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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 37
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As I made to go back up and find out what was happening the top floor closed back leaving me trapped inside the ground.
Everywhere became dark as the only source of light illuminating their got shut off through the closure of the top ground.

I switched on my beast eye as I started descending the long unending stair I was seeing.
Every of my footstep down the stair was accompanied with fear, I could hear my heartbeat clearly and it was even surprised that it was echoing inside the ••I don’t know where ••• that I was going in.
I was just following my intuition that everything is alright and kept on going.

it was like a journey without end,
After what seems like an eternity pf walking, I saw a door at the end of the staircase , it was gold in color, but getting closer made me to realize that it the door was made up of real gold.
But something was missing on it, there was no handle to open it, just the same palm shaped lock again, the security level of this is really tight just like the modern day security, the person who made it ( which must be my dad) must be really smart” I thought to myself as I insert my palm into the moulded palm shaped lock, I felt a sting on my hand again and after that, I started hearing metal clinking,but this time ,the door opened without any violence occurrence..

I sighed deeply as I entered into the room not knowing what await me.

The room was a beauty to be up, different types of nature drawing was pasted on the wall ,and everything was coloured making it seem real and it gat me wondering how it was possible, because I expected everything to be in black and white.

The aspect which was filled with forest drawing made it seems like I was inside the forest with beautiful trees forming entwined imto themselves and green leaves filled it.

Beside the forest drawing was the drawing of a waterfall where rocks made themselves pathway for the water, a big bird was hovering over the water, and at the depth of the water were two naked opposite sex imside the water, a dolphin,three dolphins were with them jumping out of the water happily, seeing the picture made me remember what I was thought about Adam & Eve but I knew the picture was not about them, I think it was my mom and dad, maybe one of their little romantic adventure.

Then on another side of the wall was a portrait of a beautiful woman, the portrait was endowed with the work of art, the woman was extremely beautiful and she looks like the woman drew on the wall inside the tomb. she was extremely beautiful and extravagant in the drawing.

she must be my mom, I said to myself as I kept on feeding my eye with the work of art inside the room, a shelf was on one side of the room filled with artifacts. Beautiful ones, the craft work was awesome, I imagined myself having that type of talent my dad had, I would be on top of the world, many girls will be at my call, running after me, asking me for a portrait of themself which I will gladly draw for them in exchange for a hot sex.

But apart from the drawing and painting, and the artifacts, the room looks empty, it was like my dad did a good work of cleaning before he vacated the room .

Apart from the painting and artifacts, their was nothing to aid my mission.

Not wanting to go back home empty handed, I move closer to the shelf which contains the artifacts in order to take some, I knew it will have high value because they are all ancient objects and ancient objects are always sold at high price.

I rested my hand on the edge of the shelf as I was checking what I could take ,

I saw a big one that was carved in a little beast form at the top layer, it was a bit higher than me so I had stand on my toes in order to get it, but even standing on my toes ,I was not able to get it, I stretched my hand more in order to be able to get back and that let me to lose my balance and I hand I had add more pressure at the edge where my hand was before in order not to fall down.

My adding pressure on the edge of the shelf made the edge shook and I fell down, the shelf after shaking started rotating revealing a secret room like Mr wisdom own.

Before it closed I quickly jumped in.

Nothing much was inside the room, just a small table, on it was a book which looked like a diary and a wierd looking knife with some words neatly sculpt on it.

I move closer to the table and took the book, the book had a gold cover and on it were also some strange words like the one I saw earlier on the wall.

Seeing the same language again means that it’s the language they used in the olden days or better maybe it’s a beast language.

I transformed into a beast and tried to read it but it doesn’t make sense, I became frustrated after some trials and failure in it as I transformed back to human.

The books consist of many pages and all were filled with the strange writing.

If I can’t translate the title of the book or whatever was written on the cover of the page, how do I expect myself to read the main context, I thought to myself as I resigned to fate about reading it.

I picked the knife and was looking at it, tho it looks weird but I accolade the blacksmith that made it.

But the problem with it was the strange language used to write on it .

I focused all my attention on the knife in my hand lyk I was trying to solve a puzzle, I relaxed all my muscles, my 100% concentration was concentrated on it , I shut my mind against everything occurring around me and voila, everything written on the knife started translating itself in my eye,

I started reading at slow pace and what was written on goes thus

•• welcome master ••
” was this knife referring to me ” i asked no one in particular as I picked the book and after the same exercise on it I was able to read what was written on it, but I was surprised with was written on it, it was like my dad was not ordinary beast, he was also a seer because he knew I was going to come.

I knew you all would want to know what I saw on the front page but I’m not going saying ,but because of the pretty damsel reading this, I will tell you all,

on the book cover ,what was written on it was
••••• my diary and guide for my son to complete his mission •••••
and below that was
••• welcome son •••
I was perplexed with what I saw, how could he knew that I was going to come. Maybe he was a seer I’ll make sure to ask him if I get to meet him, I retorted in my mind as i flipped the book opened, on the introductory page ( first page ) was a drawing of me, and under it was ••• i love you son •••

“who did his love help after he shaped my future into s--t for me, what could have taken him to kill Jovacik then and I won’t be here seeking for answer to complete any stupid
mission ” I hissed as I flipped the book to the next page .

The page and the others that followed consist of his activities, it was his diary and I sat keenly reading it, reading the strange was now easy for me, it was like reading English language or French to me..

His life was full of fun, the diary recorded his life when he was still staying inside the jungle, then he was lonely, all he did was hunt animals and eat their heart and he also do some guardian works sometimes.

He would save people who are in trouble inside the forest, and he was also a hunter, as he hunt for beast only to eat their hearts because it makes him 100 times stronger to eating animal’s own, but he only goes after badass beast or supernatural creature.
He made the decision of living with humans when he saved two lovers who were lost inside the forest and some wolves attacked them, he saved the two of them by killing the wolves, he ate the heart and the guy that he saved roasted the animals, and my dad tasted something of such for the first time, the couple live with my dad for a week and the guy became my dad friend.

They talked about many things and my dad really enjoyed their company. the guy told my dad that he can live in his hometown (Gevaudan ) but my dad decline his offer with the excuse that he’s not welcome among humans, and humans will never accept him into their midst, the man assured my dad that he can live among human and their is even a good chance for him to live among the people of Gevaudan because they at the verge of fighting a lost war, but
if my dad can offer to help them win the war in exchange for shelter among them, the man said he’s sure king Jovacik won’t turn down the offer.

He further told my dad that him and his wife were running away because of the war and that was how they found themselves inside the forest at the mercy of wolves.

He also added that he will return to Gevaudan with his wife hoping my dad will make the right decision.

After few days that the man left, my dad started feeling lonely, a feeling he hasn’t felt before.
It was because he spent much time with a human.

When he couldn’t cope with the feeling again, he took the man’s advice and seek Jovacik.
He was met with good news on his meeting with Jovacik and that was the first day he also saw my mom and fell in love with her at first sight.

But Jovacik accepted my dad’s help after he asked my dad to agree to a term that he will swear before the four elements of nature, FIRE, WATER, AIR and EARTH that my dad will not kill him or bring any harms closer to him,which my dad did.
Reading the diary to that stage made me realized why my dad had to placed the responsibility of killing Jovacik to me .
The diary was really interesting that I forgot about my friend, I knew that I would have spent more than an hour inside the room reading, when I finally remembered about them, I checked my wrist watch but was surprised that it was moving at a very slow pace making all the time I spent there just 7 minute , I thought it was the wristwatch that has problem so I brought out my phone and it was also the situation, I think the room has been enchanted to slow time.
I was very happy at this as I returned to reading the diary .

All his adventure of how he smite the Paris army, how he woo my mom and how all the people liked and cherished him were recorded with full information. His romantic adventure with my mom was the best in the diary, he was the rough guy in bed type and my mom also love hardcore sex, it must run im the blood I concluded to myself as continue the reading.

He didn’t hold his pen back in writing how joyous he was when I was born, it was something he’d never thought will happen to him, he named me Benjamin after the guy who made him forsake his lonely life and made him seek abode among humans.

He did it because he felt that he owe him everything
Then I got to the horrific scene where the mighty beast starting getting scared, not because he was going to die but because he started seeing the future of me without him inside it.

He wrote inside the diary.
••• and I saw him in a land far better than this, where impossible things are, he was happy at first but it was not for long As betrayal was lurking around in every corner of his life.

Tho I wish I could get more of this vision in order to warn him of this impeding dangers before my time will be up but nature is not kind with me, as it only allow me to see less of it “.

that also solve another of my puzzle as it made me knew how he was able to know that I was going to come,
he has seen everything in a vision.

After I finished reading about his life history in the diary , I flipped the page opened to see another chapter entirely and it was titled

•••••••••beast of Gevaudan’s voice•••••••••
Jovacik immortality can’t be ended easily unlike you, he’s a Nightiolf ,he’s supposed to be a complete beast like me but I enchanted my blood before making him swallow it, but still, that doesn’t make him weak or easy to kill, he’s just like me, the only different is that he can only shape shift at night.

Unlike you that can shape shift anytime you wish ( I think shape shift was what they call it in their own time unlike now that it’s called transformation )
you can die by the removal of your heart because you are an hybrid, the human part of you makes you easy to be killed but Jovacik isn’t like that,

His heart cannot be separated from his body and his gift of immortality is a long cause.

But fear not son, I was able to forge you the dragon hell dagger before my time was up.
it’s a dagger made from all the four elements of nature and was forge from the breath of a dragon.

It can only work in your hand because it was brewed with my blood the same one that also run through your body.

It has the capacity to kill any beast as long as you aim for the heart.

But it can only work under a full moon when it will be able to channel your powers into itself making it more effective to kill any beast.

I trust in you son. make papa proud.

And I left some treasures which I saw in one of my vision that it was very valuable in this new world, (I thought he meant the artifacts but I was wrong )

check under the table, it await you their.

I squat and checked under the table but nothing was there, as i wanted to stand up I noticed that there was a crack on the floor ,.the wood covering the floor under the table was not smooth with the other side, then I noticed a small rope attached to a little hook protruding from the floor,I drew the rope and I heard the floor creaked, I knew there was something down there at once, I pulled it with all my effort and a small door on the floor opened, it was dark inside it at first but when I view it very well, I saw bars of gold neatly arranged on each other, I was awed at this, with all the golds inside their, I’m already the richest man in France.

I screamed in joy as I was feeling the gold with my hand, I’d never dream of becoming this rich in my life at this age.

Suddenly, the diary fell down, and it started flipping the pages open by itself without wind or breeze present, it stopped opening after it got to an empty page and an invisible hand started writing inside it in the strange language right in front of me , what was written in it was an order and it goes thus


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