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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 15
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I sit down for parlour on sunday evening they watch film, my mummy they kitchen they cook confirm rice, i for don go out but the aroma of the rice no let me commot for house, am going to school tomorrow to write scholarship exam and i never even carry my book read na wa oh,i go read later in the night sha.

Mum: Ozes come buy pure water come.

Me: okay ma,i took 100 naira from the table and went out to get pure water, on my way i saw the carpenteralone on his usual spot.

Carpenter: my oga i nor they see you again oh..

Me: bros no be so, no time at all.

Carpenter: so all those girls no they let you rest.

Me: ha oga, me wey they prepare for exam, abeg i they come make i go buy pure water come.

Carpenter: no wahala, i they here gidigba.I cross over to the other side to get bag of pure water.“i they here they wait for you oh” he said after he saw me coming with the pure water, i just smile and pass him.

I reach house omo mum don arrange my plate of rice already, i consume the rice like fire, me i nor they use food play oh.

Me: mum this one no reach me oh.

Mum: that many thing? Well go swallow stone because the one wey they pot na for tomorrow,.Na wa oh, we never solve today own finish na tomorrow she they think about, she finish what she was doing and carry her bag.

Mum: take care of house oh i don they go store.

Me: okay ma, i nor sure say i fit come today oh.

Mum: why?

Me: i wan prepare for my exam tomorrow.

Mum: okay no problem, stay house oh no go anywhere oh.

Me: okay mam.She enter road they go her store, i wait for fifteen minutes before i lock door, carry vareeth cassete and commot for house.

As i they go meet the carpenter i saw one beautiful damsel sitting with him she has large breast with fine ass not too big sha but just perfect, shes dark in completion na this one we they call black beauty, omo this carpenter na bad guy na where he know this fine girl self.

Carpenter: i think say you nor go come again.

Me: why i nor go come, good evening ma, i greet her and sat down on a bench.

Fine Girl: good evening sir.

Carpenter: Justina this one na my friend oziegbe, nurse pikin.

Justina: i know him but i didnt know he’s a friend of yours.

Carpenter: na because him no they comeout na, well Oz see my girlfriend sister Justina.

Me: waoh she look beautiful, i stood up and shake her hand, see as her hand soft like bread.

Justina: thank you sir.

Carpenter: na every girl they fine for ur eyes.

Me: na which girl i don tell you fine for my eyes before?

Carp: na you sabi.

Me: so justina, you live in this community?

Just: yes up new road, the road to evbiamen grammar school.

Me: waoh so why have i not see you before?

Justina: well maybe because i dont get out much,but i do know you from that hospital.

Carpenter: na wa oh, see as una just do as if i nor they here, make i better commot joor.He left us and i was happy.

Me: how?

Just: there’s one time you help my mummy when she was about to give birth to our last born.

Me: really and i dont even remember oh.

Just: is a long time ago.

Me: okay, like which year.

Just: 6 years ago.

Me: waoh i was a baby then now.

Just: yeah, she said when she came to the hospital in the night around eight she saw nobody and she was heavy already.

Me: she came alone.

Just: yeah.

Me: but why, what of your da….

Just: long story.

Me: hmmmm.

Just: anyway i think i should be on my way now.

Me: but you never tell me the story finish na.

Just: another time pls.

Me: okay its nice knowing you, can i get your contact please i will really love to meet you again.

Just: i dont have phone for now.

Me: waoh big like you, am sorry but i dont believe you.

Just: yes my phone was seize by my dad ( she stood up getting ready to leave) can you escortme pls.

Me: my pleasure, so how do i see you again?

Just: well am always at home, ogijio know my house.

Me: better cus i definitely want to meet you again, you a student right.

Just: yes, i school here in evbiamen grammar school ( waoh same school wey i wan write exam).

Me: thats nice, which class?

Just: ss3.

Me: nice.I escorted her to new road, come see as guys they look us as if we newly wed, chai see wahala i hope this news no reach all the girls wey i dey chop for this village oh.I escort her close to her house before i turn back.I go back to our usual spot and saw ogijio the carpenter open teeth looking at me smiling as ifhe win lottery.

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