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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Well what do you expect ido, nothing of course than to keep on moving, even the street to her house is bushy waoh how can a beautiful girl like this be living a forest like this, the way she dress and raise herslef you will think shes a president daughter, i was thinking so many things on my mind when she when she suddenlytouch my shoulder, i shock.

Lizzy: waoh, you look lost.

Me: me, lost, nah i’ve come to this area before and i cant be lost (na fu-Ckup say big boy like methey fear na).

Lizzy: alright.

We got close to the house then i stop at the front.

Lizzy: why are you stopping?

Me: well you go on and open the door na.

Lizzy: this is not my house, that is my house (pointing at a white upstair with black transparent gate).

Me: what, you mean that kind building is here?Omo i waka go front go look the house well, chaithis house fine die.

Me: you mean you live here?

Lizzy: of course, i live with parents before i lost them through accident. ( she open the frontgate with her key).

Me: am sorry.

Lizzy: thank you.

She open the gate and i enter inside, omo e be like say i they heaven, lol everywhere was sparkling clean and shinning like temple of angels.

Me: waoh.

Lizzy: welcome to my little house.

Me: this is mansion not little, how can you come and hide in this place, omo this house suppose they main road make visitors know say this kind building they afuze.

Lizzy: hahaha stop it with your flattering, nobody agree to give my mum land in town, so we decided to buy this place.

Me: hian (I look around like mercy johnson when okafor brought her to city in one movie like that) this is too dam fine.

Me: please take your seat let me get something for you,.She enter one room while i look around, she have light even though no light in town, everywhere painted white, i saw pictures on thewall, something caught my attention, there is one picture i saw, i saw her sitting in one old building with a small cat.“that was our old house” i turn and saw her putting wine in cup.

Me: really, which place is this?

Lizzy: here.

Me: here, how?

Lizzy: that was our old house, after my parents die, i renovate it.

Me: you, hahahaha you are funny.

Lizzy: okay if you say so.She offer me the wine.

Me: nah i dont take.

Lizzy: what! why?

Me: i dont like it.

Lizzy: then what would you want me to offer you.

Me: i dont think i will take anything (i love my life).

Lizzy: hmm so you come to my house and expectto go like that without taking anything?

Me: not like that na, i just dont feel like taking anything now, i said and sit at one luxurious chair.She came close to me and rub my chest, she sat on my leg on the cushion and drink from thewine, then she bend down and kiss me, waoh her lips is soft, i taste the wine in her mouth very sweet waoh, then she stood up and take the wine to table annexing more on the glass, then something started happening to me, my eyes started turning me and i was weak.Me: whats happening, i cant move?

Lizzy: relax, its the drug taking over your system, dont fight it or else you will die, she said smiling.I was so weak that i cant even see her anymore, i started seeing things i feared the most, i saw myself in a place like hell, i was kneeling down begging somebody with two horns just like hellboy, please dont kill her, i found myself saying.The person took big cuttlass on his hand raisingit up to kill somebody, i look down and saw that the person he want to kill is my mom, i try to rush him but i couldnt, i cant move so i started begging and crying at same time, “please i will do anything you want me to do, just dont kill herplease.”the person turn and face me, if you dont want to see her dead, then tell me where you keep the cassete disk.

Me: please i will tell you, i hide it under my bed at home, please just let her go.

Then everywhere crash and i found myself at home sleeping, i wokeup quickly, i dont know how i got here because i believe what i saw is not a dream, then i quickly check under my bed for the cassete, i didnt see it, all my things scattered on the ground, then my phone startedringing, i look at the screen and saw vareeth, i pick it up.Me: guy how far?

Vareeth: my man na that una drama cassete forschool you give me oh, e don crash my dvd again self.

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