your dad back in town?
ME : not my foster dad, I meant the one I told you and Dandy about earlier when I was telling you about how I became a beast.
VICTOR : ( he gave me the are you alright look ) did you hit your head against something when you trapped inside the ground earlier
ME : ( I smiled ) no
VICTOR : did you teleport back to the 80s
ME : ( what I love doing to Victor most is getting him curious, instead of him to ask the question of how, or he should allow me to explain to him better, he always bring out ridiculous theory to guess what’s on my mind, and trust me, he’s always funny when he is in this state. I knew if I don’t cut in with my answer, we aren’t moving a s--t from where we were till nighttime ) no ,but he warned me in his diary which I was able to get hold of that I should be careful of false people gathering around me and I think he meant Chris and Nina
VICTOR : Chris and Nina, is that their name?
ME : yeah
VICTOR : but are you sure that they’ don’t deserve your trust again , I mean have they ever exhibit the act?
ME : no, but…
VICTOR : ( cutting me short ) there’s no but, we’re going there with that guy ,because if you know what he did to me, then you will know that it isn’t safe allowing him to be among people till he can control it. Or else, all the blood of people that he’s going to get murder will be upon you and also spoiling his life will be on you
ME : ( Victor’s words hit me real hard, and I was surprised that he could speak with wisdom how he did, maybe it was because the only aspect of him that I was used with is the one I know) okay, but I think we will wait till night before we go
VICTOR : why?
ME : he’s unconscious and I will have to turn in order to have the strength to carry him, you don’t expect me to turn now right?
VICTOR : why can’t you turn now (he asked jokingly )
I brought out my phone and checked the time, it was already some minute passed six, I was very surprised at this , I thought the time really frozen when I was inside the room but I was wrong,
I dialed my mom’s number and told her that I won’t be coming home tonight, I lied to her that I will be passing the night at victor’s place.

Victor also insist on following me to Chris place and he also called his mom and lied to her that he is also passing the night at my place.
We decided to check on Dandy inside the tomb, as we were going, Victor suddenly bent down and picked two objects and I was surprised to see my two bars of gold in his hand, he was surprised at it, as jumped uo happily, I checked my pocket and discovered that the two golds in my pocket were not there again, it must have fell down when I was chasing him.

I famed ignorant when he showed and acted surprised like I didn’t know anything about the gold, ” I told you then that their are hidden treasures inside this tomb ” he elucidated boastfully, ” now, all that remained is to look for the remaining ones ” he added as he started searching while I went to stay beside Dandy.
I was just laughing inward as Victor kept pacing around with his phone flashlight inside the tomb searching for gold.

He didn’t sit down till 8 pm, I concluded in my mind that it was the right punishment for him as he dupe me of the money I supposed to won and also taking my golds, tho I knew that he’s going to give me one back but I don’t plan on giving him any. (call me stingy, I don’t care, it was my father that gave me, so he should also go and meet his father for his )
I remembered about what I recorded on my phone earlier, I played it and the language was already easy for me to read like English and French.

The writings on the wall meant
•• what have we all done to deserve this ••
It was my dad that wrote it on the wall for Jovacik to see everyday when he was locked inside the tomb, he attached the drawing of himself ,my mum and mine to it in order to torment him.

When it was 9 pm, I stopped Victor from his punishment and asked us to go,tho he was unwilling to go claiming that someone might come back and find the remaining gold.

I also reason with him,what if someone was able to get under the ground and loot away all my golds.

But I couldn’t go inside and take them, but an idea crossed my mind,

I carried Dandy on my back and as we got out of the tomb, I saw our bicycle at the entrance of the tomb gate, I didn’t plan on taking the bicycle with me because I was planning on using my beast speed to take Victor and Dandy to the forest where Chris and Nina stays.

I asked Victor to put the two bicycle inside the tomb and after he did it, I put my palm into the palm shaped lock at the entrance of the tomb, the one I put my palm into which gat Jovacik on the loose,

I felt a sting on my palm and after that, some metal clinked and the mighty door of the tomb closed back.

Victor was surprised at what happened as he stood transfixed at the spot he was looking at me with his mouth opened.

I was also surprised that I could do that but I acted like I wasn’t surprised as I gave victor my phone before i transformed into a beast.
Victor was a bit scared but he tried to hide it,
I made the fire emanating from my body to off, it took a lot of strength to do it, I held Victor with my right hand and Dandy with the left and in just 5 minute, we were at the entrance of the forest, normally,if we took taxi, it will take us more than 45 minute to get there.

I put Dandy and Victor down before I transformed to a human.

I was naked and I wore the cloth I got when we were coming, I knew I was going to be naked when I transform back to human, so I stole some clothes that was hung in front a house we passed.

I backed Dandy and Victor was walking by my side as we made our through the forest.
we haven’t gotten to the middle of the forest path to Chris place when I started hearing a sound at our back, the sound was like when a water is boiling, I asked Victor if he heard it but he replied no.

We continue the journey but we haven’t taking up to 5 steps more when I saw a fireball heading to us with high speed.

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