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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 77
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“I need to get my woman back home grand Father, I am not giving away this opportunity again. My
family knows her and now you have known me.

Later on we can make some arrangements for an official wedding but please I ask that I take her
and she will be coming from my place and go to school,” Paul explained to Maria’s grand father a
day after their reconciliation.

“Well my son, am glad you settled your things out and I also appreciate the fact that you were
there for my grand daughter when she needed it the most. I just want to make this clear though.

This woman you are seeing here is my own blood and never think she’s alone. I want you to live a
happy life I know challenges will be there but learn to sort them as they come together. You are
her strenght and so she is yours too.

Whatever you do think of the consequences of your actions towards one another, people might
want to come between you two but everytime that happens remember where you have come from.

Remember to pray all the time so that God will help you overcome.” the grand father adviced.

“Well, am grateful and so happy I met you grand father with people like you we can never luck
wise advice” Paul smiled holding Maria’s hand as they sat in the sofa.
She looked at him and smiled. Her heart glad he was there with her. She thought of how much
they had fought to get back to that moment and she thanked God all things were getting in place.

Grace was forgiven by the family and she was too made to apologise to Maria. Who later on
begged Paul to help her get her job back at ZESCO. Unfortunately over the years Grace never

really found a man to trully love her, she had two kids from different men and none was willing to
marry her.

Tasha too was lucky she’s found a man and they got married a year later. According to some
rumors she married the guy she was dating at the same time she went back to Paul.

4 years later…
“Well my love, am glad the graduation went on well and now our wedding is days away. You have
no idea how happy I have been these past 4 years Maria, I discover so many wonderful things
about you and I can’t stop thanking God on how lucky I am.” Paul said holding his wife as she
was still in her graduation gown.

“You honey, are a blessing. am the one who is so happy because I have forgotten how painful my
past was. Because the joy and happiness I feel covers it all. By the way did I tell you Musonda
called me last week? .
“he did?” Paul asked.

“Yeah he was telling me his wedding was set for next week. Am so happy that man found love
honey, he told me he met the girl he dated years back in high school. According to him she was
his first love and that she had gone away for studies. Their relationship was cut short over the
period but two years ago they somehow hooked up and you know, they decided to pick it up. ”

“Oh that’s great news my love, I really wished that great man to find love and be happy too. He’s
become a very good friend to us. And now that you have mentioned his wedding am gonna call
him so that we do a dual wedding. What do you think?” Paul asked excited. .

“What!” Maria asked.
” You mean like two weddings in one day?”
“Yeah my love, not only in one day but same venue and Church too since you said he joined
Catholic we can arrange something” he smiled.

“Oh God am so excited’ Maria exclaimed
“we are getting married and Musonda is too. What a wonderful God.
Call him now and let’s get this done. I can’t wait to be your wife my love” she smiled kissing him.
“What’s with the shouting!” the 8 year old Paul came to his parents.
“You guys are acting like kids” he teased.
“Paul, watch your mouth” , his father scolded.

“This woman here is mine and the house too I can do what I want at any time of the day shout or
scream with her and you my friend won’t stop that” .

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