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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} - Season 1 - Episode 31
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I was completely filled with terror as I knelt down in front of the completely grazed off building.
••” who could have done this? “•• I asked no one in particular but was surprised when I got answer from my back
••” I did “•• replied the voice.
I looked back at once and was surprised to see a masked man in all black, black boot, black mask, black cloth and black glove. In his hand was two sharp diver’s knives.

He seems like a mercenary to me, and I’m sure he is not Jovacik,because the last time Chris shot him with only two bullets, it took him the period of 4 days before he got over it and now that it was with 4 bullets, I think it should take him up to a week to recover unless if the bullets only hinder him from transforming.

I was not afraid of him and I was very angry, if not that have learnt how to control my beast mode, I would have changed and butchered him there
ME : what happened here? ( I screamed at him angrily )
MASKED MAN : wow ( he smirked disgustingly), looks like the ordeals you’ve been passing through recently has made you lost ( he laughed wickedly )I happened here ( he repeated it again but this time boastfully )I burnt down this place ( pointing at the almost grazed down structure ) waiting for you to come so that I can claim that (he said pointing towards my heart )
oops, sorry for my manner, I’m STRIKER by name
ME : cut that bullshit of yours and tell me where the occupant of that building you demolished are before I rip your heart through your skull

STRIKER : you mean that old ugly man and a pretty little girl ( he paced around mockingly ), no need to be scared, they are still safe for now
ME : ( his voice sounds familiar but i couldn’t decipher from whom I heard because of how it sounded muffled from the effect of the mask )
then save me all this crap and take me to them ( I barked at him in an authoritative tone )
STRIKER : keep your d--n mouth shut ( he reciprocated angrily ) nobody shout at Striker, I do the shouting while you do the bidding, I’ve tolerated you this much just to give you your last chance at ordering.

If you know who you are up against, you will be on your knees begging for my mercy ( he retorted swinging the two knives in his hand ) do you get me
ME : yes sir ( I replied him meekly )
STRIKER : good boy, you’re really an obedient one, I don’t think we will have problem here, so what were you trying to say before? ( he asked grinning wildly )
ME : ( I was keeping my anger at bay just to discover where he hid Chris and Nina, but talking of him overpowering Chris and Nina really amaze me because I don’t think he’s a beast or any supernatural creature. I kept my pride and wear on the sudden coat of humility to speak to him ) please mr Striker, I want you to free my friends to me ( I was even surprised at myself mentioning friend, do I really view Chris as friend?, a question for another day )
STRIKER : seems you love your friends so much, I’m going to release your friends to you
ME : thank you
STRIKER : not so soon boy, everything comes with a price but mine comes with a challenge. I challenge you to a duel, where you will have to fight me only in your human form, if you change and win me, trust me, your friends are going to starve to death in where I locked them, and if you think you can torture me to tell you where they are,
boy, have survived more torture that you can’t imagine.
ME : Am ready to accept your challenge but if I win ,my friends go
STRIKER : yes and if you lose,you will exchange your heart for only one of them, which means, you die and only one of them will be save.
I contemplate for a while on his conditions and accept it,he insert one of the knife into his pocket which gat me amazed while he steadied himself with a single knife ready to attack me.

I knew that my beast power is also reflecting on my human self, all I need is to channel more of it and am sure am going to defeat him.
On his call, we started the fight, he was very strong, I mean extremely strong, he was really good with his reflex and guide, non of my attack met him as he kept on trashing like a little kid, he looks like he was enjoying beating me as he refused to kill me even when he gat many chance to do so,
then he did something that amazed me,
after another hectic hit from him, I fell down and was gasping for breath, he held my hand and pulled me up,
••” you have people to save, so you can’t give up now “•• he remarked which gat me confused.

is this a game to him? question to be answered by myself only,
••” you are letting all the fun in this duel lose it way, you have to become a strong opposition in order for me to enjoy it more “••
he added leaving me more surprise,
••” I’m a killer and have killed many human and non human, but they all had something in common including you, fear to do the unthinkable, I think if one of the rotten meat here human I’ve killed tried to do explore themselves and brought out what they thought they don’t have, I think I’ll be long gone, but I think you the non humans has the advantage, it already in you, all it remains is for you to tap it, if you are able to tap it, you will be equal your beast self in your Human body,
Try it and I think you will still have a chance to fight back before I kill you “•• he lectured me before releasing his hold on my hand hitting me which made me to hit my head hard on cut down timber beside me .

Hitting my head on the timber.

Due to the force and impact my head used to hit the timber, I felt myself collapsed for some seconds, all the words he spoke to me started echoing in my brain and without me doing anything, I felt my body reconstructing without a transformation.

I opened my eye and felt new surge of strength in my body, I was feeling like am in my beast state but I wasn’t.

I grinned wildly as I noticed the change in my body .

I motioned my hand in the way kungfu fighter usually do to Striker motioning him to come attack me.

And he made the wrong decision as he heed to my calling,
with force he tried to hit me and I caught his hand mid air, with just a punch he fell down but quickly stand up, he made to launch another attack but I dodge it, my reflex was very good now, I held him up by his cloth and smash him against a tree, he groaned in pain as he hit the tree, this time he took his time to get up,

From the time we started fighting, he already dropped the knife in his hand but after my second successful attack, he started pacing around searching for it and he found it,
he made to penetrate me with it but I didn’t stop him,he deposited it into my abdomen but I wasn’t feeling any pain,

I removed it and threw it away ,I wanted to grab him and give him series of beating like he did to me but was surprised not to see him again, he has disappeared into the forest,

I started hearing voices from different angles, I knew he was the owner of the voice but how he did it that I was hearing it from different places at the same time was a mystery to me.
••”Find me in the next 3 minute or you lose”•• was the next words I was hearing, it was very loud and it was sounding right inside my head,it was not easy to concentrate,

I shut my beast ear down and discovered that I was not hearing any thing again,
how will I discover him without hearing anything, I asked myself waiting for answer from no one in particular.

Then all of a sudden, I remembered his lectures, I can do extra ordinary things if I believe it, without turning my beast ear on, I placed series of energy into my ear, I focused it like an antenna looking for signal, I was rotating 360° to locate the voice again,

it wasn’t easy with my ordinary ear but after some seconds of trying, I finally picked the signal of where the voice was coming from with my ordinary ear.

I started running towards the direction without wasting any time with the sole objective of defeating Striker at once.

But I met with another shock as I got there,
I saw Nina with her hands tied together with a thick rope, and she was also blindfolded, she was held by striker who placed a knife on her neck, I was surprised to see another knife in his hand but I remembered that it was two knives that was with him from the beginning, he inserted one in his pocket and used one to fight me.

I was a bit far from them.

Nina was whispering save me to me, and I was ready to do anything in my capacity to save her.
••” you’ve only 10 seconds to lose, grab her within that time and you win, and fail to do and you lose, and you losing means she dead “•• striker added laughing wildly,

the total estimated time that I can use to get to his place even if I run is 1.20 minutes, before I could lift my body, he embedded the knife into her stomach shouting ••” TIME UP”••
seeing her falling to the floor dead, triggered a speed which I don’t know where it came from, and within 2 seconds I was pinning Striker to a tree behind him without changing to a beast.
As I wanted to gnash out his throat, he quickly removed the mask on his face
••” I’m Chris “•• he shouted as he unveiled himself

Chris! I muttered weakly as I released my hold on him

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