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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I ran inside our house and look at the picture again, is the same girl exactly, now the questionis why is the picture with them? did she commit any crime? Because they are lawyers, and how come i saw her that night or was she tracking me or what? So many questions on my mind, i think i need to watch that cassete disk maybe i will get my answer from there.I took the disk and dissappear to vareeth house, and as usual i met her mom doing akpu with her beautiful daughter i they even eye that girl self, i cant wait for her to grow up, shes fifteen now and her boobs don they mature, (she they sell akpu).

Me: good evening ma.

Mom: oz how you they?

Mag: good evening brother oziegbe.

Me: am fine ma, mag how far?

Mag: fine, why you nor come choir practice yersterday.

Me: i think practice nor they yersterday.

Mag: yes but dadddy say make we come because of the three days dry fasting wey we go do for okpilla mountain.

Me: okay i forget, na when we go go?

Mag: na next month oh.

Me: okay no problem, vareeth they house?

Mag: yes, he dey him room

Me: okay.I walk straight to vareeth house, i knock.

Vareeth: na who be that?

Me: idiot na me open up.He opened the door and i walk in and close the door behind me.

Me: how far.

Vareeth: i dey fine, wetin bring you come today?

Me: i just come pay you visit.

Vareeth: na which film you bring come so.

Me: no be film, na one cassete like that about drama wey we they practice for school, i never watch because e nor gree play for my dvd,.Vareeth: i tell you before say make you go burythat cassete, you need to bury am seven days, just like them they do seven days dry fasten to brighten the lens.

Me: you nor well.I sat on the bed.

Me: which film you they watch.

Vareeth: na xmen oh.

Me: which part be this?

Vareeth: the origin.

Me: waoh i never watch am oh and you nor bother to give me since.

Vareeth: na just now i get am na, after i watch am finish i go give you.

Me: man abeg i nor get time, just check the cassete for me, make i dey go.

Vareeth: ooohh, i be they enjoy this film oh, join me watch am na after we finish we go check am.

Me: i nor get time abeg.I walk to the dvd player and open it, i remove his cassete and insert mine.We saw a lady on the screen different from theone on the picture sitting and facing us.” she killed them, she killed them all, she killed our father, killed our mother and yes i might probably be dead now, am her sister, look at her picture (the same picture i saw on the briefcase) am her elder sister, shes our last born, please run away from her, shes dangerous” the dvd crash.

Vareeth: wetin happen na, why my dvd burn?

Me: mtcheeew na wa for this ur dvd oh, you need to go bury am for 21 days for fasting and prayer,.

Vareeth: but na who be this girl wey they talk?

Me: na drama wey we they try practice for school, we still they practice am.

Vareeth: the thing be like real something oh.I took the dvd, unplug it.

Me: give me ur screw driver.

He gave me screw driver, i open the dvd and took my cassete i left it like that.

Vareeth: i think say u wan repair am na.

Me: i go come back come repair am, but make i reach house first.

Vareeth: you just come come burn my dvd abi, make i follow you go house go watch this xmen finish na.

Me: oya na make we they go.We walk out of his room, he lock his door as wejourney to my house, not far his sha we just have to cross the new road.We got to my house and i insert the cassete forhim, he fastforward it to were he stop while i enter my room to hide the cassete, but who is this talking on just now? And what does she mean it she killed them all, i was confuse that i just relaxed my head on my pillow and sleep off.

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