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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 70
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She sat looking at the wall when her grand father had left, thinking about everything that had

“Grand father is right” she thought to herself,
“there’s been so much pain between me and Paul. I still love him though but I am not sure I want
to get back with him for now, we are both weak in some way and trying to build up from where we
stopped from wouldn’t be an easy job. Right now I need to concetrate on school and see how I
can do something tangible with my life so that I won’t have to rely on a man again.” she thought
nodding her head to herself.

Weeks later…
Musonda had decided to take some time away from Maria and one day he had gone to play his
rugby game. They were practicing and as they walked out of the field, he saw someone waving at

“What?” He whispered suprised to see Maria standing a distance across the field. He had not
expected to see her .

“Hey!” He called her out as he walked closer to her.
“Hey player” she smiled at him.
“You look sweaty” she teased pointing at his bulged and sweaty muscles.
“Well I had to burn myself up there” he smiled wiping his face with a cloth.
“I didn’t know you were coming” he said indicating for her to sit down on the bench.
“Yeah I knew you were training today remember I came with you twice.
“Yeah!” Musonda nodded.
“Am glad you came. I wanted to give you some time to yourself these last weeks to give you the
chance to work through your issues.

“I know” Maria responded looking down.
“You always a gentle man right ?” She smiled as his eyes kept on her beautiful face.

“So what’s up?” He asked sighing as his face remained facing her.
“I have good news” she whispered.
“Really?” He asked making a face of excitment.
“Yes,” she smiled.

“I was accepted to study teaching at Nkrumah University and am going in a month’s time.”
“Oh God!” He exclaimed.
“Am so excited for you!” he screamed lifting her up and turning as she laughed holding on to
him.Putting her down Musonda looked at the laughing Maria.
” Wow! Am so happy Maria this is good news” he said smiling widely.
“Am going to college! ” she shouted lifting her hands happily.

“I will study hard, become a teacher and one day help the street kids. I want to build an ophanage
for them I want to do something that I will be proud of” she said smiling with her eyes closed.

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