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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Glory: i need to go home now.

Me: come on lets wait like 30 minutes by thenmy mum will already be asleep ( i sat besideher) i really love you..

Glory: mtcheww abeg forget that one joor:

Me: no oh i cant forget my love oh.

Glory: thats your own na i just hope my ma isalright.

Me: what happened to her.

Glory: she was ill na that’s why i came to buy medicine.

Me: whats the sickness?

Glory: she has low blood count.

Me: why didnt you take her to hospital?

Glory: i did na, they describe drugs for her,but the blood medicine finish thats why icame to buy and you decided to trap me.

Me: eyaa, she will be alright dont worry, justcook vegetable soup for her always.

Glory: i am trying my best, please can i gonow.

Me: wait let me check parlour.

I went to parlour and pass there eavesdrop onmy mummy’s door, i heard her praying, iquickly return to my room and told her tofollow me, we walk to parlour and i gentlyopen the door for her, she sneak out like thiefand ran to whereever she came from, oops iforget to give her the blood medicine hmm iwill give her tomorrow, i lock our and returnto my room, i relaxed on my bed and startthinking.

The girl i saw that night is thesame girl onthe picture, is it a coincidence or what? thatshe killed her parents and shes a witch, nojoor that girl is too beautiful to be witch infactnext time i see her i will even walk u to herand talk to her, imagine me walking aroundwith fine girl like that omo respect go they forme for that town oh e go be like say i buyhummer jeep.I continue thinking till i slept off.I woke and saw that my room is open heavybreeze blowing inside my room, ha na whoopen door na, i quickly got up and walk toparlour i saw our main door also open, breezeblowing everything scattering papers andcurtains around with nylon flying around theroom, i quickly close the door and walk to mymummy’s door, she aint in because her dooris lock, i look ground and i saw a piece ofpaper on the ground, i pick it up and read.” i don go store, take care of house”.

Waoh this is unlike her, she never wakeupwithout calling me for morning prayer, i lookdinning and saw cooler covered, i opened itand saw pounded yam with egusi soup, waohwetin happen to the black soup na? I thoughtloud.I was thinking wether to go to kitchen andcheck the black soup when our main doorswung open again heavily by heavy breeze,with curtain and papers flying around again iran to close the door again but i cant, i triedto close it but it seems the door is a rockcause i cant even move it, the breeze was toomuch that our big glass fell on the groundand scattered, i was shock that i fell ontopour cushion chair i look outside as i satforcefully on the chair, i try to get up but icant, i cant move my hands or my legs whats going on i wondered, i try to open my mouthto shout for help but i cant then my mouth started with skin, unknown skin covered mymouth and my nose remaining my eyes i cant breath, then i saw somebody coming to ourhouse from outside, the person use white rapper to tie herself, she look exactly like thegirl that i saw on the cassete that said her sister is a witch, she came closer put a stepin our door and strenght her right hand tome, i look at the hand it was bleeding verybad, then she started crying, she was cryingblood, blood started coming out of her noseand her mouth too, whats going on iwondered, she open her mouth to talk to mewith me still confuse on the chair, when sheopen her mouth no teeth on her mouth, shewas toothless, then she said something withher hands still strenght to me as if she wantme to give her something.“please help us, ugbomiga river”..Then i woke up sweating like someone thatran 1000 metre race.

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