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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 14
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I continue running like mad man running fromhis shadow, i didnt see anybody but there’sfootprint following me, the elders in thisvillage use to warn us the youth to alwaysbecareful when passing this bridge especiallyus that like to party that this bridge isdangerous because of its sleeky history andits history that we should not pass it aloneeither with group or bike, forget about thesleeky nature the case is that the bridge isdangerous because so many immortal insidethe river, i would have love to tell the story ofowan river but the story is too long so letsjust keep that for another day.I ran till i get to one filling station by my rightopposite the abandon market, well thank Godi don they reach town, i look back again butthis time i didnt see any footprint again e belike say the thing they fear light (from thefilling station)i slow down a little and restthank God oh, then i started jogging, after ipass the junction where the new road and oldroad meet i branch at evbiamen hospital (mymummy work there), i went straight to wherethey keep key and open the hospital, i enterinside to take cold purewater (those yeyesecurity wey no they like come work so needto be sack).I drink one of the water for there, then i carrytwo put for bag, i commot for the hospitaland keep the key where i carry am after i donlock the door finish, i walk home with notrouble for road, but wait oh trouble deyhouse, i lock glory for my room before icommot and i believe my mum will be backnow i just pray make my mum no see her oh(though i lock door).“ko ko ko” i knock on our door, somebodyopen it from inside,.

Me: good evening ma.

Mum: dooh welcome, how market?

Me: fine ma, (i enter inside parlour and satdown) i wait for you, you nor come come.

Mum: sorry joor, as i come i just enter roomsleep na small i be wan sleep oh but when iwake up after eight so i just decided to stayand wait for you.

Me: ha, you for call me na make i nor hopeand i don miss practice now meaning i wontrope tommorow, anyway see your money.

I gave my mummy the pox and stood up andenter my room.

Mum: by the way why you lock your door.

Me: i flit am na im make.

Mum: then you for lock am without padlockna.

Me: i nor say anytime you enter my room youdey always forget to close am back that’s whyi lock am.

Mum: na you sabi, go pull your clothes makeyou go carry food for table.

Me: wetin your cook?Mum: black soup.Me: waoh my favorite.

Mum: yes i know.I open my door and saw my darling glory onbed facing me, beside her is my briefcase opened.

My mum they parlour if we talk she go hereso i just use my hand wave her and she waveme back smiling as i pull my clothes (she lovemy body i knew it).I pull my clothes and come back to parlour, icheck dinning and i saw black soup (myfavorite soup) i feed the hungry flies in my stomach .“Mum” i called my mum from parlour.

Mum: yes

Me: eba no remain.

Mum: you mean say you finish that bowl?

Me: e no even reach me self.

Mum: haa na who you even resemble for foodlike this, oya na go carry my own for coolerinside kitchen.

Me: thank you ma.I enter kitchen and took the remaining onewey my mummy remain i eat am finish i stiilno belleful, so i just go keep plate and enterbathroom to shower, after shower i told mymum goodnight.

Mum: come make we pray before you go urroom.

We finish praying, my mum go her room whileme i enter my room close door with key.

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