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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 12
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I push her aside quickly and jump up frombed

Glory: is that your mum? With shaking voice.

Me: i think so, quickly wear your clothes.i wear my clothes in less than one seconds and rush to parlour the knocking continue itook her sleepers from parlour and drop itinside my room and lock her in.

Me: who is that i shouted from inside myroom after arranging arranging parlour.

Mum: na me open door.Waoh, i know say na she, i open the doorquickly.

Me: welcome ma.

Mum: why you take long to open the door?

Me: i be wan go baf.

Mum: And why you they sweat?

Me: i go play ball i just return now, na immake me wan go baf.

Mum: oya quick go baf make okada carry yougo store.

Me: wetin happen, you nor go again?

Mum: we get meeting for council now.

Me: waoh and i be get choir practice todayoh.

Mum: i go come quick.

I use vex enter bathroom and shower aftershower i enter my room to wear my clothes.

Glory: (she rush to me with sleek voice) sowhats going to happen to me?

Me: am sorry but you have to remain here tilli return from store oh.

Glory: oh God which kind wahala be this noweehh, my grandma they house they wait formedicine oh.

Me: am sorry dear.

Glory: is there no way i can sneak out?

Me: not without my mum seeing you.

Me: chai.

She was so sad she just fell on my bed andstarted counting the ceiling.

Me: i will be back in time.

Glory: like nine abi ten wey you dey use closeabi?

Me: no my mum will return latest by six, sobefore fifteen miutes afer six i will be here.

Glory: is it not church shes’s going to?

Me: no, its a council meeting.

Glory: and how are you sure she wont comeinside your room?

Me: cause i will lock you inside.

Glory: Oh God.I finish wearing my clothes and lock her there,i took store key from my mum and somechange, i left the house with glory lockedinside my room, i get to evbiamen and openour store, i sat outside operating my phone,till 5:30pm my mummy never still come, nawa oh, i continue selling drugs and alsochecking time at various interval 6:15pm mymummy never still show, hmmm glory go donthey vex now, i called my mummy number butshe didnt pick up, wetin they happen na,7:15pm my mummy never still come then igive hope, once she don tey reach seven forcouncil and she never return e mean say shedon pass there go house be that, i hope shenor see glory oh because yawa go blow.I open my eyes wide incase i will seecherrymay but maybe she nor go sex todaysince she nor come buy condom, i didnt evensee her brake light self, and all the girls wey they come buy medicine none of them fine,some just be like crayfish while some be like bonga fish, chai evbiamen girls no they fine atall, the fine fine once don travel go benin,when its after nine i lock my store and enter road.

Chai na only me wan waka pass this bridge today eh, omo that one no go happen oh, i stood on the road to enter bike, the first one istop say 200 naira, wetin i dey enter 30 naira before, chai na God go punish that bike mannot only him though cus all the bike i stop noone agree 150 self, so i decided to trek it, iwalk slowly then when i get close to the bridge i started walking faster, in the midnight with nobody on the road, no moon just stars wey no shine at all, i got to the bridge with bush everywhere and increase my footstep then i started hearing voice down the bridge,i heard water splash then after some secondsi heard small whistle then i heard movementunder the bridge like somebody is coming outof the river, i started running very fast, icontinue running without looking back, then iheard footstep running behind me, fear begincatch me sotay my leg come start to theyshake, i continue to run then i turn and lookback i saw footprint of somebody runningbehind me but i didnt see anybody, na there iknow say God don they punish me for my sin.

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