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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 72
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“Yes uncle, I know and the good news is that I decided to come visit you for some days so will
start off tomorrow” she spoke on the phone while Grace watched her hands folded.
“You are so welcome Tasha I am glad. I even wanted to ask you to come cause there’s something
important I had to tell you. It’s about your cousin, Kenny,” the man on the other side responded.

“What? I thought Kenny was dead uncle, what happened now?”
“Well just come over I will explain. Kenny’s daughter survived and She’s here with me now.”

“Well uncle I can’t wait to see her” Tasha sighed.

“Will see you tommorow uncle” she said before hanging up.
“What was that?” Grace asked her when Tasha sat back down.

“Well it’s some niece of mine that showed up. My cousin ran off with some woman years back i
was still very young but my mother told me about him. Uncle just told me the girl is now there I am
not sure how,” she added.
“Anyway am not going for such issues I have my mission with that Maria and I will be back before
you know it” she smiled looking at Grace.
“Just feel at home here and soon Paul will take you back to your job Grace be sure of that. ”

Maria’s grand father, called her that evening.

“Maria your aunty even though she’s just about 3 years older than you is coming tomorrow. She’s
the first daughter of your aunty Sara here. Her father died two years ago that’s when I asked my
sister to come stay with me here. ”

“Oh that’s great grand pa. I can’t wait to meet her” Maria responded.
“Am glad am beginning to know a lot of my family now,” she added.

“God is faithful. ”

“sure you will know almost everyone soon enough” her grand father smiled at her.
“Yes sure that” she smiled before leaving him as she went back to her room.

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