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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I was rubbing my d!ck with my hands i signal her to come and then she crawl to me from vareeth body like a small baby, i sit down for bed with my back at the wall, she waka come myside carry my d!ck and start sU-Cking it deliciously as if she never eat am before, maybe shes trying to impress me that she’s a good sU-Cker, she sU-Ck me so well and i put my two hands on her head and start rubbing it looking at the sky and m0an!ng slowling (wetin they sky wey i dey find?), after she don sU-Ck tire she wan wear me condom, i told her no sheshould continue sU-Cking (i wan release first before real action), varth just lie down there like dead wood, that guy lazy sha, the way she they sU-Ck they do me like say na Bleep she dey Bleep me, she sU-Ck me for five minutes then i release am for her face after i nor fit bear am again, she clean herself up and continue sU-Cking,just just now my d!ck don gain attention again (yeah am proud of my d!ck e no disgrace me), then she took the condom and wear it on my cap after wearing it she sU-Ck it again to make the condom very wet, she wanted to sit ontop me but no, i hold her by the arm and make her to lie down with her back, opening her leg wide like gutter, then i enter insert my disk inside, i started fu-Cking her like macho man, i started slowly when i see say she nor wan make sound,she dey form Don, i started moving my ass faster as she also give in to my thrusting, i turnher around doggie style she lie on her stomach,then i put pillow on her tummy to move her ass up very well, then i insert my disk inside the dvd player, i was doing it very fast but yet i norstill here sound from her ( girls no know say that sound they give us encouragement for us to carry on), but she was doing her face one kind like say she dey bear am, okay let me see how she can bear it when standing, i got up from her and take her to the wall, she face the wall, then i move her right leg up and insert my disk, first thrust she shout, i think say she get mind, lol, i started fuccking her so well, making sure i touch her stomach, na so her breast theyfly around like flying witch,.“oh yeah Bleep me well, fucccck.,uhmmm” she swallow spit and continue shouting.Varth: guy you wan kill her oh.

I continue sampling her like vampire, the thrusting was too much that she started shouting.“take it easy, take it easy na.She push me away and go and lie down, me i never tire, i waka go meet her, spread her leg open and move her close to the edge of the bedwith me standing while her lying on the bed withher back, then i insert my disk again and started fu-Cking her, “uhmmm” e be like say she don tire to shout, varth waka go carry fan and started to they breeze me,.Varth: i respect you my man,i continue fuccking her and varth continue fanning me while jiji continue m0an!ng like a monsterr.I fucck her for good 20 minutes before i releaseand faint on her body.Varth went outside and on their general generator, he came inside and put the fan to thehighest and leave us alone.Jiji: you have killed me”. with a faint voice.

Me: i was just helping out.

Jiji: how did you know how to Bleep like that?

Me: a girl thought me.

Jiji: whats her name?

Me: celestina.

Jiji: where is she now?

Me: dead

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