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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 3
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I check time 6:30pm, i went home, and took my small bag and hedstraight to store, i followed new road, on my way i saw the hospitalwhere my mum work by my left, and my right i saw the great ogboni manhouse far far the old road, i reach the junction where our market thathas been close for a decade now is, they close it because of the witchdisturbing the market, though they say they will open it this yearafter all pastors for that community don fast and pray for 3 daysand when all the women in that community will walk naked in the nightaround the community, swearing and coursing all the witches disturbingthe market to die, i cant wait to see that day because i must surelycomeout that night even though they say nobodywill comeout thatnight.I pass the market and walk for three minutes, then i saw it, thedangerous bridge, i look down and saw some people bathing under, iwanted to go and join them but i later kick against it am late alreadyand my mum will be waiting for me, so i continue my walk till i reachevbiamen where my mummy store day, the village self na ontop hill edey, i walk to the center of the community where my mum’s shop islocated,.

Me: good evening ma, i said as i reach the shop(she sitdown for frontdiscussing with our neighbour, my mumy sabi talk well wel).

Mum: welcome, how school?

Me: fine ma, how market.

Mum: fine.I go inside the store and sat down pressing my phone as usual, mymum came inside and told me shes going to service this evening thatshe has to leave early, she took her bag and sat outside waiting forbus, i was chatting on 2go and selling drugs at same time, after liketen minutes my mum left and i was alone, out ofthe people that cameto buy drugs, na only one girl catch my attention, she just walk inlacadestically and shouted.“hello na who dey sell i wan buy something”.

Me: weting you wan buy?, i turn and saw her, shes a bit okay but notthat perfect.

Girl: na you dey here?

Me: yes na, anything.

Girl: oooohh, were your mummy go na?

Me: she go church, tell me wetin you want i go sell am for you.

Girl: i nor fit tell you, na girls thing.

Me: like?

Girl: forget, when is she coming back?

Me: tommorrow.

Girl: na wa oh, anyway i don go, you don finish school abi?

Me: yes na how you know.( i don finish but i never write waec)

Girl: na who nor know miss last born wey get hair for body like rabbit.

Me: hmmm since you know me well, me fit knowyou?

Girl: no need, bye bye.She turn and left showing me her back ass, shetry small sha, afterlike ten minutes later, one small boy come say im wan buy cd.I look at the boy and ask.

Me: na you wan use am?

Boy: no oh na one aunt send me, i nor even know wetin e be.

Me: hmmm the aunt yellow?

Boy: yes, she yellow and tall small.

Lol yeye girl, na condom you nor fit talk for my presence abi?, i gavethe condom to the boy and tell him to return themoney to the girl andtell her i dash her because she look pretty.The boy dash out like antelope, i stay store till 9pm when time donreach for me to dey go house, i arrange things and count my money onlyeight-k-five for evening sales only, chai market no just dey today weye be say i dey make like thirteen thousand naira before, waiting comehappen today na abi wether no cool at all, i praymake rain falltommorrow oh, so that cold go dey make people rush come buyparacetamol (imagine praying for people to sickso that they will buymedicine, imagine wetin coffin seller go come dey pray for).I took the money and my bag, i off the light and close my door.

Girl: wait wait wait abeg.

Me: oh you again, i know you will return, i said as i shine my teeth.

Girl: so you purposely give the boy condom weydon expire?

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