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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“ko ko ko” i knock on his door.Vareeth: who be that?I didnt answer instead i knock again, then i heard.

Girl: e be like say na your father.

Vareeth: e no fit be my dad im nor fit come by this time, ” na who they there? ‘he shouted.

Me: idiot na me open up.

Vareeth: i tell you say no be my papa na my mumu friend.

He open up the door and i saw a beautiful girls with big ass that can kill somebody instantly, i wonder where my guy bring this one from.

Vareeth: guy how farna?

Me: i dey oh, na who be this fine girl?

Girl: am jiji from afuze, i’ve heard alot about you.

Me: really, am Oz by the way; ‘straighting my hands to shake her’

Vareeth: she know you already no need for handshake.

Me: so how do you know me?I sat beside her on bed, with her still on her bra and pant.

Vareeth: wetin be this one na, guy wetin even carry you come?I just bone my friend.

Jiji: well not much he just told me you have money to spend, is it true?

Me: depending on what i will be getting in return.

Girl: hmmmm She bite her lips in a seductive way, the thing turn my head small.

Vareeth: oya e don do, come make i escort you jiji.

Jiji: why na but we never finish na?

Vareeth: no we don finish.

Jiji: what of my money.

Varth: i go give you for road, standup now before i change my mind.She stoodup and wear her clothes omo that yash no be here oh, the thing big like elephantiasis, the ass dey bounce as she they wear her trouser, even her trouser no gree pass her yash na force she force am put, vareeth escorted her out after she finish wearing her clothes.I drop the cassette disk on the table and relax on his chair, chai see as everywhere they smellsex sex,after like fifteen minutes my friend return with hollandio yoghurt.

Vareeth: guy wetin they do you self? Na my babe you wan they shike again abi.

Me: na im make you they shake body for me abi, but that girl get yash oh na where you see her bring from self?He open the yoghurt and pour small for cup forme.

Vareeth: na ashawo na, she dey blue house for afuze na there i bring her from.

Me: so she be ashi na im you nor wan let me run her packaga?

Vareeth: see you, you wey they fucck fucck everyday you they give me anyone, abeg forget that matter joor, wetin they happen.

Me: nothing oh, i just say make i stroll come here na, ehen you know one girl they them theycall justina for up.

Varth: how she look like?

Me: she is dark and has big breast she leave close to this evbiamen school for here.

Varth: oh you mean lizzy sister??

Me: yes exactly.

Varth: the girl package na you wan run am?

Me: i be wan run her but i they here say her family na witch.

Varth: hahahahaha, na where you hear that one?

Me: na glory tell me na.

Varth: ha that girl no want make you Bleep another person be that oh, them nor be witch joor run the package if you want run am.

Me: hmmm, you know wether she get any serious boyfriend.

Varth: i dont think, but i hear say one guy wey first date her run mad, that guy na wey them they call 2/4 for old road.

Me: hian and you say she no be witch?

Varth: no na you know say the guy they hammer indian hemp well well na, na that igbo make am mad.

Me: hmm anyway i go try my luck, afterall no bemarry i wan marry her.

Varth: na to Bleep her throway na abi?

Me: yes oh.LIKE SERIOUSLY, CAN I REALLY Bleep HER AND LEAVE HER I DONT THINK SO.I ask frank to give me more yoghurt he refuse so i drag the yoghurt from his hand and ran outside, i use padlock to lock him inside his room with the yogurt in my hand, he continue banging the door for me to open but i don already reach house.

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