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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 35
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I woke up holding my chest tightly with my hand, I took off my night gown to check if my heart is still their or if there isn’t an opening on my chest,

I sighed a sigh of relief as I saw that my body part was still in place, then I drifted back to the nightmare,

tho I was freaked out by the loss of my heart in it but not as I freaked with the characters acting the antagonizing part in it.

Believing that Chris and Nina will betray me or be more than a human being was something my brain couldn’t condole but I was my body was kind of believing the little display in my dream.
Remembering my mom’s warning towards Nina wasn’t helping my situation,
•• my mom!! •• I exclaimed as I quickly got off my bed and head towards her bedroom to check if she is okay, there isn’t a blackout so mind was a little bit at peace as I head towards her room, I opened her door gently and peeped in to check if she was still on bed and alas she was right there sleeping peacefully.

I shut back her door gently and head towards my room.

My mind was in a disturbed mood as I may on my bed waiting for the mighty eagle’s feather to take me deep into another realm of sleep but it looks like the eagle had lost it way,
my eye refused to shut itself as the scenes of what happened in my nightmare kept on replaying itself in my head, and the two face terrorizing me most was that of Nina and Chris.

I took my phone and check the time, it was already quarter pass 4 in the mid morning, I decided to ease my mind by playing game on my phone, it’s already been a long time since I played game on my phone or on PlayStation 5 which my mom got me as my birthday present when i clocked 16.

I scroll through the series of games on my phone and decided to settle for temple run 2, it was one of my favourite game and I am a pro at playing it.
When the game started and the beast started chasing the guy, the temple beast changed to Jovacik while the guy running for his safety changed to me.

I was running away from Jovacik with all my might but he was always catching up with me, it was either he caught me and kill me or I fall down in a cliff, sometimes I got entwined in the trap, no matter what I did, the beast was always winning.

In my mind, the game was already more than a game, it was me running for my safety, after many defeat by the beast, I focused my attention on the phone and started playing it with all my wit, I was running now and the beast was not catching up, I made sure to dodge every trap, cliff and made sure I was perfect with my turning , my highest distance before and high score before was 10,000m,but now I was already beating that, I was now running 15,000m and there was no sign of me losing, I was doing great job in making sure I was safe not until the beast just stopped running after me, and I saw it looking at me through my phone, then it started speaking to me,
BEAST : do you think you can outrun me?, no, never, I will always take you down till I succeed in taking what I’m after, I’ll do this with the aid of people you trusted most and your lack of vision will kill you.

Then suddenly, I saw two people blocking the guy that I was ruining with in the game way, as I got closer to them, I saw that it was Nina and Chris, the guy stopped running and walked towards them asking for their protection against the beast but instead of assisting him, they gripped him and the beast appeared before them, they offered me to him and he deep his claws into my chest bringing out my heart.

I quickly threw my phone down when the guy died in the game,
with fear I picked it up back and saw that it was still in the game mode, and save me appeared on the screen, I’ve enough keys to save myself but it was too late as I was already out of time to press it.

The last phase of the game sparked up an idea in me and I all I needed was to develop it into a perfect plan.
I heard some movement in sitting room, I checked the time in my phone again and it was already some minutes to 7 in the morning, ••” that must be my mom “•• I concluded within me as I got off my bed and head to the sitting room.

on getting to the sitting room, I saw no one there and I head to the kitchen and there was my mom in one of her beautiful black suit and a shoe, seeing her dressed like this means she’s ready for work, I thought she was going to mourn Mrs saltzman death but I think she’s already over it.

she smiled beautifully when she saw standing at the entrance of the kitchen, she had a small food pack in her which she was about to drop inside our mini oven,

she walk close to me and pecked me, ••” good morning my sunshine “•• she whispered in my ear after greeting which I reciprocated with what she loves me calling her most ••” good morning sweetheart”••

••” take this when you are hungry, gat to get to work “••
she said as she dropped the food pack in her hand into the mini oven regulating it so that it will only keep the food warm till am ready to eat it.

My mom work in an orphanage home that she owns, tho she’s the owner but she is always punctual to work.
••” play safe “••
she added as she grap her bag inside the sitting room and head out,

some minutes later I heard the garage opened and my mom’s zoomed out of it.
I sank on one of the couch in the sitting room thinking about what’s going on with me.

••” could it be that what I dreamt about was just a warning to me to be careful of Nina and Chris”•• I asked myself rhetorically without any good answer to back it up.

I knew I’ve to distract my mind away from the persisting.negative thought popping up in my head about Nina and Chris or else I might broke down completely.

I thought of calling Becky but decided against, ••” I’ve to get away from sex rich, it’s not an option, I thought of organizing a party but I thought it’s also not an option because I will end boning one of the girl present there.

Then I remembered Victor, we’ve not talked since yesterday that he ran off to have fun.

I dialled his number and he picked up at once as if he was already expecting,

i asked him to come over to come over and he concurred promising he will be with me before 9.
I took my bath,served myself the food my mom prepared for me and started watching movie waiting for the arrival of my friend.

when it was 10 minute to 9, I heard knock on the door, thinking it was Victor, I unlocked the door but was surprised to see Dandy smiling stupidly in my front,

••” what are you looking for “•• I asked him angrily as I made to close the door back but he quickly held it and entered even without me inviting,

••” you asked a question and it will be polite for me answer you before leaving “•• he retorted as he find his way to one of the coach in the sitting room.

leaving me with no option, I followed him and sat opposite to him waiting for him to voice out the reason he was in my house.
DANDY : am sorry pal for all I did ( he said in a remorseful way ) I’ve thought deeply about all what I did since we knew each other and I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but please, I want you to forgive and forget about the past and take me up in your team, as one of your good pal and I promise you, you won’t regret it
ME : but why do you want to be in my team?
DANDY : just to pay off my debt, my debt of bullying you when you did nothing wrong to me to deserve it
ME : I’ve already forgiven you, so you don’t need to compensate me in any form
DANDY : but I haven’t forgiven myself, paying you back will make me forgive myself, so please help me forgive myself
ME : (from the look of things, he was sincere with all he was saying and giving him a chance will not be a bad idea ) okay, if you insist,
We shook hands signifying that we are now friends.

Within 20 minute we’ve already started talking as if we’ve been friends for decades, we really got along well because we’ve most things in common ranging from girls, sex and ladies.

I’ve even forgotten about my mad friend Victor who promised to be with me by 9 the time is already lot pass 9.

Victor later joined us at pass 10 and he was surprised to see Dandy with me, after little chit chat, we all started getting along, I informed Victor that Dandy also knew about my secret, tho he was displeased with it at first but he later cooled about it.
I asked Victor how he knew that I can hear from long distance and he replied that he has seen such in some supernatural film he watched, so he decided to give it a try and it worked.

Victor asked me to fulfill my promise which I made to him when he was escaping me from the hospital that I will tell him everything he missed about how I turned beast and all.
I explained to them in details while they listened with keen interest.

what amazed them most was when I told them I was over 250 years.

I even told them about my latest nightmare and the introduction of the new deadly beast to the arena.

After I finished narrating my ordeals of how I became a beast, Victor made a huge contribution that made me almost kissed him.

••” if it all started from we going to the ancient tomb, I think we should be able to get the clue of how it will end from there “•• he elucidated with a bright grin in his lip.

I’ve not thought about visiting there ever since everything started, I knew that we will have a clue going, so I told them to let us go at once.

I asked Dandy if he came with his bicycle and he replied yes, I knew that Victor will come with his so I don’t need to ask him. ••••

The road to the ancient tomb from my house was a sloppy , I asked them that we should bet, the first to get there wins all, we bet with 200 francs each and I kept the money.

we placed near each other and on the call of GO we started racing speedily through the road,
I was leading while Victor was taking the second place, and Dandy last, tho I think it was so because his bicycle was a little bit faulty, I knew he’s good more than Victor and me but my beast strength gave me an advantage over them.
we were almost at the ancient tomb when a truck suddenly came into view, I quickly swerved to my right and Victor to his left, but it was too late for Dandy as the truck hit him and ran away.

He sustained grievous injury from the accident that I think he can’t make it , all his face was already battered from the contact with the tiled road, his bones has dislocated and he was in a lot of pain. and i could tell he will give up ghost soon if I didn’t do anything soon.

Victor only sustained a little injury on his face.

He was filled with pity as he looked at Dandy wallowing in pain on the road, and I was very confused, I didn’t know where to drop my blood, I don’t know if dropping it on one of the place he sustained the injury will make him heal or if I must drop it on every part he used in sustaining the injury,
another idea slipped into my mind, I thought if I make him drink from my blood will heal him completely and that was one of the grievous mistake I made in my beastly career,

I cut myself deep with the small
knife I always carry around and made him drank my blood, Victor only stood there looking at me with terror.

After I’ve made him drank enough of my blood, he started shaking furiously as if going into shock and I saw as his last breath escaped him as he died

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