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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 29
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I dont want to pick any of their call, i think i need to relax and maybe sleep, all these talk about witch, mermaid they scatter my head, i think i neeed i to talk to somebody, person that can give a good advice, hmmmm na now i dey miss glory, na she dey advice me as if she be my mama, my phone ring again i look at the screen still lizzy, chai abeg make una leave me joor, but whats up about lucy, she say she knowme, and she know my great grand pa too, waoh,my mum use to tell us how our Grand pa use tokill tiger with magic, though i dont believe it but iknow my mum dont lie.

Maybe i need to ask my mum about my great grand pa again, i need to know more, and againshe said i have three things that the evil spirit need, what might that be? the physical one must be that cassete, but i dont know anything about it, all i could recall is the name of the river, whats the name again? E be like say i don forget, hmmm thank god i wrote it down, i will go and check it later, maybe i will go to that river and see for myself why that cassete is soimportant maybe varth will follow me, i want money, if the lawyers can give me a little moneymaybe i will consider giving it to them, i was thinking loudly, when a test enter my phone.“hello oziegbe, please come to school today to collect your scholarship award so that you will resume school before the exam commence, goodluck.From EGS”.Waoh, i think say na so so bad news they follow me waka, at least this one go cheer me up, i called my mum and told her, she was happy for me and advice me to go to school today to collect the award, i was happy but still a little bitsad, i was thinking about the three things lucy talk about, maybe i need to see my pastor, (na bad time we they take remember say we get pastor,).I will go and see him later in the evening, afterall na good friend we be, anytime him see me na so so football match we they talk about, him na liverpool fans while me be arsenal, i called varth to see how things go for him side.Me: guy how far na.Varth: see as you just disturb my sleep.

Me: haa na wa for you oh, you no even think about wetin happen last night.

Varth: na wetin i dey wonder wey sleep enter my eye oh, i reach house enter my room, when i pull my clothes i see yellow substance they commot for my pennnis.

Me: hiah, you don carry gonorhea oh.

Varth: you dey crazze, that one no be sign of gonorhea joor.

Me: okay na sign of HIV.

Varth: guy stop am na, my blockus dey pain, i nor fit use am waka well.

Me: you better go see doctor oh.

Varth: no abeg i nor fit, ask your mum na.

Me: no oh, my mum go think say na me get am, okay no worry i go ask my sister.

Varth: better oh, but come oh wetin happen?

Me: them fucck you na.

Varth: who be them?

Me: you nor remember when you enter river go meet mami water?

Varth: no be me you see, wetin i know say, we hide from those guys under that place wey tipper they park sand, na there i sleep.Me: mumu thats why i they tell you say you grow pass your sense.Varth: at least i better pass you wey your sense grow pass you

Me: ma

Seller: no be girl yash you come they look waka waka na, i think say you be good boy before?

Me: no oh, na road i they look oh no be the girl yash oh.

Seller: na you sabi, take your indomie make youthey go house.

Na wetin concern her if i they look girl yash or not, all this women self them go they carry fakenews waka, i return home, i pass backyard make ogijio the carpenter no see me, i nor get time for him nonsense talk, maybe after my war with indomie i go go sit down with am makewe do ameboy small.I put the indomie for fire, as i put everything finish na im my phone ring, i go parlour go pick am, because i been dey kitchen they cook the indomie since my mummy no cook morning foodbefore she disappear, well na me cause am shabecause say i nor sleep for house, i look at the screen, unknown number na who come they callme with unknown number now eeh, make i pick and see, i pick the call i heard a lady’s voice.

Me: hello, na who i dey yarn with?

Lady: so you dont recognise my voice?

Me: sorry i hit my head on the wall just now, so i have small headache, who be this abeg?

Lady: is me ……….

Me: elizabeth.

Lizzy: yeah.Me: good morning dear.

Lizzy: morning, i’ve been calling you with my other line, why did you refuse to pick.

Me: i was sleeping sorry, i didnt sleep well last night, so i use the morning to cover up.

Lizzy: okay no probs, are you at home?

Me: yes but am going out now.

Lizzy: going where?

Me: am going to school to pick something.

Lizzy: okay, when are you going.

Me: by 12 in the afternoon.

Lizzy: i want to see you and its urgent.

Me: whaat is it about?

Lizzy: is nothing serious, just need someone to talk to now.(hmmmm me am not going back to that house oh)

Me: i dont know, i will soon go to school, maybe another time.

Lizzy: no i need you now, if you cant come, i will come then.

Me: you cant come to my house now.

Lizzy: why, are you with somebody?

Me: no at all, just that……

Lizzy: am already on my way, get ready to see me in 20 minutes.Oshe, i don enter am today, after that horrible dream i don they fear her small small even though i still love her because of her beauty, from head to toe she fine so tell me who no go fall for beauty like lizzy.I got up from parlour and ran to kitchen to check my indomie e be like i dey hear smell of something dey burn, i pray make e no be my indomie oh,oh my God, see as my indomie don turn shackle,chai e be like doctor need to do surgery for mynose because i no quick hear the smelling, or maybe na because i dey talk to lizzy make me no hear? But na mouth i dey take talk to her na no be nose, so my nose dey free and i supposehear the odour,.I was still battling what to chop when suddenly a heavy breeze started blowing, the breeze was scattering nylon papers around, i look around my outside, the dust was too much that i close my door immediately, then later the breeze started cooling down as the breeze calm down iheard a knock on my door, “ko ko ko”.i was kinda shock, how can i open my door when a heavy breeze just scatter everything outside so u want to tell me say somebody dey waka at the middle of a storm when i couldnt even see anything, unbelievable, i heard the knock again, i didnt want to open because i was afraid, then my phone started ringing, the phoneringing tone even shock me self, i look at the screen and saw the same number lizzy use to call me just now, i pick it up with shaky hands.

Me: hello.

Lizzy: yeah am in front of your door, come and open please.Waoh, i never remember discribing my house toher so how can she be in my frontage, hiah, or maybe i told her but i forgot, well make i open door for her na.I walk to the door and open up, oh men, i look her from up to down, chai but God create sha.She wore black canvass, white leggins, white shite and a black cap with bag.

Me: Jesus

Lizzy: whaat?

Me: you look like an angel.

Lizzy: okay thank you, can i come in now?

Me: oh why not, please come and make yourselfcomfortable.

She walk in like an angel also, all fear wey i been they fear disappear once, and all i could think of now is lizzy and even the hungry disappear too, she sit at one chair while i continue gazing at her beauty like burning fire.

Lizzy: why are you starring me like that?

Me: am just thinking why god will be so stingy.

Lizzy: how.Me: because he gave you all the beauty of this world.

Lizzy: hmmmm please can you do me one favor.

Me: anything for you my dear.

Lizzy: stop calling those names.

Me: which name?

Lizzy: the G.O.D and the J.E.S.U.S.

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