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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Jiji: eyaa sorry oh.

Me: thank you.

Jiji: did you love her?

Me: very much, more than anything.

Jiji: how did she die?

Me: its a story i dont want to remember.

Jiji: okay, where do you live, i will like to come visit you sometime.

Me: that blue house close to that upstair,.

Jiji: you mean PA Ayeni house?

Me: exactly.

Jiji: okay, anytime am coming i will call you.

Me: no probs,i gave her my number and varth came in.

Varth: una don do finish abi, make i go off my gen.

He left us to of the generator, i stood up to wear my clothes.

Jiji: whats that?

Me: what?

Jiji: i mean that mark on your back.

Me: its a bullet wood.

Jiji: oh my God, how did it happen?

Me: i told you i dont want to remember my past.

Jiji: you must have live a mysterious life.

Me: more mysterious than you can imagine (dont miss brouhaha 2).I wore my clothes and wanted to leave when varth came in, i took the money from my pocketand gave it varth.

Jiji: varth, i wan go oh.

Varth: okay na, manage this one ( he gave her the money) till next time.She took the money and wear clothes, she left us alone in the room as she met us.

Varth: you say you wan they go house abi?

Me: make i relax small.

Varth: oboy but you they knack akpako oh.

Me: me and you nor be mate.

Varth: na medicine you they use wey you nor quick release?

Me: no oh, sometimes i they use but i nor use today.

Varth: then how you come tey like that na?

Me: mumu you nor see say she first sU-Ck me release before i start to dey Bleep her.

Varth: chai, she dey always complain say i nor they tey, e be like say you go give me that medicine oh.

Me: na you sabi but know say e get side effect.

Varth: bone that one joor, just bring the medicine next time you they come.

My phone started ringing, i look at the screen and saw my mumy largely displayed on the screen.

Me: hello mum.

Mum: where you they?

Me: i dey house.

Mum: okay abeg go store i wan pass here go service.

Me: okay ma.

Mum: key they ontop table.She said and cut the call, chai i hope she go quick come cus i cant pass that bridge alone in the night again.

Me: varth wetin you wan they do for house?

Varth: nothing oh, any show.

Me: come follow go evbiamen na.

Varth: mtcheeeew i nor they go, that boring village wey fine girl nor they.

Me: e get one babe wey just come from benin, she fine well well.Varth: really? Oya make we they go.

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