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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 71
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Musonda looked at her closed eyes and smiled pulling her in a hug and kissing her without
warning. Maria was caught unaware and as Musonda’s grip on her waist tightened she found
herself holding on to his sweaty body and responding to his kiss, the taste of his sweaty lips
making her feel good which was what she didn’t expect .

After some moments of a passionate kiss, Musonda held her and looked at her face.
Smiling widely.” Am not sorry for that” , he exclaimed.

” Thank you,” he sighed holding her face so that his eyes were set on her.
She looked at the dept of his calm eyes his well outline face moustache and his nose which was
not so big but big enough to seem to review his inside with a few hairs she could see as he stood
taller than her. Her head lifted up to match with his bend face. He felt good and his smile so
They were interrupted by someone clearing his throat as they stayed in the position admiring
each other.

“Sorry for disturbing you,” Emmanuel, the friend to Musonda smiled at them.
“But your phone has been making some noise for a while back in the dressing room where you left

“Oh, yeah thanks man” he smiled letting go of Maria.

She covered her face laughing when Emmanuel had left.
“Am so ashamed” she laughed.
“Oh God that was crazy he saw us.”
Musonda giggled,
“yeah am not” he smiled.
“He actually disturbed me, that idiot could have waited” he shrugged.
Maria shook her head
“what are we doing Musonda?” She asked him.

“What do you mean Maria, we are doing what we should have done a long time ago but you didn’t

allow me to.” he answered holding her hand.
“But I can’t do this Musonda am not supposed to be kissing you when… ”
She couldn’t finish her sentence and he cut in,
“why not? Don’t you feel anything for me?” He asked looking at her.
“Let’s do this,” he continues without giving her a chance to respond.

“Lets take each day as it comes. I love you and i told you I will wait. So lets not rush into any final
decisions but allow me to be with you. Call it a futureless relationship I don’t care as long as you
are with me. Hoping by the end of the day you will fall in love with me” he smiled. .
“One day at a time Huh?” , Maria sighed.
“Yeah one day at a time, ” Musonda smiled at her.

“Shall we go now?” She asked avoiding his eyes which looked at her with so much passion they
made her unease.

“Give me a few minutes I get rid of the sweat, probably then I could earn some points ” he teased
running to the back rooms.
Maria shook her head and smiled. He is mad” she whispered.
And to her surprise the image of Paul’s face came to her mind.

She recalled the first time he had kissed her in a drunken state his stern look on her sending
shivers in her body. Even with the strong scent of beer Maria recalled how much she had felt good
being in Paul’s hands. His gentleness as he touched her. She even remembered the pain she felt
when he tried to push his way into her and tears rolled down her face. Her heart still screaming.

” you still love him Maria! ”
She was lost in thoughts when she heard Musonda saying bye to his friends behind her and she
quickly rubbed off the tears and turned with a smile at Musonda who held her hand with his left
arm and the other hand holding the back pack he put on the right.

“To my place?” He smiled as they approached his car.
Maria looked at him.

“Not today” she said quickly avoiding the situation of being so close to him and just being in some
room toghether.

“Let’s go somewhere else to celebrate my admission” she let a laugh as she stepped into the car,
Musonda still holding the door open for her.
Back in lusaka.. Tasha designed her plot against Maria. she decided to go to Kitwe and face her.

“Let me call my uncle and tell him am going to visit him so that I can look for Maria since we now
know she works in a shop within town” Tasha told Grace as she grabbed her phone from the
hand bag.

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