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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Alexandra gets up leaving the bed and putting the food aside, losing appetite.

Picking her small bag, she goes towards the other door she assumes is the bathroom, she enters inside to be swapped by scented roses filling the air.

She touches the red rose in a vase situated at the shinning gold table, bending low to smell it. She closes her eyes briefly as the scent fills her, like a perfume, she inhales, smiling sadly, she straightens up looking around.

The bathroom looked like another little beauty, with a Jacuzzi in the middle, white towels hung in a see- through closet, space enough for a mini cart to be wheeled around. The toilet looked like one off the pictures from a magazine, with everything in place, white, shinny, gold, sparkling.. a place the rich could afford.

From where she stood, she could see that there is another sliding door, but it is dark outside.

She stood there, counting the stars.

Sometimes, she wishes her life was different, that her childhood wasn’t messed up. Sometimes she wishes that she had been given another life, grown up like a normal child, traveled the world, met someone when she got older who cared, gotten married, had kids, enjoying her old age and eventually dying a fulfilled woman.
But wishes weren’t horses, and life wasn’t a bag of lemons you could make into a lemonade.
No, life was right now.. with a man out there waiting for her to come perform her services.. a life she had grown into, lived through and maybe survived in.

Sometimes she wishes she could close her eyes and dream for a moment, just dream about anything that wasn’t associated with pain, with her father, with men.
Sometimes, she wanted to spread her wings and fly and never have to live this life again.
But, like a knock, life would knock you doses of reality.
Just like now.
Sighing she turns away, stripping and walking into the standing shower, skipping the Jacuzzi.
She closes her eyes as the water courses down her body, washing away her thoughts, preparing her for what is to come.
”Lie there, pretend, make sounds, turn, bend, smile, laugh…pretend..pretend” she repeats. ”Alexa, just pretend”


Jaime is standing in the middle of the room, a glass of white wine in his hand, his features hard, his looks set. He is staring at the muted screen, the remote in his free hand. The room is dark save for the pictures moving on the screen.
His hair is wet, his body glistens with droplets of water. He had gone for a swim, returning back wearing jeans, which is slightly open. He is backing the door when Alexandra comes out closing the door.
He doesn’t turn.

Alexander waits at the door, counting from one to fifty. When it felt as though she was going to be standing there forever, she clears her throat. ”Ahem!”
He turns to stare at her…
”So, how would you want this” she asks leaving the corner she stood and walking to him .. ” Since you are a rule giver, maybe you would be able to understand my own rules.”’
”You want to give me rules?”‘ He has a raised eyebrow.
”Yes. ”
”Let me hear it, doesn’t mean I am standing by it” He folds his hands.
She c---s her head to the side pretending not to hear what he said ”I also don’t kiss my clients, I don’t cuddle. You tell me all you want beforehand and I will do it. Do not ambush me in the middle of the night without my permission else I swear to God I would smash your balls. I don’t do fisting, I don’t do anal and … no condom or no show!”
”Are you done?”
”Yes. I am, so… how do you want this?”
”On the bed, that’s how I want it”
He says nothing else. Sighing she walks to the bed, closing and opening her eyes as she backs him, she sU-Cks in her breathe, inhales and then exhales, ”Just pretend, it would be over, just like other times” she tells herself right before she places a smile on her face and then turns to face him.

She takes her hand to the rope she had found in the closet and has worn, she unties it and then drops it.

”Ready when you are!!”
She is wearing a matching bra and [email protected] They were white. She loved white undies.
Jaime walks to her slowly, he drops the glass of wine on the table and the remote, he comes to stand infront of her.

Staring at her, longer than necessary.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes.
Now she is uncomfortable.

”Why are you staring at me like that?”
”Does it bother you?”
”Well, it depends on when I am the only one standing here almost naked”
His right cheek rises up in a smile, he says nothing.

One minute pass again, another minute.
Wait, does he wait for the girl to make the move first, is that why he was standing there? Sighing she takes a few steps closer to him, closing the airspace between them as she reaches for his jeans, about to zip it entirely down when his hands come to stop hers. He takes her hands off.

”I have a problem with that”

”About a woman giving me rules, especially about sex”

”Ooohkay. But you gave me rules!”
”Because I am the one paying, so I give my rules, you just have to accept it and if I may ask, I – well, I know why I don’t kiss during sex, why don’t you kiss your client?”

She shrugs ”I just don’t do that”
”Why? You don’t like kisses?”
”I just don’t want someone’s smelling breath on my lips that is why”

He chuckles ”That’s a first, I mean who has such thoughts about kissing? Besides, how do you assume I have smelling breath?”

”I do!! And I didn’t assume anything. It’s a general thought”

He laughs again shaking his head
”Why don’t you kiss during sex?” She throws it back to him.

”My choice, I don’t kiss strangers, even if you are a paying Call Girl!”

”But you sex strangers?”

”I use a condom”
”I see. Good thing, God knows where your mouth have been anyways, it would be best avoided!” she rolls her eyes, he begins to laugh again.

”What’s so funny?” she frowns, her hands folding over her b---m.

He shakes his head stepping away, he picks up the robe from the floor and opens it wide for her ”I think you should cover yourself, Alexandra”

She stares at the robe and then at him. It was dark, the light coming from the TV wasn’t bright enough to read his expressions. She takes the robe and wears it, tying it below her b----t, a puzzled thought on her face as he walks away going to seat on the chair opposite the bed, he leans backward, his hand rests on the arm of the chair as he rests his head on his fingers, staring at her.

”I don’t understand, you don’t want to begin your service?”

He shakes his head ”Actually, I have a different kind of service in mind… for now”

”What kind of service do you have in mind Mr. Jaime?”‘
”Well, first off-”

”Wait, before you say anything, I do not do pain, all those BDSM nonsense!!”

He smiles ”What if that is what I want Alexandra? I think you don’t have a choice in that!”

”What are you, the Christian grey of our time? Mr. I am no Bella, I would kick your balls if you dare spank me again I swear to God!!!” her eyes shone, and she meant it. ”And I will not be tied”

He studies her for a few seconds, ”Why did you cry Alexandra?”

The question threw her off guard. She thins her lips ”I don’t see where you paid to talk about personal stuff. Are we going to do this or not? ”
There was no way she was going to tell him why she cried, much less about the flashes of pain she gets whenever something reminds her of her father.

”Come here!!!”
”You do understand two words right? Come here!!”
Grudgingly she leaves her position and walks to him, waiting. ”You sure like to give orders don’t you Mr. Jaime Lockswire”
”So so” He opens the drawer beside him, turning on the table light. He brings out a file and hands it to her with a pen ”Seat, open, read, sign ”
She raises an eyebrow ”This isn’t some agreement is it Christian Grey? Don’t tell me we are playing fifty shades of grey now, I already told you I am not into BDS-”
”You talk too much Alexandra, open the file”
Seating down, she flips it open and then frowns after a few seconds ” I do not understand”
”Read it, all of it and you will. When you are done, sign and then we begin”
He gets up leaving her and going to the bed, he lays there and continues to watch the muted screen.

She reads it, halfway through she exclaims ”Seriously?” she turns to him ”That whatever we discuss, do, stays between us, any breach of this I would be what exactly, charged to court, which court if I may ask?”
”’Read the file Alexander”
”I am, I have.. but all I see is things that don’t make sense. Like..” she flips it open ”Do you intend to make me your default loyal dog?”
”If the shoe fits!!” he smiles ruefully
“I am not signing this!”
”You will. Besides, I am not asking for much”
”You think this is not asking for much?” She leaves her chair and walks to him, swinging it in front of his face.

Sighing he takes it from her ”How is it you doing all I want is a problem? How is it you obeying to certain la!d down rules is another problem? I actually need this signed so that if you go against statement contract between you and I, I can do the needful”

”Right, like please explain to me what you would do if I… for instance refuse to follow you to your boring a-s events? Refuse to get into a dress, listen to you talk? Whatever confidential conversation I hear doesn’t leave this room? Agree to all that you say concerning the Heritage group… especially if asked by the Mayor and his wife, avoid Jimmy by all means and-”

”How is it stupid then, how is it difficult?”
”There are about … what?” She takes the file from him ”About fifteen other rules and regulations here and this… this? Not fall in love with you, don’t get emotionally involved, no strings attached and after the stipulated time, you get paid what you are owed and nothing more. Like you think this makes sense to you?”
”Well, girls like you flock around men like me for the money and affluence, I need to make this clear that whatever relationship we have right now is based on client and Call Girl, anything more isn’t tolerated and would be trashed out”

”Oh don’t get your hopes up Mr, that is not happening. Only someone who is insanely stupid would love a man like you and for everything else, I don’t have to do s--t. I need to understand what my services are …exactly ”
”Last I remember being told by your Boss and the other attendee is that a Call Girl can be anything I want and how I want yes?”

”Good! These are the services I require amongst others and I want to make sure that we are clear before anything else… well physical commences.”

”And if I refuse to sign?”

”That is the door. If you cannot respect me, obey me… or at least pretend to. You can deal with your Boss.”

She stares hard at him ..

”If you don’t do exactly what he says, forget your job goodbye and your stage name and prestige Alexa” Rick, her boss had told her.

”So what would it be?”
Sighing ”I assume you have a pen?”
He reaches for it and then gives it to her.
”I will sign this” She says ”Not without a few changes to this, I don’t care what you say. For this… I get to eat whatever the hell I want. You don’t hit me or spank me ever again”
”Most women find it sexually arousing ”
”Most you said, I said don’t ever spank me ever !!” she continues to write on the form.

”I pick my cloths, you tell me where you want to take me to and I pick my own d--n cloths. Also..”she scribbled on it ” You do not fall in love with me, not get emotionally involved and not be sentimentally attached. ”
”That won’t happen, ever”
”Good, at least we agree on that”
”Anything else?”
”You said three months?”

”Wait, I am only covering for Bekky till she comes back right?”

”So I don’t have to sign it?”
”You do. Now, anything else?”
”If Jimmy comes at me with that nonsense again, I will punch him in the eyes and kick him in the balls . signed Alexandra Bekington” she signs, dates it and hands the file to Jaime, who has a smile on his FACE.

”You really would punch his eyes?”

He nods ”That means you agree to everything written here…yes?”
”No!!” she turns away
”Look Jaime… how about we do this, I will try to do all you want and you try not to step on my toes because like an angry dog I bite.”
He says nothing .

”So about section 13..” She wanted it to be done and over with.

”Yes section 13..” he says dropping the file ”Come here”


”Are you okay?” Gemmylyn hugs him from behind, she felt him tense, she rubs his chest.. ”It would be alright, soon enough” she kisses his back and rests her head there.

He takes his hands to his temple and rubs it ” No it won’t Gem, it won’t. And I don’t know what to do… not anymore”
”You cannot control it, you can’t”
”But I can try. He is my son and I love him”
”I know Jacob, I know. But he is distant, he is going through a lot too”
”But I am doing this for him”
She sighs ”He doesn’t want it”
”He has to. He just has to accept it. I know this his recent behavior is all because of Jimmy”.
She felt him tense in angry ”Sssshh.. let it be my Darlyne, it would be fine”
He nods turning and hugging her ” I hope. In less than a month we get a new president and I rather leave it in capable hands than one whose aim is to run it to the ground. They all have potential and can be good leaders I don’t doubt but.. it is not because he is my son, I just know that if he tries and pushes for something on his own and does it.. he would realize that it’s not me… it’s all him.”

”I know, I know!!”
They are quiet.

”That girl, do you think it is one of his many women too?”

She shakes her head ”I don’t know, I think so. Just like Bekky and the others”
He suddenly chuckles ”The others who are afraid of Jimmy, this girl, she stood her ground and also shook him off his”

Gemmyln smiles ”It was a good laugh”
”It was” then he frowns ”Jimmy…” a long sigh leaves his lips as he pulls away from her
” need to realize that there was nothing you could have done to avert this..all of it”

”I should have tried harder”
”You did everything you ought to have done”
”But this… look at my family?” he raises his hands and drops it

”Come here baby… just come to bed okay. it would be fine, eventually” She pulls him by the hand and take him to bed.

”You are strong, you always have been” he lays on the bed, she climbs in beside him
”Someone has to be”

”Christine is back!”
”I saw her, she is among the nominees”
”No I mean she is back-back”
She nods
”Matters of the heart are delicate Gem… Jaime is a grown man, he can decide what he wants and who. Did she tell you or you guessed?”

”Ha, a mother’s intuition is never wrong!”
”Well, we aren’t super heroes, just… I don’t know”

”So.. this… Alexandra girl, what intuition do you have?”

”Oh her… well, I don’t know. I don’t have magic husband.”

They laugh ”But … I feel she will cause a change, good or bad, I don’t know. The women the Wellingtons have had are always submissive, she.. she is strong-willed, no-nonsense and knows her right and she isn’t a bender”

”Oh I see what you mean, Jaime is proud, assertive and controlling, like his father. Good thing I have a wife who understands and loves me and helped me”

”Yes. And Christine..she is..a good woman, made a lot of mistakes but a good woman”
He listens ”But you don’t think she is right for our son?”

”I didn’t say that”
”I have known you for over 30 years my love, I can tell what you are saying and not saying”
She smiles …”All I am saying is that, Jaime needs someone who can understand and help him, mold him, give him a shoulder, listen, submit and also take his hand and lead him, especially now he is in this state”

”And you think this Alexandra girl–”
”No! No!! I think any woman who can give our son peace and happiness is what I want for him.”

He sighs ”A time will come for that. For now..I want him to realize that he is as much a wellington as the other.”

They lay in each other’s arms still they slept.


Jaime pulls her to him, a slow music is playing in the background. He reaches for the rope, loosens it and then drops it.

She is looking past him. ”Pretend Alexa. Just pretend to enjoy it, it would be over soon”. She breathes.

He places his hand around her waist, and pulls her closer to him.

”Look at me Alexandra… I hate no eye contact” he says against her lips without touching her lips.
”I don’t have to ”

”I am not asking, it is part of the rules on sexual section, you read, you signed, so you obey”
She looks at him, into his eyes..

They stare at each other, suddenly, Jaime has a thought… a sly smile places across his lips… so what if he did it, what would she do? Cry… he hates to be given rules. Besides, he wouldn’t mind spitting her just a little.

He leans in, taking his hand to her neck and pulling her head close, he places a quick kiss on her lips and lingers.

Alexandra gasps..


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