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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 23
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All alone at home thinking about my exam, what will be the result i believe i did well and have nothing to worry about, i took one movie since light they and insert inside dvd player.I was watching legend of the seeker when somebody knock on my door.

Me: who is there?

Vareeth: na me idiot.

Me: thunder fire your head, mum.I open the door for him and he came inside withmy

Me: how far na?

Varth: idiot, i say make you come carry your cassete since you nor here abi my mummy for break the cassete today.

Me: wetin happen?He sat down facing TV.

Varth: na season three of seeker be this?

Me: no na two.

Varth: na why them no wan bring season three come na?

Me: go ask them na.Varth: from the story i hear say darken rahl come back.

Me: him don come back for season two already na.

Varth: them say him come back come join seeker defeat the keeper.

Me: na lie joor, seeker don defeat keeper finish,them don close the gate na, wetin happen joor wey your mummy wan break the cassete?

Varth: my junior sister carry am for my table inside my room go parlour, she think say na drama, as she put am for our general DvD na so the Dvd burn.

Me: waoh,

Varth: you sure no be devil give you this cassete so, because the way i they see this cassete no be ordinary one as e don reject all dvd.He throw the disk to me, i look at it very well, whats the deal about you? i think i will return you back to the lawyers, i said on my mind.

Varth: guy put better film na.

Me: i nor get any new film, check there anyone you see you put am.

Varth: chai no be spartacus be this?

Me: you never watch am?

Varth: i nor they tire to watch am.

Me: because of the sex abi?

Varth: yes oh, abeg make i put am.

Me: put season two, na two sex full pass.

Varth: na lie na season one.

Me: na you sabi put anyone you want.His phone started ringing, he look at the screen.

Varth: na that my babe jiji oh.

Me: tell her make she come na.

Varth: i nor get money to give her joor.

Me: na how much you they give her?

Varth: na just 5h.

Me: oya tell her to come i go give her.

Varth: okay oh.He pick the call……After the call……

Me: that means we go go your house na.

Varth: i go call her come here na.

Me: no no, my mummy fit come anytime from now.

Varth: oh i don forget say you be small boy, oyamake we they go na.

Me: yeye they worry you.I put the house in order before leaving, dont want my mum to come and see everywhere scattered especially my room.We enter the empty house.

Me: where your people go?

Varth: them go farm go bring cassava for akpu.

Me: na so so akpu una they chop na im make you they tall like dogo so.

Varth: as if your mummy nor they buy.

True talk my mummy they buy their akpu well well, even if them do am, my mummy no need tocall them na them go just bring am.We enter his room and arrange everywhere, after like ten minutes she called and said that she’s in front of his house, vareeth told her to come inside.She knock and varth open the door for her, omo come see as she they sparkle, she look beautiful with her mature ass, she wore red handless gown.

Jiji: hey good evening.

Varth: welcome, come on in.

Jiji: vareeth you nor tell me say your friend they here na.

Varth: if i tell you wetin you go do?

Jiji: i for bring somebody join body na.

Me: hmmmm so you mean you nor fit serve twoof us, i said moving to the top of the bed while varth sat at the bottom with her.Varth sat close to her and put his right hand round her shoulder, she look at me as if shes ashame and i signal i dont care sign, then she remove her shoes and throw it to the door, shetook varth head and sample his mouth with wet kiss they fell on the bed slowling, he put his left hand on her breast and press it while she continue kissing him, she rub his chest with her right hand and move it down, she touch his d!ck and remove it from the trouser, she started stroking it while he put his hand inside her red gown and touch the tip of her breast, she satupand remove her clothes, she remove his own also and sat ontop him, she move downward and started sU-Cking his d!ck, e be like say she sabi am well well, she sU-Ck and sU-Ck and sU-Ck as vareeth m0an like goat, she moveup and give varth a kiss then she remove condom from cupboard wear on his dicck and sat ontop him, she started fu-Cking him very well, the way she they fu-Ck why varth go pass 3 minutes, she was fu-Cking him so well, vareeth just they look up wether him they count ceiling i nor know, shewine her waist like nicki minaj in anaconda video, resting her two hands on his chest, aftersome time varth release.Jiji: i nor say you nor they tey, i hope your friend sabi well well.She look at me with one eye and saw me stroking my hard dicck, she smile and said “i like what am seeing”

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