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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Me: na why you open you teeth like that?

Carp: bad guy, e no they hard you at all.

Me: hahaha tha girl too fine na,

Carp: if you fit run her na to carry you go shopping oh because many guys don try her with no luck.

Me: really?

Carp: yes na, the girl no they even stand listen to them self.

Me: waoh she dosnt look like a hard girl to me oh.

Carp: maybe because she like you na, she been don even ask me about you before.

Me: really, wetin she talk?

Carp: e get one time wey you they waka pass, she ask me why me and you nor they talk.

Me: and wetin you talk?

Carp: i tell her say you na big boy na, you only talk with big boys like you.

Me: hahahaha, abeg i wan go my friend house joor.

Carp: sit down small na, how many minutes you don stay self wey you wan they go.

Me: okay i go stay, who be sister wey you they friend?

Carp: na lizzy, her elder sister.

Me: hmmm i never even see them before oh.

Carp: as you nor they comeout na so them nor they comeout too.

Me: na wa oh, abeg you go carry me go their house oh.

Carp: no wahala na, anytime you ready you halame, see one of your babe they come.

Me: who?I look road and i saw glory coming, i stood and hed straight to my house.

Me: bye bye.

Carp: hmmm take am easy.I waited for glory for back of the carpenter house which is front of my house.

Me: my wife how you they?

Glory: na who be your wife, abeg stop that nonsense joor.

Me: ha wetin i do again.

Glory: after wetin happen last night?

Me: am really sorry about that, how is your ma?

Glory: at least shes still kicking.
We reach house and i open door for us to enter we sat down together.

Glory: abeg i nor wan tey at all, just give me theblood medicine.

Me: ha wetin they rush you na, at least make i entertain you small na. ( i started touching her delicious lap)

Glory: (she hit my hand hard)my ma is waiting for her drug, and by the way, she look beautiful.

Me: who?

Glory: the girl you escorted just now.

Me: ha na ogijio girlfriend na.

Glory: really, but i heard he dates her sister.

Me: me i nor know oh, i just saw them outside i have nothing with her.

Glory: na you sabi, but i have to warn you to beextremely careful.

Me: careful of what?

Glory: her elder brother confess last month.

Me: confess of what?

Glory: that he’s a witch na.

Me: really, well thats for him na.

Glory: not only him, i heard his dad also confesslong long ago, the family is a witch.

Me: well thank God i have nothing to do with them.

Glory: you better dont oh, cus it wont end well ifyou do.

Me: hmmmm.

Glory: abeg give me the medicine make i dey go,my ma go dey wait for me now.I started touching her lap again, she look me with one bad eye, i nor wetin that one mean so Igot up to take the medicine and gave it to her, she stood up.

Me: so you wan go like that?

Glory: next time abeg, she just open door and disappear, na wa for this girl oh, she suppose blow me small na.I got up and hed to vareeth house to return thecassete, maybe i can confirm from him if truly Justina and her family are truly witch.I got to his house nobody they, i go his room and i heard.

Female voice: “oh yeah, fucck me hard, dont release oh, dont release oh”Male

Voice: “hmmmmmmmmm”Female

Voice: ” why e be say you nor they stay more than 3 minutes?”

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