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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 33
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It takes a few minutes before any of them could find their voice. It was Tinny-B who speaks;
”Jimmy, the a-----e who made snide comments about you in that dinner party you attended with Jaime the first time you met? That Jimmy you kept wondering while he was so outspoken even to the Mayor you mentioned to me? That Jimmy, who you said made your skin crawl every time he was near you, that a-----e Jimmy?” Tinny-B came close to her, Jaime still held her shoulders, but his grip lessens as he stares at her face.
Alexander was staring into space as she nods ”I –cannot believe i forgot all about that must have been when i passed out and..just just came back. I kept trying to remember how i ended up in that store room but i forgot. ”

Jaime lets go of her. His features hard, the video forgotten ”Tell me what you remember”

She c---s her head to the side ”You had left after you father; i think he was upset with you after you pulled that last stunt and he … i think he had excused himself to go for a meeting or something, i don’t know. When he returned his countenance was sore and he was leaving, that’s when you went after him”
”Yes, i wanted to talk to him , and i told you to wait there for me. Was it then?”
She frowns ”I ..needed to pee or powder my nose or something so i left towards the hall, that’s when i saw him”

”He was waiting for you or followed you?” Tinny-B inquired as she pulls Alexander to the bed, Jaime turns to stare at her as she seats

”I don’t know, all i know is that, as soon as i got out..i think he just grabbed me, i hit him, i remember hitting him and telling him never to touch me again and he said …” she frowns trying to remember ”He said something along the lines of ” I would love to hit you back and make sure you don’t recognize your face but I got beautiful plans for you. Something you would not enjoy you b---h!”
Tinny-B gasps closing her mouth ”No he didn’t” she exclaims
Alexander continued ”…and while i struggled..i remember him kicking the door behind me in and then pushes me in” She nods her head closing her eyes ”I fall back wards stumbling and hitting my shoulders to the shelve, Yes,” she gets up rubbing her face ”How the fxxk did i forget that happened.”

”Why didn’t you scream for help? Why didn’t you punch him in or kick his nuts?”
”I did Tinny-B. But one he was strong, holding me still and nudging me backwards. i remember screaming my lungs out and screaming i would kill him if he doesn’t let me out, saying that i wasn’t scared of him, but he just laughed and i heard the click. I [email protected] at the door and i eventually got tired of calling out for anyone, i tried my phone but no battery life or service. i sat on the floor and hoped Jaime would come looking for me..but…” she trails off.
Jaime’s heart suddenly tightens, he closes his eyes and then opens it . He was speechless, a sudden weight clams his shoulders.
It was his fault, her attack, it was his fault, it was because of him. She would have died that day, if he hadn’t gotten to her on time and saved her then’ she probably would have died if the attacker had succeeded. Damnit, it was all his fault.

Now it all made sense, maybe Adam was right. Jimmy didn’t like Alexander, and those one two run-ins had resulted in this. He was the one who put her in that storeroom and locked her in. Why? Why?

Unless he had something to do with her attack. Was he he one who did that to her? Was he? Or he hired someone to do it.
Damnit !!
He raises his hand and runs a hand through his head, anger boiling within in. He closes his fist, tight. His veins popping.
Would he go that far to get what he want to harm an innocent girl who knows nothing all because he was in his company?
Or wait, was he just exaggerating?
It cannot be a coincidence.. ”Was it Jimmy though?” he asks her again; wishing to God he heard wrong.
Alexander stares at him with a frown ”Are you fxxking serious right now?”
”Jaime, don’t ask a girl who was traumatized only earlier if she was sure, the fxxk man, she is, She wouldn’t call a random’s stranger’s name just because she hates him. If she says it was the a-----e Jimmy who grabbed her and pushed her unto the store room, then he was the one”
”But i found her in the toilet..” he trails off, he didn’t want to believe Jimmy would go that far, an innocent girl? Threatening his parents was one thing because he was personally involved with them and because of his selfish desire, but having to rope a stranger into an affair that does not concern them is another ”I found you in the toilet” He says

”I don’t know how i got there, must have passed out after..” she trails off looking away, her hands slightly shaking . After my father walked in and maybe tried to..tried to..and he clammed his hand over my mouth and nose and….i remember nothing else.
They observe. Tinny-B grabs them coming to her ”It’s okay, you do not have to be scared Alexander”
Jaime comes to her ”Look, i need to be sure okay. ”
She flares up ”What the hell is that supposed to me Jaime. Jimmy hates me, he grabbed me and pushed me in there and said he has plans for me, what sort of plans does he have for me huh? Explain that!”
He blinks, his heart constricting as he saw tears glisten her eyes, she blinks, it drops. A sudden urge to pull her to himself and keep her save creeps up on him.
”I am sorry, i am trying to make sense of this..i am sorry…i just..” he trails off.
She steps away from both of them ”He was the one who locked me in okay. i don’t know why, what he intended to do..but he was the one who locked me in”

”Then he was the one who attacked you, maybe he came back and then knocked you out and tried to kill you” Tinny-B offers
She backs them. Her mind thinking fast as possibilities played over in her head. He locked her in, he said he had plans for her, he didn’t come back, papa came in his stead and…

She covers her mouth. God, does this mean that he was the one who sent Papa..?
No, it cannot be…Jimmy locked her yes, but how did her father find her in there? Was he following her, how did he come to the event. Did he know she was going to be there or some coincidence?

Did he see Jimmy do that and then bidded his time to come get her? Was that it? Or..did Jimmy send him. What did he mean by he had plans for her? Was that the plans or he had a different plan and her father beat him to it with his own plans.?

Or Did they know each other?

She is shaking her head,
No, it has got to be a coincidence, her father being there, Jimmy being there, both after her, ..unknowingly. That has got to be it. They have no connection. And if that’s the case, Jimmy’s plan was incomplete..

And her father, knowing who he is..probably looking for her so he can get her and possibly take her back with him. But he knows she is with Jaime, that’s why he called them. But he hasn’t made a move. What is he waiting for, he probably don’t know where she is..and even if he does, he cannot just walk in and demand for her.
She frowns;

He was probably planning something, but what?

But, Jimmy, why did he lock her in that store room, what was his game plan. How come no one knew about that? He was probably keeping it low, so he doesn’t get entangled in this mess.

She folds her fist,
But whatever the case, he was the reason why her father found her in that storeroom, if he hadn’t locked her in, he wouldn’t have come for er unawares and attacked her.
It was Jimmy’s fault, he had plans for her, but he just wait, he probably thinks she is dead and he kept quiet when he would have opened the door for her, well, she would ensure he gets his taste of his own medicine.
”Alexander, Alexander?” Tinny-B calls out to her ”Are you okay? i was asking a question”

Tinny-B repeats” Since he was the one who locks you in there, he was definitely the one who attacked you right, he was the one who attacked you too, same person?”
She shakes her head, Jaime frowns , Tinny-b c---s her head to the side ”What does that mean?” Jaime inquires
”It means that he locked me in the room and had plans for me, but it was someone else who walked in that door later”
”Who?” Jaime steps closer to her
She looks away ”I don’t remember his face”

Tinny-B opens her mouth to speak”But.. Alexander, i love you girl but, this is a serious know who he is, you told me”
Jaime’s frown deepens ”Is that true?”
Alexander fires her friend a look,
”I am talking to you Alexander”
”I don’t okay, she didn’t hear me clearly. I meant nothing by that. i didn’t see his face, it was dark by then and i was scared and i passed out, because i was struggling with him and all…i don’t remember his face okay” she walks away to the bed
”If you don’t remember, then how you figure it wasn’t Jimmy who attacked you in the storeroom?”

”I know what Jimmy sounds like,i know how strong his arms were when he held wasn’t Jimmy who walked in that door. Even though i hate him, i would give him a crime he didn’t commit unless i am sure. But his crime was locking me in there after manhandling me..” She turns to them ” I just remember that Jimmy locked me in and i would like to ask him why the fxxk he did that and what his purpose was and why..why why? Did he mention that he had an alteration with me, did he?”

Jaime rubs his back of his neck ”Since that night, i haven’t been in communication with Jimmy or anyone else aside people in this house and premises”
”But when the news went up that i was dead, he didn’t mention maybe while talking to the press he had an alteration with me or spoke to me before it all?”
Tinny-B scoffs ”Don’t be naive baby, you think anyone would want to associate themselves with a case of murder or having to have been with the victim before the case of murder? Hell no babe, i seriously doubt that”

Alexander nods ”Well i would like to ask him myself when i see him”

”You are not seeing him, you are going to stay here till i figure it out”
”Figure what out, i demand that you call him now to ask him why the hell did he lock me in there and how the hell i got attacked and almost died”
”You think he would tell me upfront?
Alexander, since he didn’t think to mention to me since this all happened i doubt he would want to now. And like you said, he locked you in and had an alteration with you, you also admit that he wasn’t the one who attacked you, so…we have nothing”
”So you are going to let this slide?” Surprise filled her voice.
”No, i am not..” he closes his fist ”Hell i am not.”

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